PSS Full-scale launch of sugar chain analysis service for research institutions using lectin microarray technology by Precision System Science Co., Ltd.

Precision System Science Co., Ltd. starts full-scale sugar chain analysis service for research institutes using lectin microarray technology
Opened “PSS Tsukuba Laboratory”

Precision System Science Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as PSS, President: Shuji Tajima, Headquarters: Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture) will use lectin microarray technology (Note 1) for research
institutions from November 14, 2022. Glycan (Note 2) analysis contract services will be launched in earnest. In addition, prior to the start of the service, the “PSS Tsukuba Laboratory” (2-1-6 Sengen, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukuba Research Support Center Building G) was established as a base for providing glycan analysis contract services.
In the future, in addition to providing contract services, we plan to manufacture and sell lectin microarray-related products.
GlycoBIST (Note 3), which has been under development as a glycan analysis tool since 2019, has been subsidized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Research Optimal Deployment Support Program (A-STEP). is an automated technique for lectin microarrays. With the introduction of this technology, we will be able to provide customers with a technology platform for seamless glycan analysis, from basic research to clinical applications with a view to full automation. In the future, we would like to strengthen our lineup of glycan analysis-related products, including GlycoBIST, and contribute to the further development of the glycan research field.
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Note 1) Lectin microarray technology: A technology that detects the reaction between the target glycoprotein and the lectin by arraying lectins, known as proteins that specifically recognize sugar chains, on a glass substrate. It is characterized by the use of an evanescent wave excitation scanner (GlycoStation(R) Reader) for detection. It is a sugar chain analysis technology developed by AIST in 2005 and has been used for many years in various research fields.
Note 2) Sugar chain: A chemical structure in which monosaccharides are linked together in a chain. Proteins and lipids that have undergone sugar chain modification are called glycoproteins and glycolipids. Glycans are closely related to life phenomena and diseases, and are also known as the “third life chain” or the “face of cells”. Note 3) BIST: Beads array in single tip
PSS original multiplex detection tool developed for automatic multi-item simultaneous measurement. Simultaneous measurement of multiple items is achieved by encapsulating 1 mm diameter beads in which antibodies, antigens, DNA fragments, etc. that bind to the substance to be measured are immobilized in a capillary.
Precision System Science Co., Ltd.
Established in 1985. We develop equipment that pursues the automation of each work process in molecular diagnostics, which is the central theme of biomedical research and development, and supply it as an OEM to the world’s top players in the industry. Build a rational PCR test total system by combining equipment such as saliva collection kits, rack QR code sample management, 6 to 8 sample (mixed) dispensing automation system, genetic analyzer, etc. according to the scale of the test facility and purpose. . In particular, during the corona crisis, geneLEAD, a fully automated PCR testing system, is attracting attention. Going forward, the company plans to focus on selling its own brand products.
Date of establishment: July 17, 1985
Representative: Shuji Tajima, President and Representative Director Net sales: 7,434 million yen (fiscal year ending June 2022)
Employees: 196 (as of the end of June 2022)
Consolidated Subsidiaries: Precision System Science USA, Inc. (United States) Precision System Science Europe GmbH (Germany) Universal Bio Research Co., Ltd. NPS Corporation (Odate City, Akita Prefecture) Quality control: ISO9001, ISO13485 acquired
Stock market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth (code number: 7707) Details about this release:


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