Protection Dog Project PR Secretariat Dogs create art with their own pee!

Protective Dog Project PR Secretariat
Dogs create art with their own pee!? A rescue dog art group “Barksy” was born from a rescue dog project aiming to raise awareness of rescue dogs
Art works are now on sale at NFT! All Proceeds Go to Dog Conservation
The “Protection Dog Project”, which aims to raise awareness of rescue dogs, has launched an art group “Barksy” by rescue dogs. “Barksy” is an art group formed by protected dogs, and by producing and selling art works using their own urine, the protected dogs themselves work on dog protection activities. The art works will be on sale on NFT from Friday, November 11th.
*The “Protection Dog Project” is a project started in cooperation with Wunderman Thompson Tokyo LLC and “Peace Wanko Japan” (operator: certified NPO Peace Winds Japan, hereinafter “Peace Wanko”), which conducts dog protection and transfer activities. .
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“Protection dog project” launch background
In 2020, approximately 30,000 dogs were adopted by public health centers in Japan, and 4,059 were euthanized*. Although the number of animals that are killed is decreasing year by year, about 11 animals are still killed by human hands every day. Furthermore, while the pet boom has been booming due to the corona crisis, there are concerns that the abandonment of breeding will increase in the future due to economic hardship and the resumption of socio-economic activities. In light of this current situation, the “Protection Dog Project” was launched to let many people know about this problem of protection dogs. All profits from the sale of art works will be returned to the activities of “Peace Wanko”.
*Ministry of the Environment “Acquisition of Dogs and Cats,
Accommodation and Disposal of Injured Animals”
What is “Barksy”, an art collective made up of protected dogs? It is said that dogs can obtain information such as gender, age, and build by sniffing each other’s pee. They mark various places such as the ground, telephone poles, and walls to express themselves, and it may be said that they are born street artists.
The “Rescued Dog Project” thought that it would be possible to create an art piece that expresses the uniqueness of each dog using such dog urine, and formed the art group “Barksy” by rescued dogs.
Please enjoy the unique “pee art work” that has different shapes, colors and ingredients for each dog, realized in collaboration with stencil artist Kansuke Akaike.
About artwork
 This time, we decided to sell art works on NFT because we want as many people as possible to participate in this activity. The full amount of the profit after deducting expenses from the sales of art works will be donated to “Peace Wanko”. The price of the art is set with reference to the food cost per rescued dog at “Peace Wanko”, and it is easy to understand that purchases lead to dog protection activities.
-How to make-
When you put a dog’s pee on paper coated with copper, the copper changes color due to a chemical reaction and the shape of the pee appears.
Stencil artist Kansuke Akaike draws a portrait of a peeing dog on top of it, completing a unique piece of art that differs from dog to dog. -Sales Overview-
・Price (tax included)
1. Art work actual item + NFT Art set: 45,000 yen
*Determined based on the annual feed fee for one protected dog at “Peace Wanko” 2. NFT Art work alone: ​​3,750 yen
*Determined based on the monthly feed cost for one protected dog at “Peace Wanko”
Sales start from 00:00 on Friday, November 11, 2022
·How to buy
You can purchase from the following page in Adam by GMO.
Store URL:
“Barksey” protection dog profile
[Image 2d111481-1-d01d080b7aa97357a4a9-2.jpg&s3=111481-1-ee1e488a44d9d73f32e822386bc91065-814x611.jpg
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Around March 2017
(Estimated age 5 years and 7 months)
I love to eat! I enjoy taking a walk and smelling a lot!
[Image 3d111481-1-e351a9444a0dbd425065-1.jpg&s3=111481-1-87a9aa32dcc7d025ffe8546dfc9f5f48-814x611.jpg
Gender: Male
Date of birth: around November 2016
(Estimated age 5 years and 10 months)
If you can become a spoiled child. I love to be petted and I love to eat! Hanemi
[Image 4d111481-1-2ab315e8b57030730187-8.jpg&s3=111481-1-266e75717979c6caa87fa4a4cad2e7ca-815x611.jpg
Gender: Female
Date of birth: Around May 2017
(Estimated age 5 years and 5 months)
If you can get used to it, it will secretly spoil you. I like playing ball! Kansuke Akaike Profile
[Image 5d111481-1-e33c33bb2de25fd5bf63-5.jpg&s3=111481-1-1f0fe0e85fad31152ebbab26fe3e49d2-3900x2925.jpg
photo Atsushi Mano
I believe that the stencil technique and expression, which is full of texture and chance, is the strongest way to break through preconceived notions and create new value by reinterpreting, reediting, and reconstructing materials. From random graffiti tastes to actions for society and the environment, I aim to broaden the scope of my defense as much as possible. I create according to my interests and impulses. He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan and overseas, as well as advertising and collaborations with national brands. Kansuke Akaike comment
It is a fact that I have felt many times in my career as an artist that art can be an opportunity or a means to solve social problems. In this project as well, how far can we turn the attention of people who are not interested in the final output? I felt that I was being questioned. Visuals are a common language that does not require words. I participated because I wanted to surprise the world on behalf of those who do not speak human language.
Protective Dog Project Comment
Wunderman Thompson Tokyo LLC
Chief Creative Officer Takayuki Niizawa
[Image 6d111481-1-0dedadb72aec2a12281c-3.jpg&s3=111481-1-27ea83924f1102da80551030162dd1f3-3900x3900.jpg
When I touched on the problem of rescued dogs, I came to see the individuality of the dogs at the shelter, which were not found in the puppies at the pet shop.
NFT with rich individuality of each head and unique value. As a way to connect that, I came up with the idea of ​​making art with dog pee, which is the personality itself.
I hope that many people will like the “one-of-a-kind art” created by the dogs with Mr. Akaike as their partner.
Peace Wanko Japan Comment
“Peace Wanko Japan,” a project run by the certified NPO Peace Winds Japan, which aims to eliminate the culling of dogs in Japan, has saved the lives of more than 7,000 dogs so far, and has given them to foster parents nationwide. I have connected.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to create NFT art together with the rescue dogs. I hope that more people will feel closer to rescued dogs and that more people will like the uniqueness of each dog. Together with everyone, we would like to create a happy future for all people involved with dogs, aiming to realize “zero dog culling in Japan”.
■ What is Peace Wanko Japan?
[Image 7d111481-1-5fd4327df298bcba194a-0.jpg&s3=111481-1-4dc68b1f7e08902f427c8a4d82b23023-673x380.jpg
Peace Wanko Japan protects the dogs with nowhere to go that are subject to culling, raises them with affection, and connects them to foster parents who will become new families. In addition to focusing on activities to disseminate the correct way of keeping animals and the idea of ​​animal welfare, we will cooperate with administrative agencies, companies, and local communities to promote “zero culling of dogs in Japan” from Hiroshima, where our headquarters is located, to the whole country. We are aiming for realization. In addition, we are working on operating a dog run where people and dogs can enjoy interacting and deepening bonds, and training disaster rescue dogs that are active in saving lives.
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