Pre-orders for original goods from the popular TV anime “Blue Rock” have started today! !

Paruk Co., Ltd.
Pre-orders for original goods from the popular TV anime “Blue Rock” have started today! !
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The EC site [LD – LIBERTAS DREAM – (Libertas Dream)] operated by Parlook Co., Ltd. will start pre-orders for original goods from the popular TV anime “Blue Rock” today from Friday, November 11th. did. Original goods from the popular TV anime “Blue Rock” are now available! Make reservations fast!
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About reservation period
Reservation period: November 11th (Friday) to November 25th (Friday) 23:59 Scheduled shipment: Scheduled to be shipped from late December Original goods details
▼ Aroma oil (4 types in total)
[Image 1d67495-87-50779623c14c4a835de7-8.jpg&s3=67495-87-6d8d386ca9bd4a7f68987422c141bd1f-1920x1005.jpg
You can enjoy the scent that imaged the character ♪
■Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
■ Type: “Kiyoshi Seiichi” Fragrance = Lemongrass
“Horaku Mawari” Fragrance = Eucalyptus (Globulus)
“Shredded leopard horse” scent = geranium
“Rensuke Kunigami” Fragrance = Tea Tree
■ Size: about 22φ x H55mm
■ Capacity: 5ml
▼ Aroma diffuser (1 type)
[Image 2d67495-87-4e571e614d0c1a8d99e3-1.jpg&s3=67495-87-12268ebeeb9706b9ec96955b38c40512-1920x1005.jpg
With a rechargeable cordless aroma diffuser,
Recommended for personal spaces such as offices and bedrooms. ■Price: 7,480 yen (tax included)
■ Type: 1 type
■ Size: about 90φ x H170mm
▼ Fluffy blanket (2 types)
[Image 3d67495-87-38a762226937c68a4406-10.jpg&s3=67495-87-50dc357b888f11f7765acaa2e4745164-1920x1005.jpg
Fluffy material with a gentle touch
The soft fur blanket is soft to the edges, and it is light yet fluffy and warm. It is the perfect item for the chilly season ♪
■Price: 3,850 yen (tax included)
■ Types: “Scattered ver.” “Assembly ver.”
■ Size: about H600 x W900mm
▼ Muffler towel (5 types in total)
[Image 4d67495-87-bdedd6a234c9c1974353-3.jpg&s3=67495-87-52965565c84f0b22b66758237aad08b2-1920x1005.jpg
Great for watching sports, walking, club activities, athletic meet, after taking a bath, etc.
Also recommended as a UV protection around the neck!
■Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
Types: “Kiyoshi Seiichi”, “Horaku Meguri”, “Chigiri Hyouma”, “Nagi Seishiro”, and “Itoshi Rin”
■ Size: about 200 x 1,100mm
▼ Keychain acrylic coaster (5 types in total)
[Image 5d67495-87-3747d5c4ce85f694c52b-9.jpg&s3=67495-87-dabf77c73668a3cc4e83f7944f8830d3-1920x1005.jpg
You can use it as a coaster by attaching it to a bag and going out ♪ Convenient 2-way acrylic coaster
■Price: 880 yen (tax included)
Types: “Kiyoshi Seiichi”, “Horaku Meguri”, “Chigiri Hyouma”, “Nagi Seishiro”, and “Itoshi Rin”
■ Size: about 70 x 70mm
▼ Pocket thermo bottle (3 types)
[Image 6d67495-87-a256666801c458a3fba0-5.jpg&s3=67495-87-f1e3cd82aa30d310f5974ea90238fef0-1920x1005.jpg
■Price: 2,750 yen (tax included)
■Types: “Seichi Kiyoshi”, “Seijiro Nagi”, “Rin Itoshi”
■ Size: Approx. φ45 x 144mm *Capacity: 130ml
▼ POCOPOCO (4 types in total)
[Image 7d67495-87-f339356fe1143d281168-7.jpg&s3=67495-87-e07128b778cef4718da348313365126b-1920x1005.jpg
Spin the upper part of the main unit and it will pop! and pop out! Improve the stability of your smartphone! It is very convenient because it can also be used as a stand ♪
When not in use, it can be stored flat!
■Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
Types: “Kiyoshi Seichi” “Horaku Meguri” “Chigiri Hyouma” “Kunigami Rensuke”
■ Size: Approximately 39mm in diameter x 8mm in height
▼Wireless charger (2 types)
[Image 8d67495-87-205a71ff97b5019c29c5-6.jpg&s3=67495-87-e7004b5b891033ff45b4c858b4210003-1920x1005.jpg
You can charge it just by placing your smartphone!
Wireless charger compatible with Qi standard
■Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
■ Type: “SDver.” “Team Zver.”
■ Size: about 100 x 7mm in diameter
▼Wireless stereo earphones (2 types)
[Image 9d67495-87-d7a34aff38f987aaaa66-2.jpg&s3=67495-87-9125fd895406e1c587b365304bce00c5-1920x1005.jpg
Stress-free without the cord being caught♪
Canal-type stereo earphones that prevent sound leakage♪
■Price: 5,980 yen (tax included)
■ Type: “Rival Team” “Team Z”
■Size: Earphone size (one side): W27 x H22 x D22mm Weight: 7.2g Charging case Size: W54 x H33.5 x D33mm Weight: 24.5g
▼Glass wireless speaker (2 types)
[Image 10d67495-87-22c37407220115927191-11.jpg&s3=67495-87-dd517084b8fcb58f3cb5fb3c4b2b9637-1920x1005.jpg
Cords are neat with Bluetooth wireless connection!
Compact and convenient to carry! You can use it anywhere!
■Price: 4,980 yen (tax included)
■ Type: “ver.1” “ver.2”
■ Size: about H60 x W90 x D21mm
*Continuous playback about 5-6 hours
* MicroUSB cable for charging included
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About dealers
■Store: LD-LIBERTAS DREAM-Online Store
■ URL:
■ Official Twitter: @LDLIBERTASDREAM
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