Private exhibition held An old building in the Fukagawa area full of downtown atmosphere will be regenerated into profitable real estate. Contributing to regional revitalization and a recycling-oriented economy, creating a single office that create

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[Private exhibition held] An old building in the Fukagawa area full of downtown atmosphere will be regenerated into profitable real estate. Contributing to regional revitalization and a recycling-oriented economy – to create a single office that creates communication and connections
-gran+FUKAGAWA (Grand Plus Fukagawa)-Opening in December 2022
LOOPLACE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasutaka Iida, hereinafter referred to as LOOPLACE), which regenerates old buildings, planned and designed and renovated 2-chome, Sumiyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, in conjunction with making it a profitable property. For “gran+ Fukagawa” located in , we will complete a creative office and fully renovate this property, which was an empty building, to revitalize it. Recruitment of tenant companies will start in conjunction with the preview to be held from December 5, 2022. gran+FUKAGAWA property official website: [Image 1d93415-9-3a9bb98bdd1a921fbf8a-1.png&s3=93415-9-1ed6af7bc7b6c8b2b161f7ac197fd2cc-1649x1164.png
▲gran+FUKAGAWA Rooftop image
gran+FUKAGAWA preview details
Date: December 5 (Mon), 6 (Tue), 7 (Wed), 8 (Thu), 2022
Location: 2-12-6 Sumiyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo “gran+ Fukagawa” Access: 2 minutes walk from Sumiyoshi Station / 11 minutes walk from Kinshicho Station
Private exhibition reservation form: – *We may adjust the schedule, number of people, etc. depending on the situation of the corona disaster.
About gran+FUKAGAWA
This 11th building is an office building located in Sumiyoshi, Koto Ward, a town in the Fukagawa area full of downtown atmosphere and attracting attention for the extension of the Yurakucho Line. We carry out planning, design and construction for a CREATIVE WORKER that grasps things flexibly and realizes new things. The rooftop terrace overlooking the wide sky is used as a rooftop terrace, and the interior has an office space that allows for flexible working styles. A parking lot is also available, so it can also be used as a sales base that requires a vehicle.
The plan is to inherit the culture of the downtown Fukagawa area, which has valued manufacturing and human connections, and contribute to the formation of a new community.
[Image 2d93415-9-8b06d89639357a8a9981-3.png&s3=93415-9-7bfc2986577f25d06db67a5fb838f571-893x1119.png
▲gran+FUKAGAWA Exterior and interior image
In the future, we will continue to revitalize small and medium-sized buildings with low occupancy rates and provide workplaces that make existing spaces more interesting. We will create places and spaces where
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About the gran+ series
This is the name of a series of properties planned by our design team and in-house construction.
By increasing the value of this designer’s building with enhanced market needs and design, we will create uniqueness and added value that are different from other properties and provide competitive products.
■ About LOOPLACE Co., Ltd.
LOOPLACE is a real estate revitalization company that utilizes old buildings and spaces. Starting with the gran+ series of set-up offices that regenerate old buildings, we are creating places and spaces where people can gather again, finding new ways to use them without destroying places that have served their purpose.
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■Company Profile
Company name: LOOPLACE Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yasutaka Iida
Location: 6th floor, Urano Building, 1-50 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051
Contact: tel. 03-6206-8422 / fax. 03-6206-8436
Capital: 50 million yen
Business description: Regeneration of places such as old buildings, buying and selling of renovated properties, rental brokerage, design, design and construction of offices and stores Specialized construction Registration number: Construction Business Permit Tokyo Governor Permit (Special-1) No. 139675
Building Lots and Buildings Transaction License Licensed by the Governor of Tokyo (2) No. 96087
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
LOOPLACE Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Nakano
TEL: 03-6206-8422 FAX: 03-6206-8436
Email address:
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