Produced by Koki Kameda Professional boxing event “3150FIGHT vol.4” will be held on January 6, 2023!

Kameda Promotion Co., Ltd.
[Produced by Koki Kameda] Professional boxing event “3150FIGHT vol.4” will be held on January 6, 2023!
“God game” series and topic! 3150 yen ticket special advance sale start!
The boxing event “3150FIGHT” produced by Koki Kameda announced that it will hold a large-scale event “3150FIGHT vol.4″ with 5,000 people at Edion Arena 1 Stadium on Friday, January 6, 2023. .
The 3150FIGHT has become a legend among boxing fans and related parties, saying, “The 3150FIGHT creates a “God match”.
“Fight money – double price” has also become a hot topic, and currently, inquiries from athletes and gyms who want to participate continue.
At the first press conference on November 4th today, the current Japanese heavyweight champion, Mitsuro Tajima (KWORLD3), the current Oriental Pacific super featherweight champion, Seiho Rikiishi (green), and the 6th place in the Japanese super featherweight class, Tsubasa Narai (RK). Kamata) announced their participation. The second press conference is scheduled for Friday, November 11th.
In addition, a limited number of “3150 tickets” with a ticket price of 3150 yen will be released this time. We will sell tickets that are easy to buy even for those who watch boxing for the first time, and aim to develop new boxing fans from the ticket side.
[Image 1d99967-19-86114f882dcc453cde52-4.jpg&s3=99967-19-cfbed45a77f9dee3621d913e448ef10a-1280x853.jpg
Mitsuro Tajima
Overview of “3150FIGHT vol.4”
Date: Friday, January 6, 2023
Doors open: 12:30 Match start: 13:00
Venue: Edion Arena Osaka Stadium 1 (350m from “Namba” station on each subway line)
A limited number of “3150 tickets” will be sold in advance! ! A special price ticket of 3,150 yen is now available!
In order to experience the power of watching live boxing, we have decided to sell special prize tickets that are easier to purchase even for those watching for the first time.
“3150 FIGHT” founder Koki Kameda’s passion is to have as many people who have never watched a boxing match as possible watch a live boxing match and experience the fun of boxing. This is a packed new project, and “3150 tickets” are limited in quantity, so please purchase as soon as possible.
■Advance tickets will go on sale at Lawson Ticket from Friday, November 4th. Lawson Ticket “3150FIGHT vol.4” ticket pre-sale
Part 1 Announcement of participating players
Mitsuro Tajima (28, belonging to KWORLD3)
Current Japanese Heavyweight Champion
Professional record: 2 wins in 2 fights (2 KO)
[Image 2d99967-19-cc0474f74483eb961b6b-1.jpg&s3=99967-19-f3937f80ffdbb54083de8a201b5a2d45-767x1024.jpg
Mitsuro Tajima (KWORLD3)
Seiho Rikiishi (28, belonging to Midori)
Current Oriental Pacific Super Featherweight Champion
Professional record: 13 fights 12 wins (7 KO) 1 loss
[Image 3d99967-19-bccddc06be57e8a0f681-2.jpg&s3=99967-19-f442efe81ba8ff8167d9d18014a57ef0-768x1024.jpg
Chikaraishi Masaho (green)
Tsubasa Narai (22, belonging to RK Kamata)
2020 All Japan Rookie of the Year MVP / Japan Super Featherweight 6th Professional record: 10 fights 8 wins (7 KO) 2 losses
[Image 4d99967-19-4241b589bc7e87256d4a-3.jpg&s3=99967-19-7aa98e9019561e8e0d740aa241a52a27-1413x1885.jpg
Tsubasa Narai (RK Kamata)

The second press conference will be held on Friday, November 11th The second press conference for “3150FIGHT vol.4” will be held on November 11th (Friday), and the press conference will be broadcast live on ABEMA. In addition, after the 2nd bullet, the 3rd bulletin, cards that boxing fans will pay attention to, gorgeous events, etc. will be announced one after another.

What is “3150FIGT”?
[Image 5d99967-19-bec73c7beacad2ec141b-0.png&s3=99967-19-d13d5e232199c1fc59273538a01fde28-2477x2478.png
“3150FIGHT” logo “3150FIGHT” (Psycho Fight), a professional boxing event launched by former professional boxing champion Koki Kameda. The concept is “to revive the best boxing”.
“3150FIGHT” started in collaboration with ABEMA with the aim of becoming a “platform” where all players can participate regardless of the gym they belong to. All matches will be broadcast live on ABEMA. “3150FIGHT”, which aims to create the best stage for boxers, aims to become a new era boxing business model by uniting all the dreams of fans and stakeholders.
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