Prevention of mold, insect bites, and yellowing An oxygen-free storage option service is now available in the home delivery storage service “Summary Pocket”!

[Prevention of mold, insect bites, and yellowing] An oxygen-free storage option service is now available in the home delivery storage service “Summary Pocket”!
Items that are difficult to store at home can now be stored with greater peace of mind!

The home delivery storage service “Summary Pocket” operated by Summary Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kensuke Yamamoto) will prevent deterioration due to mold, insect bite, and yellowing from November 21, 2022 (Monday). We have started offering an “oxygen-free storage option service” that allows you to store your luggage while you are at it.
In the oxygen-free storage option service, items that are difficult to store at home, such as leather products, formal wear, and kimonos, can be stored in an “oxygen-free state” that reduces the oxygen
concentration to 0.1% or less using a special machine. Also, delicate natural fibers such as wool and silk can be checked in with greater peace of mind.
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“Summary Pocket” official website: Oxygen-free storage option service Contents
The oxygen-free storage option service controls the storage
environment (humidity of 65% or less), which is difficult for mold to grow, and controls the oxygen concentration of the target package to 0.1% or less using a special machine. By creating an oxygen-free state, it is possible to prevent deterioration of the item and keep it in the same condition as when it was checked in.
● Four points of “oxygen-free storage”
1. Antifungal effect
In addition to the conventional temperature and humidity controlled environment, by storing at an oxygen concentration of 0.1% or less, the mold suppression effect is enhanced as much as possible. *Tested by the NPO Mold Counseling Center
2. Insect repellent effect
Pests that easily adhere to clothing cannot survive in an oxygen-free environment, so it is expected to be highly effective against insect bites.
3. Antioxidant
By making it oxygen-free, it prevents deterioration, yellowing, and discoloration due to oxidation.
The oxygen-free storage that we use creates an oxygen-free state by crimping the bags. Once anoxic treatment is performed, it is possible to maintain the anoxic state semi-permanently.
4. Free compensation such as “Anshin Support”
If you choose the oxygen-free storage option service, you will be provided with the “Anshin Support” option free of charge, which provides compensation of up to 500,000 yen per box in case of an “unfortunate” accident during delivery or storage. . In addition, there is an oxygen-free storage compensation that compensates for damage due to mold, moth, and yellowing.
Anshin Support Guide: Anaerobic Compensation Guide: [Image 2

● Usage image
・ Items that are difficult to store at home, such as leather products, formal wear, and kimonos
・Delicate natural fibers such as wool and silk
・ Items such as coats and sweaters that are likely to be eaten by moths ・In addition, it is possible to store documents and old books without oxygen. [Image 3

● Flow of oxygen-free storage
All items in the box will be packed in a special bag that does not allow oxygen to permeate, and will be treated to make it oxygen-free, then returned to the box for storage.
[Image 4

