Proscenic Technology Co., LTD Dry measures | 3000 yen coupon on Amazon Proscenic’s humidifier is a bargain!

Proscenic Technology Co., LTD
[Dry measures | 3000 yen coupon on Amazon] Proscenic’s humidifier is a bargain! Enjoy a fresh and comfortable home all year round! Time: November 18th to December 4th

Procenic Co., Ltd., a comprehensive manufacturer of home appliances that integrates research and development, production, and sales of air fryers, air purifiers, robots, and cordless vacuum cleaners, will be open until 23:45 on Sunday, December 4. , We will sell it at 3000 yen off on Amazon.
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1. Period: November 18th to November 24th Discounts when using coupons (coupon code 2022PRO808C)
2. Period: November 25th to November 28th Black Friday special price of 6,900 yen
3. Period: November 29th-December 4th Discount with 3000 coupons Click here for details ⇒
[5.3L large capacity water tank, can operate for 30 hours]

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Equipped with a 5.3L large-capacity water tank, continuous
humidification for 30 hours is possible, fully humidifying the room, improving the moisture of the skin, and keeping the skin moist. The water tank is equipped with a serum filter, the water source is purified, and all series humidifiers are equipped with high-quality air filters to keep the air clean at all times.
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[360° mist nozzle/fog volume/cold/warm mist]
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The mist nozzle can be rotated 360° to fully humidify every corner of the room, and there are three mist amounts, weak, medium, and strong, so you can freely adjust the comfortable humidity. Cool and warm mist has sterilization and constant temperature and humidity effects, which is good for your health.
[Image 5:] [Ultra-quiet, dry-heating prevention]

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The operating noise is suppressed to less than 38dB, so you can use it without worrying about the sound. It will automatically stop if there is no water, and will automatically stop when the water tank is lifted.
[Intelligent control / Alexa voice support]
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It supports APP operation, you can control the humidifier with your mobile phone, and by connecting with Alexa, you can perform all operations with voice commands, making it more convenient and intelligent.
[Image 8:] About Proscenic
Proscenic is a smart home appliance brand that sells air purifiers and cordless vacuum cleaners equipped with smart functions based on the concept of “smart and comfortable living”. Proscenic will continue to take the customer’s point of view and use technology to provide optimal solutions to deliver new functions and convenient smart home appliance experiences that make life better.
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