Press Release HPE Expands Supercomputing to the Enterprise with New HPE Cray Portfolio

HPE Expands Supercomputing to the Enterprise with New HPE Cray Portfolio
The new HPE Cray EX and HPE Cray XD supercomputers deliver high performance and AI-at-scale benefits in a compact datacenter-friendly box that delivers time-to-insight ( time-to-insight)
Expanded Portfolio Unlocks New Value and Helps Drive Innovation in Government, Energy, Financial Services, Health & Life Sciences and Manufacturing
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) (Hewlett-Packard Japan G.K.; Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koichi Mochizuki) aims to help more companies introduce supercomputing, gain insight, and solve problems. We announced that we will provide the world’s leading energy-efficient supercomputer in a small housing at a low price point so that it can be used to solve problems and accelerate innovation.
The expanded portfolio includes the new HPE Cray EX and HPE Cray XD supercomputers, built on HPE exascale innovations in compute, accelerated computing, interconnect, storage, software, power and cooling options, and end-to-end computing. We deliver two-end, purpose-built technology. Delivering blazing performance and AI-at-scale for AI learning at scale, this supercomputer can handle heavy data-intensive workloads, accelerate AI and machine learning, and deliver products and services faster. Contribute to accelerating innovation to deliver to the market.
Trish Damkroger, chief product officer and senior vice president of Labs for HPC&AI at HPE.
“We have stepped into a new cutting-edge world called the exascale era. In the exascale era, which is symbolized by ever-increasing amounts of data, in order to utilize data to produce results and accelerate innovation, You need advanced modeling, simulation, analytics, and AI-at-scale.With world-leading exascale technology, the expanded portfolio of HPE Cray supercomputers enables more businesses and governments to It is supercomputing that can be deployed according to the needs of the data center, and we hope that it will be used to expand the power to take advantage of growth opportunities.” Leveraging Supercomputing to Reduce Time to Market and Strengthen Industrial Competitiveness
Supercomputing continues to play a key role in driving research and development and enhancing competitiveness.
Its supercomputing power can be used to model and simulate digital representations to help understand how things look and work in the physical world before they go to market. In addition, with many products and services incorporating AI and machine learning, we can build and train large-scale, robust AI models to power applications such as natural language processing and computer vision.
Energy (oil and gas), financial services, health and life sciences, manufacturing, and more rely on HPE supercomputing solutions to meet their data center size, scale, and budget needs for powerful technology. can enjoy the benefits of Regardless of industry or industry, it can help with use cases such as:
・Reduced time-to-market for safer, higher-performance vehicles Supercomputing can be leveraged to meet automakers’ crash testing requirements to ensure the safety and performance of new vehicles. You can digitally simulate vehicle safety and performance, use the results to improve vehicle design, and use the results of simulated accidents to improve occupant protection. It can also help save money and resources for conducting physical and crash tests.
・Use sustainable materials in manufacturing
By simulating the physical and chemical building blocks of materials, supercomputing can be used to discover alternative materials, and help reduce costs through the development of sustainable products and packaging.
・Promote early disease treatment by accelerating drug discovery In pharmaceutical research, supercomputing can help improve our understanding of chemical interactions and accelerate the development of breakthrough new drugs to treat intractable and undiscovered diseases.
・Make important decisions in milliseconds in financial markets Financial analysts leverage the power and AI capabilities of supercomputers to create in-depth analyzes and advanced algorithms to predict important stock trends and trades, as well as fraud detection and better risk management. can do.
Extending exascale innovations to enterprise-use supercomputing HPE today announces the following new supercomputers that governments and businesses can benefit from:
・HPE Cray EX2500 supercomputer
Same architecture as the HPE Cray EX4000 supercomputer, the world’s first and fastest exascale system, but 24% smaller to fit in your data center. The new chassis features 100% direct liquid cooling for improved energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and cost-effective and scalable performance.
・HPE Cray XD2000 and XD6500 supercomputers
Combining the HPE and Cray portfolios, our dense dedicated servers deliver maximum performance for advanced workloads such as modeling, simulation and AI. New HPE Cray XD supercomputers are familiar with traditional enterprise data centers, offering flexibility and a wide range of options to customize technology across CPUs, accelerators, storage, interconnects, power and cooling options to meet workload needs provide.
The new supercomputer features the following technologies built for exascale-class systems to support demanding compute-intensive and data-intensive workloads such as AI and machine learning:
HPE Slingshot: An Ethernet interconnect that meets the demands of high speed and smooth congestion control, helping complex applications run more smoothly.
Cray ClusterStor E1000: Enables intelligent tiering to scale storage for easy and efficient data storage and access for data-intensive workloads such as AI model training.
HPE Cray Programming Environment: Provides a fully integrated software suite of compilers and developer tools that enable code portability, allowing developers to run code when and where they need it for modeling, simulation and analysis. , allowing us to optimize AI applications.
・Sophisticated Direct Liquid Cooling
Efficiently removes heat from power-hungry devices such as processors, GPUs, and switches.
Supporting the realization of AI-at-scale with software dedicated to machine learning
The new supercomputer is ideal for AI-at-scale implementation, and when combined with the machine learning software platform HPE Machine Learning Development Environment, it will be able to build and train larger AI models faster. increase.
Combining HPE’s world-leading supercomputing technology with the HPE Machine Learning Development Environment reduces the time it takes to build and train an AI model from weeks or months to days.
HPE delivers heterogeneous compute and accelerated solutions in a robust ecosystem
The new HPE Cray EX2500 and HPE Cray XD2000 and XD6500 supercomputers support the latest CPUs, GPUs and accelerators to deliver advanced compute and accelerated computing capabilities to support heavy workloads.
The HPE Cray EX2500 supercomputer supports 4th Gen AMD EPYC(TM) and 4th Gen Xeon(R) Scalable(R) processors, and AMD (R) Instinct(TM) MI250X GPUs.
HPE has delivered the first customer system using 4th Generation Xeon(R) Scalable(R) processors to the US Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. This new system, Crossroads, will support research and development efforts by the U.S. National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA) to tackle critical modeling and simulation at high 3D resolution to ensure the reliability and safety of nuclear weapons. increase.
The HPE Cray XD6500 supercomputer supports 4th generation Xeon(R) Scalable(R) processors and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs.
The HPE Cray XD2000 supercomputer supports AMD Instinct(TM) MI210 GPUs. About offer
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