Press release @ Osaka The 6-member unit “TRAinnovation” consisting of traditional Japanese musical instruments and computer music will release their 1st album “TRAinnovation” simultaneously worldwide on November 13th! 

TRAinnovation Co., Ltd.
The 6-member unit “TRAinnovation” consisting of traditional Japanese musical instruments and computer music will release their 1st album “TRAinnovation” simultaneously worldwide on November 13th!

TRAinnovation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fujiidera City, Osaka Prefecture, CEO: Hideyuki Horie / hereinafter referred to as TRAinnovation) will distribute TRAinnovation’s first album
“TRAinnovation” worldwide on music sites from Sunday, November 13th. To do.
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About the 1st album “TRAinnovation”
All 12 tracks are TRAinnovation’s completely original sounds. Unlike conventional collaborations between traditional Japanese musical instruments and other genres, leader Hideyuki Horie is involved in composing, arranging, mixing and mastering, including electronic sound sources. In addition, Tetsushi Nakatsuka, a violinist who is active mainly in the Kansai region, was invited as a guest to fuse
traditional Japanese instruments with traditional Western music.
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Steps leading up to the release of the 1st album
Formed in 2018, the Japanese musical instrument unit “TRAinnovation” develops projects under the banner of “Japanese update”. It consists of 6 creators of various genres such as Tsugaru shamisen and Japanese drum player Hideyuki Horie, shakuhachi, shinobue, and creative Japanese dance. “TRAinnovation” is a coined word that combines “Try”, “Traditional” and “Innovation”. We started our activities at live houses and clubhouses in Japan with the desire to feel the charm of Japanese musical instruments first-hand, just like enjoying modern music, and held our first overseas live performance in 2019. In 2020, Keisuke Honda served as an image character and was in charge of the image song for the smartphone case brand “TSUMUGI” with a Japanese motif. , the 1st album released at the same time worldwide.
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Thoughts that can be put into unit activities
In the Japanese musical instrument industry, concerts and concerts have been postponed or canceled due to the corona wreck, casting a shadow not only on the lives of artists but also on the lives of craftsmen who create musical instruments. In 2020, the 135-year-old major shamisen manufacturer, Tokyo Wagakki, went out of business due to a sharp decline in demand due to the corona crisis, which had a great impact on the industry. On the other hand, even before the corona crisis, it was important to disseminate Japanese musical instruments overseas, and the current situation is that dissemination within Japan, especially among young people who do not have the opportunity to come into contact with Japanese music, has not progressed.
Therefore, the Japanese musical instrument unit “TRAinnovation” is active with the theme of “updating the Japanese style” with the desire to keep the Japanese tone and pass it on to the future.
[Message from leader Hideyuki Horie]
As a Japanese, I have a passion and pride in Japanese musical instruments and Japanese culture. In today’s world of diversity, just like listening to pops and hip-hop, I hope that the sound of traditional Japanese instruments will become an option. If you could… With that in mind, I faced music and created each song with friends who could share it. Please listen to it.
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Leader Hideyuki Horie
1st album「TRAinnovation」
【recorded music】
1 Harlequin
2 Battera Eneta
3 and flash
4 heavy wood
5 Asian boys
6 carrots and sticks
7 GeT
8 orientRa
9buTteR milk virginia
10 Sound heads
12 The 9th
[Song commentary (partial excerpt)]
A cool piece of tsugaru shamisen, shakuhachi, koto and heavy bass synthesizer. In an ensemble that takes advantage of the
characteristics of each instrument, the unison chorus pierces your ears.
and flash
A heartrending song that blends the harmonies of all the shamisen and violins, futozao, chuzao, and hosozao. Contrary to the melody, the rhythmic deep bass electronic beat and the synthesizer tone, which is treated like a live performance, are impressive.
Sound head
A song expressed as a music festival with the image of “next generation Bon Odori”. A song that is full of TRAinnovation’s uniqueness, combining energetic shouts and catchy songs with the world of Nori.
The 9th
A song with the motif of Symphony No. 9, known as “Ninth”. We didn’t use the expression “breaking the conventional melody” that tends to be an instrumental cover, but kept the familiar chorus as it was, and finished it with a catchy arrangement that is typical of
[Guest profile]
Tetsushi Nakatsuka
Graduated from Osaka University of Arts (violin) and graduate school (viola). While in school, he studied classical music, jazz, Irish Celtic music, and other ethnic music performance techniques and music theory. Studied violin under Misei Yoneda, Hana Aoto and Ikuko Kawai, and viola under Kaoru Ohno and Kazuhiro Tsuboi. Currently, while performing on an annual contract mainly in Japan, he leads the band “Ensemble Baranotchki” and is in charge of composing and arranging the front (violin).
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