Press Release TRIO VENTUS to hold a recital tour from February to March 2023! The up-and-coming piano trio, which has been powered up with the addition of new members, will tour three locations in Tokyo, Osaka, and Miyazaki.

TRIO VENTUS to hold recital tour from February to March 2023! The up-and-coming piano trio, which has been powered up with the addition of new members, will tour three locations in Tokyo, Osaka, and Miyazaki.
In commemoration of the decision to hold a national tour, a new video of the new Trio Ventus’ first performance has been released.
The piano trio “TRIO VENTUS” (hereafter, Trio Ventus), whose performances combine intelligence and passion, will hold a recital tour in Tokyo, Osaka and Miyazaki from February to March 2023. Pianist Musashi Ishikawa joined as a new member and started a new activity. Along with the start of tour ticket sales on November 17th, a promotional video showing the first performance of the new Trio Ventus will be released on the same day.

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▲ Trio Ventus From the left: Koya Suzuki (cello), Musashi Ishikawa (piano), Shinka Hirose (violin)
Holding a nationwide recital tour for the first time in a year The aggressively active piano trio TRIO VENTUS held a recital tour in January 2022 and received great acclaim from all quarters. From February to March in 2023, we have decided to hold tour performances in three locations: Tokyo (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall), Osaka (Osaka Club), and Miyazaki (Miyakonojo City Wellness Exchange Plaza Musica Hall). rice field. It will be the first nationwide tour to showcase the new TRIO VENTUS, which Musashi Ishikawa joined as a new member in October. Also, at the Osaka and Miyazaki performances, Mr. Teruaki Suzuki’s Piano Trio No. 2, which was written for the previous recital tour in Tokyo and was performed for the world premiere, will be performed.
■ The promotional video for the recital tour, which will be released for the first time as the new trio Ventus, will be released to the public from November 17th.
[Video 2:] Video title: [TRIO VENTUS Recital tour 2023] Mendelssohn Piano Trio no.2 URL:
Release destination: YouTube and TRIO VENTUS official website (
Release date and time: Thursday, November 17, 12:00
Contents: This video shows the performance of the first movement from the Mendelssohn Piano Trio No. 2, which is played in all three recital tours. You can feel the sound of the new TRIO VENTUS’ gorgeous and cool ensemble.
■I had a secret dream of doing a permanent piano trio. New member pianist Musashi Ishikawa
Musashi Ishikawa graduated from the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, France, which is also known as the stage of Nodame Cantabile, and studied at Toho Gakuen with violinist Hirose and cellist Suzuki in high school. He is a pianist with extensive ensemble experience who has hosted various projects. He has earned the solid trust of his co-stars with his solid technique and propulsive musicality cultivated in Europe, as well as his intricate musical understanding. In particular, I had a secret dream of doing a permanent piano trio. [Image 2

“The piano trio is the extreme north of chamber music and has been the center of my interest as a musician.
Musicians with the same roots are already an ensemble on the same wavelength, but please be sure to witness the chemical reaction that will occur between the three of them. ”
■ Thoughts toward the recital tour
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Violinist Shinka Hirose
-The January tour this year overlapped with the period when the coronavirus infection situation, which had been calm, increased explosively, and there were many customers who wanted to come but couldn’t. Even so, many people said, “Thank you for holding the concert in such a difficult time.” It was very encouraging. In contrast to the previous series, which focused on classical and modern/contemporary music, this time’s program will focus on romantic and gorgeous pieces by Mendelssohn and Ravel, and will deliver a new Ventus color. .
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Cellist Kouya Suzuki
ーI’m very excited to be able to tour the three cities again. In particular, this trip is also a trip to introduce new member Musashi Ishikawa and the new sound of TRIO VENTUS. All three have roots in the same Toho Gakuen University, and have studied abroad and gained experience. The real thrill of a piano trio is that the three of them come together, share the melody and chords, and breathe like one living thing. I would be happy if the sound of the trio, which has both sharpness and harmony, that brings out the individuality of each sound, can be delivered to many people in Tokyo, Osaka, and Miyazaki. ■ Overview of “Trio Ventus Recital Tour 2023”
・Osaka Performance
February 24, 2022 (Friday) 19:00 start
Osaka Club
General ¥4,000 Student ¥2,000
Mendelssohn Piano Trio in C Minor, Op.66
Teruaki Suzuki Piano Trio No.2
Ravel Piano Trio in A minor
・Tokyo performance
February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) 19:00 start
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall
General ¥4,000 Student ¥2,000
Mendelssohn Piano Trio in C Minor, Op.66
Ravel Piano Trio in A minor
・ Miyazaki (Miyakonojo) Performance
March 5, 2023 (Sun) 14:00 start
Miyakonojo City Wellness Exchange Plaza Musica Hall
All seats are unreserved General ¥3,000 Student ¥2,000
Kreisler Vienna Capriccio
Schubert Piano Trio No.2
Mendelssohn Piano Trio No. 2 in C Minor Op.66
Tickets on sale from November 17th.
・ TRIO VENTUS official website ・Ticket Pia ・Eplus
Recital tour details website URL: [Image 5

