Progmy Co., Ltd. Collaborative video of joint visual programming “Progmy” and educational entrepreneur Nen e Shirakawa released

Progmy Co., Ltd.
Collaborative video of joint visual programming “Progmy” and educational entrepreneur Nene Shirakawa released
Global friends and full remote full flex! Introducing the work style of an EdTech company in Tokyo

Progmy Co., Ltd. is strengthening recruitment in order to create better products as it raises funds in the seed round. We recently held a company information session on YouTube in collaboration with Nene Shirakawa, an educational entrepreneur.
A collaboration video between Yasuhiro Ishibashi, CEO of Progmy Inc. and Nene Shirakawa, an educational entrepreneur, has been released. There are many topics such as the thoughts behind the founding of Progmy, his own career, creating an environment where development members can work comfortably, and the outlook for Web3.
The content is enjoyable not only for those who are interested in Programme Inc., but also for those who want to know how to work in a global team and those who want their children to learn computer science.
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Learn CS and work in Tokyo! Assault on the EdTech startup Progummy CEO of a Tokyo company!
Ms. Nene Shirakawa says, “I have an interest in children and education, so there are many consultations about wanting to study pedagogy or educational psychology. In addition to studying pedagogy, learning computer science can lead to interesting jobs like working at Programmy.” It is possible.The development of Programme will help children learn new things.I want young people to feel that computer science is interesting.”
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Programming is “more fun and more learned together”
In the video, we introduce the programme of collaborative visual programming. Programme allows you to program with multiple people, so pair programming and group work are possible. You can not only work silently by yourself, but also have fun while brainstorming to create a better program. Programs and games created together can be played with friends, so children who like multiplayer games will love it. Ms. Nene Shirakawa said, “I hope that the consumer version of the Progmy app will be released soon so that parents and children can enjoy programming together. I’m looking forward to it.”
The secret to realizing a global and new normal work style
At this company information session, the members of Progmy Co., Ltd. introduce how they actually work.
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The working members, such as engineers from Poland and designers from Ecuador, live in a variety of places and speak different languages. Using a variety of tools, such as installing a message app that automatically converts the language into your native language, and having meetings where avatars gather on a screen that looks like an RPG game, we are doing trial and error and ingenuity. increase. We are preparing an environment where members can work comfortably while considering each and every detail according to the era of the new normal, including small considerations such as whether to turn off or turn on the camera in the meeting.
Currently, we are actively hiring software engineers, UI/UX designers, and COO candidates in order to strengthen our customer understanding and product development system. Please feel free to contact us if you share the vision of Programme, even in other occupations.
[Profile of education entrepreneur Nene Shirakawa]
Trilingual in Japanese, Chinese and English. Overseas Chinese. After coming to Japan at the age of 6, he acquired Japanese citizenship. Self-studyed English during her junior and senior high school years at Ferris University before entering Duke University in the United States. After graduating, worked at a major consulting firm in the United States, and completed an MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is the author of “Kokugai Escape School” and “How to Make an English Native Brain”. Founder of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Future Classroom HeroMakers. Advisor to Waffle, a general incorporated association that provides support to fill the gender gap in the IT field.
[What is Progmy]
ProgMe is the industry’s first visual programming app equipped with a collaborative editing function that allows multiple people to edit at the same time [*1]. Not only can multiple people program in real time, but you can also play completed programs and games together in online multiplayer. Programming is done by combining blocks on the screen, so you can enjoy learning the basic concepts of programming without being tied to a specific language.
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[*1] Our research
[Progmy Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Developed the industry’s first visual programming app “Progmy” with a collaborative editing function that allows multiple people to edit at the same time. It also operates an online programming class using the same app.


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