Professional Studio Co., Ltd. Three companies taking on the challenge of transforming traditional industries will be on stage! “New Business Night” will be held on 11/30 (Wednesday)

Professional Studio Co., Ltd.
Three companies taking on the challenge of transforming traditional industries will be on stage! “New Business Night” will be held on 11/30 (Wednesday)

Professional Studio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ryutaro Ichikawa, hereinafter referred to as “Professional Studio”), which provides career support for startup executives in the XTech Group, is an entrepreneur who is considering a new business
development career at a venture company. The event “New Business Night” for human resources will be held online on November 30, 2022 (Wednesday).
As guest speakers, three companies, Cardboard One Co., Ltd. (Raksul Group), CrossSmart Co., Ltd. (XTech Group), and Liteigi Co., Ltd. (Digital Holdings Group), are working to transform traditional industrial structures with different approaches. will be on stage to talk about the business content of each company, the mechanism of new business development, and future prospects.
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Event overview
Since its establishment in April 2020, Professional Studio has received inquiries from more than 2,500 people who wish to advance their careers in the venture industry. Consultation centered on those who have graduated from “Where is a promising startup from the perspective of a professional in the startup industry?” We have received a lot of
In response to the above voices, we invited the managers of three companies that are working to transform the traditional industrial structure with different approaches. We will hold an event where you can hear the real about.
We hope that this event will be a good opportunity for you to consider a career in the startup industry.
Overview of the event
・Schedule: November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 19:00-20:30
・ Implementation method: We will use Zoom to deliver completely online *After completing the application, we will send you the viewing URL for the day by the day before the seminar starts.
・Capacity: 50 people
*If there are a large number of participants, the organizer will draw a lottery. ・Participation fee: Free
・ Organizer: Professional Studio Co., Ltd.
content of the day
・Opening remarks/introduction of the moderator and the host company (5-10 minutes)
・Pitch and question-and-answer session by presenting companies – Corporate introduction pitch (5 minutes)
-Q&A session with moderator/participants and speakers (20 minutes) – Explanation of the recruitment position (3 minutes)
*The above sessions will be held 3 times (each company, 3 companies in total). ・Guidance on questionnaires and registration methods
Mr. Haruki Kinoshita, Director and COO of Cardboard One Co., Ltd. Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2016. At university, he majored in electronic physics and was involved in semiconductor research. After joining Raksul as a first-year new graduate, he was seconded to Cardboard One Co., Ltd. in 2021 after working in the business development position of the online printing service “Raksul”, the DM business manager, and the planning and promotion of new businesses. Started his managerial career as COO.
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Mr. Yoshifumi Terada, Representative Director of CrossSmart Co., Ltd. Joined CyberAgent in 2007 after graduating from university.
Experienced launching an alliance business with a major company and launching a Facebook commerce business. In 2013, he launched the healthcare media “Doctors Me” and transferred the business in 2017. In 2018, he founded CrossSmart Co., Ltd., which promotes DX in food distribution, and assumed the position of Representative Director. Operates “Cross Order,” an ordering platform that connects restaurants and wholesalers.
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Mr. Masakazu Matsubara, Representative Director of Liteigi Co., Ltd. Joined Information Services International-Dentsu in 2007 as a new graduate. After that, after founding DeNA, Hakuhodo, and a healthcare startup, joined OPT Co., Ltd. in May 2020. From 2021, he will be responsible for the execution of the Digital Holdings Group’s IX (Industrial Transformation (R)) business as Director COO of Retigi, President of RePharmacy, and Vice President of Pharmashift. In April 2022, he was appointed President and CEO of Reteigi (current position).
[Image 5d69234-4-7701b7df55cee9bfbc1d-4.png&s3=69234-4-4814e3141ade331ff9960256ff0f3b96-1359x1357.png
Ryutaro Ichikawa, Representative Director of Professional Studio Co., Ltd. After graduating from the College of Liberal Arts, the University of Tokyo, joined Retty in 2014 as the first new graduate employee (the seventh employee), and experienced growth hacker, media advertising division launch, and personnel affairs. Joined the Boston Consulting Group in September 2017 and engaged in business strategy formulation, sales organization reform, and M&A support for major domestic companies. Joined XTech in January 2020 and assumed the position of CEO of the company in April.
About Professional Studio
Professional Studio offers a career support platform for executives with the vision of “taking on challenges more smoothly”.
In addition to conventional career change support, we will support the growth of management personnel through career coaching, skill training, community management for management personnel, etc. By supporting the ambitious challenges of management personnel, we would like to promote the development of new industries/regional sectors and contribute to leaving a strong Japan for future
◆Professional Studio Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2020
Head office location: Daiwa Azabu Terrace 4F, 3-20-1 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047
Representative Director: Ryutaro Ichikawa
Director: Tomoyuki Tajikawa
Business description: Introduction of executive personnel for start-up companies, operation of recruitment support services
◆XTech Co., Ltd.
Established: January 2018
Head office location: 1-5-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0028 Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Sakura-dori Building 3F
Representative Director: Shinichi Saijo
Business description: Internet-related business, operation of Startup Studio Details about this release:


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