Powers Co., Ltd. Domestic patent belt very popular! Powers Co., Ltd. will release a project for stepless adjustment men’s belts at CAMPFIRE, the largest crowdfunding in Japan.

Powers Co., Ltd.
Domestic patented belt very popular! Powers Co., Ltd. will release a project for stepless adjustment men’s belts at CAMPFIRE, the largest crowdfunding in Japan.
Patented technology! One-touch fit belt realizes a comfortable fit An idea conceived by a left-handed person!

1. Reliable technology patented with a revolutionary belt
2. The design without holes makes it easy to put on and take off smartly. 3. A belt that can be adjusted silently and casually regardless of the scene CAMPFIRE project public URL https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/629357

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[Image 21d94425-5-72330b79b766aa11711f-15.png&s3=94425-5-48a8631be8fa705ff3843c86e92748d0-1422x800.png
[Image 22d94425-5-f718737929a67329d91e-16.png&s3=94425-5-13f4e4debf9d5b472a20aba84e6ceb21-857x118.png
’22/11/15 Project start
11/21 Prepare materials and start production
’23/1/9 Product end
Mid January 2023 Shipping from Taiwan factory
At the end of January, we start inspection and packing
Mid-February Shipped to supporters by courier
Performer introduction
Powers Co., Ltd. was established in Osaka in 1997, and currently produces belts in-house and overseas near Shin-Osaka Station, and has sent out many products to the world.
However, we have not been able to introduce our product technology directly to end users through sales channels so far.
We are particular about original products such as patents and utility models, and we are developing products every day.
Please visit our homepage. ↓↓↓
Between Juso Station and Minamikata Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line You can see it from the train on the left in the direction of Kyoto. [Image 23d94425-5-ab3c5f79276090dac2f6-19.png&s3=94425-5-778cb9c8cc7d785502a5d81ba9c92597-1171x831.png

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