● Oxygen-free storage Monthly charge
[Image 5

*[Example] When storing one standard regular box without oxygen: storage fee 330 yen + oxygen-free storage fee 440 yen = monthly charge 770 yen/month
● Oxygen-free storage How to use
If you want to store the whole new box in an oxygen-free environment 1. On the box order screen, check “Use oxygen-free storage” to order the box* 2. When the box arrives, put the item in the oxygen-free storage box (a sticker is attached to the side of the box) and request a pickup. 3. As soon as it arrives at the warehouse, we will take a picture of the item and store it in an oxygen-free state.
*If you apply for oxygen-free storage at the same time as ordering a box, all Standard Books boxes included in the order will be subject to oxygen-free storage.
[Image 6d4344-113-7bbdeb5e8e275e6628d3-2.png&s3=4344-113-f2979495f965b641cb316c62a06ec9ae-1436x824.png
If you want to keep the box in storage oxygen-free
1. Select “Oxygen-free storage” from the option menu
2. Select the box you want to store oxygen-free and apply
3. After completing the application, we will deoxygenate and store it again. ● Precautions
*Sharp protruding items such as knives and knives that are not in the case may damage the special bag, so we may store them after curing. *Items that are packed in a sealed bag with a zip, etc., may reduce the effectiveness of oxygen-free storage, so please take them out of the bag and pack them.
*In order to deoxygenate the items in the box by putting them in a bag, if the box is full, it may be divided into two boxes for storage. Please pack the contents of the box with as much room as possible. *In addition, if the warehouse determines that oxygen-free storage is not possible, we may refuse to provide oxygen-free storage or oxygen-free storage for items other than the relevant items. * We cannot accept various cleaning and shoe repairs for items that are in oxygen-free storage. If you wish to use cleaning or shoe repair, please apply before oxygen-free storage. You can apply to take out your luggage, store it on a hanger, and leave it to Yahoo! Auctions.
Oxygen-free storage option service development background
In summary, from October 2021, we have established a cooperative system with two major logistics companies with a wealth of experience, Warehouse TERRADA and Mitsubishi Warehouse, and introduced an in-house developed Warehouse Management System (WMS). By utilizing our own WMS, it has become possible to operate in warehouse operations optimized for summary pockets and speedily develop new services.
Customers who have been using Summary Pocket for some time have said that it is difficult to manage at home items such as kimono, dresses, formal wear, and other items that are rarely worn but important, as well as expensive branded items such as leather products. Regarding items, we received consultations on storage.
There is a method of storage in a constant temperature/humidity warehouse to maintain quality and prevent the growth of mold. Since we control the storage environment (humidity of 65% or less) where it is difficult for this to occur, this new optional service offers oxygen-free storage that has the effect of preventing mold, worming, and oxidation that cannot be suppressed in constant temperature and constant humidity warehouses. is employed.
With the oxygen-free storage option service, it is possible to keep your baggage in the same condition as when you checked it in by storing it in an oxygen-free state that achieves an oxygen
concentration of 0.1% or less using a dedicated machine. We are also planning to add an oxygen-free storage option for items stored on hangers in the near future, so you can use it to store important clothing.
Summary Pocket will continue to update the service to provide a comfortable lifestyle where you can choose the storage method according to the needs of the times and the season.
What is the delivery storage service “Summary Pocket”?
The home delivery storage service “Summary Pocket” is a home delivery storage service that allows you to store your luggage in a dedicated box and send it in an environment where air conditioning and security are thoroughly controlled. Unlike the conventional trunk room where the shipper himself visits, by using the courier service, regardless of the area of ​​residence, you can check or take out the items you have deposited with just your smartphone from the comfort of your own home. It will be possible.
[Image 7d4344-113-2ad7abbd0d32b4e0f0c6-6.jpg&s3=4344-113-293bcfa33ab8ae4b26a2f7d54ca432c8-2188x837.jpg
■ Interview items that can be adjusted
・Interview with Summary Co., Ltd. President Yamamoto
・Interview with Summary Pocket users
・Summary Pocket Interview with storage base
Other matters can also be adjusted. Please contact us below. ■ For companies interested in business partnerships
Summary Pocket is actively working on transactions and business alliances with various companies. If you are interested in business partnership, please feel free to contact us.
■ Recruitment information of Summary Co., Ltd.
In the summary, we are looking for people who sympathize with our mission and values ​​and want to deliver sophisticated experiences to the world through our products! We are waiting for you in a wide range of positions such as engineers and planning positions. Please refer to the recruitment information page for details.
■ Summary Co., Ltd. Corporate Profile
・Business description: Development of Sumally and Summary Pocket ・Operation ・Established: April 1, 2010
・Representative: Kensuke Yamamoto
・Major shareholders: management team, Mitsubishi Estate, Sumitomo Corporation, Warehouse TERRADA, Mitsubishi Warehouse, etc.
・ URL:
・ Web version:
・ iOS app version: ・ Android application version: Details about this release:


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