proces Co., Ltd. radial will hold a joint webinar with three SaaS companies that realize apparel DX

process Co., Ltd.
radial will hold a joint webinar with three SaaS companies that realize apparel DX
Notice of joint webinar by stores, EC, logistics, and MD SaaS
From 14:00 on November 8, 2022 (Tuesday), four companies, proces Co., Ltd., Smaregi Co., Ltd., Logizard Co., Ltd., and Future Shop Co., Ltd., will hold an event titled “What is apparel DX that you can’t ask now!? We will hold a joint webinar on the theme of becoming [Imaged55496-14-53dbf203ec6512a82475-0.png&s3=55496-14-08e6d869c74852b4e43083c4944fe6b8-2400x1260.png
We will explain the buzzword “DX” in the context of apparel. The buzzword “DX” has already been heard by everyone, but its essence remains ambiguous, and the current situation is that only keywords are taking on a life of their own.
In this webinar, store, EC, logistics, and MD specialists talk about DX from their respective perspectives,
・What is DX like?
・DX, you can’t remove this
・It would be nice if DX could proceed like this
We aim to have participants take this impression home with them. Now, in the apparel industry, there is no time to wait to promote DX. EC has been completely established as a sales channel, and it is becoming necessary to design a customer experience that includes not only stores but also EC.
With the availability of various data, there is a large difference in performance between companies that can use data and those that cannot. The company faces a crisis of becoming a silo as it has diverse human resources within the company, such as EC, storefronts, SNS personnel, and system personnel.
The lead time from production to sales is shortening, and the need for inventory visualization and liquidity, as well as the logistics infrastructure that supports it, is increasing.
Assuming that apparel companies facing such issues will participate, we plan to answer questions about DX, focusing on discussions among the four companies (please check the application page for the detailed timetable).
It’s a discussion, so I don’t know how much I can touch on, but our processes would like to answer the following points.
Why do we need DX?
What is a “microservice architecture” system configuration diagram that is effective for DX?
Big system vs cloud service, which one is better?
DX requires an escort runner. why? how to choose
Participation is free.
Please feel free to join us.
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Overview of the event
Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2022 14:00-15:00
Venue: Distributed via Zoom (URL will be sent to those who apply at a later date)
Organizer: Future Shop Co., Ltd.
Cost: Free
Capacity: 60 people
Deadline: Until Friday, November 04, 2022
Speaker information
Future Shop Co., Ltd.: Takayuki Yasuhara (Director, General Manager of Sales and Marketing Department)
Smaregi Co., Ltd.: Tatsufumi Miyazawa (Chief of Tokyo Sales Department) process Co., Ltd.: Taiga Okamoto (President)
Logizard Co., Ltd.: Naokatsu Kameda (Director and Sales Manager)

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