Proscenic Technology Co.,LTD Limited time sale Proscenic air purifiers A9 and A8SE are up to 50% off at Amazon official store

Proscenic Technology Co., LTD
[Limited time sale] Proscenic air purifier A9 and A8SE up to 50% off at Amazon official store
Air purifiers are entering an era where they can be operated with an app. For you, the near future that you can buy for less than 10,000 yen.

Proscenic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture), a smart home appliance business for consumers, will sell two products at a discount for a limited time: the smart air purifier A9 equipped with HDOF purification technology and the A8SE that achieves powerful cleaning power. We will let you know. During the Amazon Black Friday sale from November 21st to 27th, you can purchase the A9 normally priced at 19,900 yen for 9,900 yen and the A8SE normally priced at 10,990 yen for 5,900 yen.
[Image 1

The sound is quiet, so it won’t disturb you during your sleep. Air Purifier A9/A8SE Sale Information
It will be sold at the sale price at the Proscenic official Amazon store (
Proscenic air purifier A9
1. Period: November 14th to November 20th Discounts when using coupons 2. Period: November 21st – November 27th Black Friday special price of 9,900 yen 3. Period: November 28th-December 4th Discounts when using coupons Proscenic air purifier A8SE
1. Period: November 14th – November 20th 50% off (coupon code: 2022PROA8SE) 2. Period: November 21st – November 27th Black Friday special price of 5,900 yen 3. Period: November 28th-December 4th 50% off (coupon code: 2022PROA8SE) Air purifier A9 : “Visualization” of invisible air
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Visualize the purified air in cooperation with the app Proscenic. With the power of technology, we have made invisible air visible.
[Image 3:]

Air purifier A8SE : Tower structure draws in air from 360 degrees [Image 4

The air sucked in from all 360-degree directions is efficiently cleaned with the wind generated by the internal cyclone engine. It can also be operated remotely using an app.
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About Proscenic
Proscenic is a smart home appliance brand that sells air purifiers and cordless vacuum cleaners equipped with smart functions based on the concept of “smart and comfortable living”. Proscenic will continue to take the customer’s point of view and use technology to provide optimal solutions to deliver new functions and convenient smart home appliance experiences that make life better.
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