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Property Data Bank Co., Ltd. Acquisition of @property No. 1 market share (*) in the real estate management cloud industry

Property Data Bank Co., Ltd.
@property Real estate management cloud industry share No. 1 (*)
Property Data Bank Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Sadahisa Takeno; hereinafter “Property Data Bank”)’s real estate management cloud system @property We are pleased to inform you that we have won the No. 1 market share (*). The results of the survey show that in addition to winning consecutive No. 1 positions since last year, the market share has also expanded.
*From the monthly property management magazine “Business Management System Survey”
(Domestic share of dedicated tools for real estate management (not including self-developed systems, excel management, etc.))
[Image 1

[Business management system survey]
According to the “Business Management System Survey” of the monthly property management magazine, Excel, which has low introduction costs and is used by many people, is ranked high in the share rate of the introduction status of business management systems. When narrowed down, our system @property won the No. 1 share rate.
Until last year, it was lower than the in-house developed system, but this year, the share rate of @property increased by 14.4% compared to the previous year, and it surpassed the in-house developed system’s share rate. As a background, in response to legal revisions such as the Electronic Book Storage Law and the invoice system, development costs would be incurred in the case of our own system. It is possible. One of the features of our system @property is that it can be flexibly updated in response to such legal revisions and changes in trends. We will continue to strive to improve customer convenience and increase the value of the assets we manage.
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Quote from Monthly Property Management Magazine “Business Management System Survey”
[Why people choose @property]
・Best practices based on accumulated know-how
We will always provide the best service based on the know-how that we have realized business improvement for various assets and operations together with our customers.
・Overwhelming introduction results
With more than 300 contract companies and more than 100,000 buildings under management, we have been adopted by customers with real estate in various industries.
・Respond to legal revisions through free updates
We will continue to evolve in response to revisions in accounting and tax systems and to meet the business needs of our customers. ・Robust cloud infrastructure
On top of our in-house built infrastructure, we apply complete security and back up customer data in real time at our 3 data centers in Japan to achieve even higher reliability.
About our service
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The real estate management cloud “@property” provided by our company is a service that supports operational decisions to improve
operational efficiency and maximize real estate profits by
centralizing all information and operations related to real estate in the cloud.
@property service site:
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Hamamatsucho Square, 1-30-5 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Reception 6F) Property Data Bank Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager: Kito
Phone number: 03-5777-4653 Email address:

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