PRINCIPE prive Co., Ltd. A new model “ROYAL EDITION” with a new “hatch bezel” from the Swedish luxury brand “Golden Concept” is on sale.

PRINCIPE private Co., Ltd.
A new model “ROYAL EDITION” with a new “hatch bezel” from the Swedish luxury brand “Golden Concept” is on sale.
Reservations are being accepted on the official website of Golden Concept Japan.
The new model “ROYAL EDITION” is released from the “Golden Concept” Apple Watch case, which develops third parties for high-quality Apple products. Previous collections required screws for installation, but the “ROYAL EDITION” is a new collection that does not require screws by adopting a “hatch bezel” on the front. Pre-orders for the collection have started at the official Golden Concept online store. [Image 1d16079-441-c2e13ce81ae6eb01434f-0.jpg&s3=16079-441-c6d87476ac53d65aa9fa4e534f49a3ed-1280x1280.jpg
The design team at Golden Concepts has developed a cutting edge yet simple case. The screws on the back cover that have been required for installation have been eliminated, and a new “hatch bezel” has been adopted for the front bezel. This makes it possible to easily attach and detach the Apple Watch from the case by simply pressing the button attached to the side when wearing it.
[Image 2d16079-441-a26374f4f0b569a2605e-9.png&s3=16079-441-ddd04ac06231058f51ac8b3a092b7056-1920x1920.png
A distinctive shape with a hatched bezel and a seamless integrated bracelet specially designed for this model distinguish this timeless model as a symbol of universal elegance and classic style.
[Image 3d16079-441-c6f1c9b34a4c9b904f2a-2.jpg&s3=16079-441-5bbc0d52ac866697586fe7787c446a90-1280x1280.jpg
The case and bracelet are made of durable 316L stainless steel. The integrated case with satin and polished finish creates a glossy and three-dimensional look, giving a sporty and dressy impression. [Image 4d16079-441-809ad575d38457b4940b-3.jpg&s3=16079-441-99b9511052bbdb4dead3b9e2a2d5e8f7-1280x1280.jpg

[Image 5d16079-441-bf72af1ff1e9044efbdb-4.png&s3=16079-441-43c83a1e6f4d19c78936f0beee1161f6-1920x1920.png
ROYAL-Silver ¥132,000
[Image 6d16079-441-e687ebca94be8049d28f-5.png&s3=16079-441-5a75845b9cedf594d3b07e8a99f84d98-1920x1920.png
[Image 7d16079-441-ff2d3830ed33cdcea01f-6.png&s3=16079-441-7e0fb9e41bd5041baf309cd8b4dc6acb-1920x1920.png
[Image 8d16079-441-ff49815d3b385d4d471d-7.png&s3=16079-441-d9323c2aee93f59a2b1df90112f13b76-1920x1920.png
ROYAL – Rose Gold ¥143,000
[Image 9d16079-441-ea100336f4069e77f709-8.png&s3=16079-441-d92a8583b7e182cfa9fdea2720b2b0e7-1920x1920.png
ROYAL – Black ¥132,000
Sales price: Silver, black 132,000 yen (tax included) Rose gold 143,000 yen (tax included)
Compatibility: 45MM: Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8
Case: 316L stainless steel
Case size: 45mm x 51mm
Waterproof: Conforms to the waterproofness of APPLE WATCH
Case thickness: 13mm
Bracelet: 316L stainless steel butterfly buckle
Weight: Approximately 90 grams (Approximately 128 grams with Apple Watch) Accessories: Instruction manual, watch case, bracelet

Sales store
Golden Concept Japan Official Site
・Golden Concept Omotesando
1F, 3-5-19 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Designer “Puia Shamsossadati” was established in Sweden in 2015. It is a lifestyle luxury brand that develops many products that combine high-tech materials and luxury, including high-end Apple Watch cases. Official website:
Instagram: (home country) (Japan)

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