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Preemptive review of the latest camping gear! Overwhelming firepower next-generation rocket stove Bonflame EX Monitoring Youtuber recruitment!

Sparky Create Co., Ltd.
Preemptive review of the latest camping gear! Overwhelming firepower next-generation rocket stove [Bonflame EX] Monitoring Youtuber recruitment!
We are currently looking for a Youtuber who can use the
much-talked-about camping gear [Bonflame EX], which is currently being crowdfunded, before anyone else and spread the appeal of the product on Youtube!

Bonflame EX is a fire gear that adds new fun to camping. It is a product that is attracting a lot of attention as a versatile outdoor item that can be used as a cooking utensil that can easily start a fire and keep you warm.
Sparky Create Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Adachi-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Hikaru Narita, hereinafter Sparky Create) will launch a domestic crowdfunding service from October 28, 2022 (Friday) from our original outdoor brand High Camp Go !! We are looking for Youtubers who can spread the charm of the latest fire gear “Bonflame EX”, which is being crowdfunded at “GREEN FUNDING”. ▼ Click here for the crowdfunding page
[Image 1

[What is Bonflame EX]
Bonflame EX is a fire gear that adds new fun to camping.
Using the draft effect (chimney effect), it is characterized by high combustion efficiency that can produce strong firepower with a small amount of fuel. Even if you don’t use firewood, you can use familiar materials such as tree branches and pine cones to obtain high heat power, so it is useful not only for camping but also for emergency preparedness.
Crowdfunding is being held at GREENFUNDING until November 30, 2022. Crowdfunding has already collected more than 2.6 million yen in support. (As of November 8, 2022)
[Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

[Recruitment overview]
We will present the target product to those who apply during the recruitment period and are elected.
Post your product reviews and impressions on your YouTube channel. 【Application method】
Please apply from either the email address below or DM on Instagram. email:
* When applying, please write [monitor application] and let us know your Youtube channel information.
*If the channel name is unknown, it will not be monitored.
[Application conditions]
1. Those who have completed the application during the application period *In the case of a large number of applications, a lottery will be held. 2. Those who can cooperate in posting videos such as usage reviews of Bonflame EX on their own Youtube channel
3. Those who operate a camping / outdoor Youtube channel
[Monitor recruitment period]
Wednesday, November 30, 23:59
* Results announcement: After applying, we will contact the winners within a week.
About High Camp Go!!
[Image 5

“A product that can be used for a long time, not disposable!” “I want to support Japanese manufacturing by enjoying camping!” It is an outdoor brand that cherishes such feelings and “all sticks to domestic production”.
Experience and enjoy camping and the outdoors with lifelong gear! Connect that experience and excitement to new Japanese manufacturing! I would like to create such a wonderful cycle.
[High Camp Go!! Official Store]
[Bonflame EX crowdfunding page]
■Company profile
Trade name: Sparky Create Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hikaru Narita, Representative Director
Location: 〒120-0035
Bankoku Status Building 2F, 28-7 Senjunakaicho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo Established: October 27, 2015
Business: Sale of outdoor products, development of own products, import and sale of overseas products.
Details about this release:

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