Pre-sale on 12/1 (Thu.) “GIRLS FIGHT CLUB” 3rd single comes with a candle! Using the voices of clubmates (fans) for the chorus of the chorus, imagining a choir

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Pre-sale on 12/1 (Thu.) “GIRLS FIGHT CLUB” 3rd single comes with a candle! Using the voices of clubmates (fans) for the chorus of the chorus, imagining a choir
The first music live & party will be held at “Ebisu KATA” on 12/17 (Sat.) ~Present exchange event devised by club mates and opening a Christmas market~

The 3rd single to be released in advance on December 1st (Thursday) is “Lofi Sweet Christmas” + Candle (6,600 yen including tax). The candle has the same scent as the first soap, and is finished with a Palo Santo base that has a calming effect. The girly Christmas song “Lofi Sweet Christmas” can be viewed and downloaded by entering the secret passcode written on the candle pottery on the Music page of the OFFICIAL WEB SITE. In the last chorus of the song, the voices of 13 clubmates were appointed for the chorus, imagining a Christmas choir. Now that it is forbidden to speak out at live performances, this is the first time I tried to sing in a chorus. It is a song that allows you to enjoy the euphoria of the artist and the audience working together to create a live performance.
[Image 1d109912-2-92da014fc26fe73f6289-0.jpg&s3=109912-2-8528d22b9a794da2d91750046e88b393-2027x2700.jpg
“Lofi Sweet Christmas” + Candle main visual
MICO, who is active in a wide range of activities such as singers, models, and visual producers, launched a co-creative music project “GIRLS FIGHT CLUB (Girls Fight Club), commonly known as GFC” in June 2022. Based on the concept of “supporting everyone who enjoys girlish”, we will produce works in collaboration with clubmates (fans) and professionals in a wide range of genres, centering on MICO. A work created by setting an imaginary girl as a muse envisions various approaches such as music, items, and events.
At GFC, we are focusing on the formation of a fandom (fan community) where clubmates are not only consumers but also creators, and actively develop works and activities that incorporate the voices of clubmates. increase. As a place to share ideas from club mates, not only Instagram and HP, but also a podcast called “Omimi meeting” is distributed once a week, where you can share the world view and culture of GFC with your club mates. I am building it.
On December 17th (Sat), GFC’s first live show “GIRLS Christmas Live Show & Party! (Heart)” will be held at “Ebisu KATA” in Shibuya, Tokyo. In addition to music live performances that showcase the songs that have been announced so far, special contents such as gift exchanges between club mates and a Christmas market where creative mates (creators) and club mates’ works are lined up will be prepared. And it will be held in a party format created together with fans.
Next time, I’m thinking of releasing an item that I made with my club mates in March next year. I believe that we can create a more enjoyable future by collaborating with everyone to create new, unconventional activities.
■ About “Lofi Sweet Christmas” + Candle
[Image 2d109912-2-0e0832535c0e625ef0a9-1.jpg&s3=109912-2-f5490ba6ed8e2dfee5c3f34ed1bdcb48-2028x2700.jpg
“Lofi Sweet Christmas” + Candle Visual
Product name: “Lofi Sweet Christmas” + Candle
Release date: Advance = 12/1 (Thursday), General = 12/8 (Thursday) Price: 6,600 yen (tax included)
Pottery size: diameter 8.5 cm x height 10 cm
Contents: 230g *Uses soy wax and fully natural essential oil Sales location: Sold on the GFC WEB page
Song name: Lofi Sweet Christmas
Lyrics/Composition: MICO/Group2
Image download destination: ■MICO profile
[Image 3d109912-2-2e8ff91142c2355b09b6-3.jpg&s3=109912-2-9621a9ae76378fca49312916aa6059e7-1791x2700.jpg
Born September 3, 1992, 30 years old, from Hyogo Prefecture Started writing lyrics and composing when he was 15 years old.
In 2013, he made his debut as the vocalist of the electro unit “Fenotasu”. After the dissolution, in 2016, he started working as a solo project “SHE IS SUMMER”.
It also attracts attention as a fashion icon, and develops products with numerous companies.
In June 2022, the co-creative music project “GIRLS FIGHT CLUB” was established. Instagram:
■ GIRLS Christmas Live Show & Party! (heart) overview
Date: 2022/12/17 (Sat) 18:00-20:30
Location: Ebisu KATA (Liquidroom 2F, 3-16-6 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Price: ¥2000 in advance, ¥2500 on the day (excluding tax, 1 drink not included) *Limited to 30 groups (planned)
Advance lottery sale
11/17 (Thursday) 20:00 to 11/20 (Sunday) 23:59
General sales start
11/25 (Friday) 20:00-
Contents: GIRLS FIGHT CLUB’s first music live
    GFC POP UP SHOP✶ (MICO autograph session also held)
    Christmas market with Creative Mate & Club Mate participation      Christmas gift exchange party between clubmates
GIRLS FIGHT CLUB (common name: GFC)
[Image 4d109912-2-3ed4d8fe7a9eac53ac51-2.jpg&s3=109912-2-1edcc9cc494c91d667a2cd3988db7778-1668x1668.jpg
Podcast: ▶︎ You can download Presskit such as logo images and guidelines from the following URL.
Details about this release:


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