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It was formed in 2019 by musicians who were active in Berlin, and has since continued to be active as a permanent piano trio. VENTUS means wind in Latin. Named with the hope that three people who have been exposed to the winds of various lands will create one big wind. In 2020, she held her debut recital at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, which was well received by various magazines. In October of the same year, the 1st CD “Schubert & Shostakovich” was released from Japan Acoustic Records. It was picked up as an excellent recording by Record Geijutsu and the classic information magazine Buraabo. In addition to the classical repertoire, he has also highlighted new era pieces, including music composed in the 21st century. In 2022, a tour will be held in three cities: Tokyo, Osaka, and Miyazaki. At the Tokyo performance, he commissioned a new piece from Teruaki Suzuki, a composer representing Japan, and premiered Piano Trio No. 2 at Hakuju Hall. It has been highly acclaimed in various fields, including the Asahi Shimbun. So far, he has performed at famous concert halls in Japan such as Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, HAKUJU HALL, and The Phoenix Hall. In 2023, a concert tour and the recording of the 2nd album are planned, and further progress is expected.
Official website:
■Member profile
Kokoka Hirose (violin)
Born in Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture. Started playing the violin at the age of 3. After attending Toho Girls’ High School, she graduated from Toho Gakuen University at the top of her class. Completed both the Bachelor’s and Master’s courses at the Berlin University of the Arts, Germany. He studied violin with Masayuki Kino, Tomoko Kato, Nora Chastain, and Noah Bendix-Bulkley, and chamber music with the Tokyo Quartet and Artemis Quartet. He has performed with orchestras in Japan and abroad, including the Jena Philharmoniker of Germany and the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra. After graduating from Toho Gakuen University, he was given the opportunity to perform in front of the Imperial Palace at Tokagakudo. He has performed at the Miyazaki International Music Festival and the Lenk International Music Festival. Held a solo recital at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. After studying at the Berlin Komische Opera Orchestra Academy, he served as a Forspieler at the Deutsche Hannover State Orchestra. As a soloist, he gives recitals in various places such as the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, and is also active as a chamber musician. In 2020, he made his debut recital at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan as a member of the piano trio [TRIO VENTUS], and in 2022 he held a recital tour, which was well received from various quarters. The CD “Schubert & Schostakovich” has been released by Nippon Acoustic Records. The string quartet [Eureka Quartet], which was formed in 2022, has been developing various activities, including the Beethoven string quartet complete concert. Kouya Suzuki (cello)
Graduated from Toho Gakuen University cello department at the top of his class. Studied under Luis Claret at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona, ​​Spain and the Victoria del Angeles Conservatory, before moving to Germany. Completed master’s course at Hanns Eisler University of Music in Berlin. Started playing the cello at the age of 5 and graduated from Toho Gakuen High School Music Department. Participated in the Saito Kinen Chamber Music Study Group and Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Orchestra Project I. He has studied under Louis Claret, Damien Ventura, Sumiko Kurata, Satoshi Tsunemitsu, and Vaclav Adamira. Studied chamber music with Tokyo Quartet and Artemis Quartet. Masterclasses by Peter Wispelway, Enrico Dindo and Truls Sven. Won 4th prize in the 10th Las Corts International Competition for instrumental music. Appeared as a soloist at the 9th Cello Day organized by the Japan Cello Association. Held a solo recital in 2019 and a chamber music recital in 2020 at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Popular from all quarters. In 2022, a recital tour will be held as a piano trio “TRIO VENTUS”. Acclaimed in each magazine. In addition to performing as a principal player in orchestras around the world, he has started a series of concerts of Beethoven’s string quartets as a member of the string quartet “Eureka Quartet” and is actively developing his activities.
Musashi Ishikawa (piano)
Studied under Michiko Okamoto at Toho Women’s High School Music Department (coeducational), and after graduating from the same school, proceeded to the Toho Gakuen College Soloist Diploma Course. After unanimously passing the exams of the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, he traveled to France and studied under Jacques Louvier. Completed the Toho Gakuen College Soloist Diploma Course in 2010. In 2011, he completed the master’s course in piano at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris. At the same time, he was awarded the Blüthner Prize and held an award-winning recital. She also studied under Philippe Bernold and Michel Moragues at the chamber music department of the same conservatory, and obtained a diploma in 2012 with excellent results unanimously approved by the judges. After that, he studied under Georges Pruedermacher at Schola Cantorum (Paris) and obtained an advanced diploma in 2014. In the fall of the same year, he returned to Japan. Since 2008, he has been a Rohm Music Foundation scholarship student for four years. 2015 ABC Newcomer Music Awards. 3rd prize at the 2018 Tereza Yacuna International Piano Competition. 2020 Ichikawa City Cultural Promotion Foundation 4th Improvisational Audition Excellence Award. As a chamber musician, he has performed with Salle Pleyel and Salle Cortot. He has also performed many premieres of contemporary music works and French premieres of Japanese works.
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