Pricing Studio Co., Ltd. Pricing Studio Raises 430 Million Yen in Series A First Close

Pricing Studio Co., Ltd.
Pricing Studio Raises 430 Million Yen in Series A First Close Accelerate business development, such as development of existing products and provision of new services, and recruitment of human resources

Pricing Studio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshihiro Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as “Pricing Studio”), which provides consulting services for pricing and pricing strategies, is the lead investor of SBI Investment as the first close of Series A round. As a result, we raised 430 million yen by combining STRIVE, an existing investor, a third-party allocation of new shares to multiple new individual investors, and debt financing from major financial institutions. Additional procurement is planned for the second closing this winter.
In the future, we will accelerate business development, such as the development of existing products such as consulting services and pricing analysis SaaS, and the provision of new services, and strengthen the recruitment of human resources to expand services. [Image 1d56765-28-86eeaed5ab3a6f8c19a9-12.png&s3=56765-28-48f41f905ee490a80581aa31d3fa0347-1280x720.png
Background of this funding
Pricing Studio was founded in 2019 with the aim of accelerating corporate growth by strategically changing prices. At the beginning of our founding, we have provided consulting services to about 50 companies and 100 services, mainly SaaS and subscription companies, by utilizing the product “Pricing Sprint” that automates the process of price analysis.
[Image 2d56765-28-cbb1ea6f992b8c68888e-13.png&s3=56765-28-da0840a375b2e683ec53e8f1bfbdecef-2266x696.png
On the other hand, at that time, companies that changed prices strategically were rare, and even among companies that were interested in changing prices, most of the cases were recognized as “important but not urgent business”. After such an era, as of 2022, the depreciation of the yen and soaring raw material prices continue, and many companies regard the decision-making of price changes as an “urgent and important task”.
Against this background, we are expanding our services not only in the SaaS/subscription domain, but also in other industries and business categories, such as food manufacturers, professional baseball teams, media, gyms, clinics, and blockchain-related services. In addition, the annual sales for this fiscal year are already expected to increase by 3.4 times compared to last year, and eventually to reach 10 times in the first five months. (As of November 1, 2022)
The main uses of the proceeds will be as follows.
1. Investment in business expansion
In order to respond to the rapid changes in the market as described above, Pricing Studio will officially start a new advisory/advisory business and training business for pricing human resources in addition to the existing consulting business and software business.
[Image 3d56765-28-7868e27b8856f7ee182f-4.png&s3=56765-28-0614120495712ae6d0074f52935d9e59-1422x590.png
As a result, in addition to conventional “price analysis consulting” that provides comprehensive support for research and analysis necessary for making pricing decisions and implementation support for price changes, systematic learning of theory and practical knowledge about pricing will be possible. We will start a new “Pricing Training Business” that supports the construction of a system where the person in charge can make price decisions on their own in the field, and a “Pricing Consultant Advisory Business” that supports the resolution of various issues related to spot prices. By doing so, we will develop a business that can contribute to the acquisition of pricing
capabilities for client companies, not just supporting execution. 2. Accelerating recruitment of human resources
In addition to marketing managers, price consultants, sales, we are strengthening recruitment in various positions such as business open positions where we will create businesses together with the CEO and COO.
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3.Marketing activities
As a startup that will lead the future pricing market, we will work on offline and online marketing in anticipation of further market expansion.
Comments from underwriters
SBI Investment Co., Ltd. Manager Kouki Ono
[Image 4d56765-28-aec7817e0ff32c4d3f98-0.png&s3=56765-28-1c1076b0f82c7d2d76771e519ab1a22e-760x684.png
Prices are rising one after another due to various factors such as the worldwide soaring price of raw materials and the rapid depreciation of the yen. It extends to business tools such as slack, as well as personal products and services such as groceries and daily
necessities. It is possible that the number of companies that will review pricing in the future will increase, and we believe that it has the potential to support the decision-making process of pricing for many customers. I am happy to be able to contribute to the further growth of the pricing studio led by Mr. Takahashi.
Mr. Tatsuo Tsutsumi, Representative Partner of STRIVE
[Image 5d56765-28-5b8aa73f17f8b3bc1666-1.png&s3=56765-28-b568b3977c4e83a7aa66019e0b46bac0-732x760.png
Continuing from the previous round, we made additional investments. As an investor, the most important thing for me is a sense of the times. Pricing Studio Co., Ltd. has successfully captured this sense of the times and has achieved great growth.
In addition, Mr. Takahashi’s growth as a manager over the past two years has been wonderful, and I feel that he is definitely starting to climb the stairs from entrepreneur to manager. We expect further growth in the future.
Mr. Tomoyuki Shikata, STRIVE Investment Manager
[Image 6d56765-28-ed1b52cc13c86442eda5-2.png&s3=56765-28-e0d488d207d3759572748c97d8d36844-778x778.png
After seeing the service release two years ago, I contacted Mr. Takahashi and invested in the previous round.
Due to the recent depreciation of the yen and price hikes, price increases and price revisions have become essential conditions for business survival in many companies. By capturing the turn of the tide, the growth angle of Pricing Studio has clearly increased, and I look forward to becoming a presence that supports the growth of companies all over Japan in the future.
Pricing Studio Representative Director Yoshihiro Takahashi
[Image 7d56765-28-8c6f689d796e348705c9-8.png&s3=56765-28-7f461e8bcfe4f4b1f23c98042336fd9c-2148x1758.png
Due to the impact of soaring raw material prices and the depreciation of the yen, many companies have increasingly made raising the prices of their products and services a “highly urgent management issue.” On the other hand, in the area of ​​pricing, decisions have often been made based on intuition and experience, and the current situation is that the number of specialists is overwhelmingly small.
We, Pricing Studio, have officially launched the “Training Business” and “Advisor/Advisor Business” that we have been secretly providing until now, not only to support the execution of price determination, but also to help improve the pricing capabilities of each company. We will shift to a business structure that can We believe that this new challenge will bring us closer to realizing our business vision of “providing pricing as a weapon for all business people”, and I am excited about it. The series A procurement itself is still ongoing, but we will continue to strive to create businesses together with our encouraging colleagues to become a good partner for our clients. ■ Corporate information
Company name: Pricing Studio Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Yoshihiro Takahashi
Location: YODA Building 2F, 3-15-13 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 26, 2019
Business: Consulting, advisory, human resource development, SaaS business in pricing

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