PUBG JAPAN Co., Ltd. KRAFTON achieves sales of 433.8 billion won in the third quarter of 2022

Krafton achieves sales of 433.8 billion won in the third quarter of 2022
PC games reached 131.1 billion won, the highest sales in the past three years. High growth in consumer games
Global Market Expectations Increase for The Callisto Protocol Acquired a Nordic development studio and promoted the establishment of a new studio in North America
KRAFTON Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Kim Chang-han) disclosed its provisional financial results for the third quarter of 2022 on the 10th.
The financial results for the third quarter of 2002 are based on the consolidated financial statements based on the International Financial Reporting Standards (K-IFRS) adopted by Korea. have become. While the overall market size has contracted due to global economic uncertainty, Krafton has achieved stable quarterly results by continuously developing platforms, services and regional strategies to meet gamers’ expectations.
Sales in the PC and consumer divisions in the third quarter continued to grow, with steady traffic trends and an influx of new users continuing even after the service became free. The PC segment reached KRW 131.1 billion, up 48% from the previous quarter, achieving the highest quarterly sales since 2019. The newly implemented Deston map, factory content, and collaboration with supercars such as McLaren gained popularity, and traffic increased in North America and Europe, capturing global users from various angles. The consumer sector also grew 22% quarter-on-quarter and 133% year-on-year, raising
expectations for future growth.
Mobile sales decreased 12% QoQ and 26% YoY to KRW 282.4 billion. BLACKPINK’s in-game concert and the release of the new map, NUSA, stimulated users’ motivation and interest. We plan to secure new users of low-spec terminals through lightening the build, develop
collaborations with the world’s top soccer players and supercars, and continue to enclose users. In addition, while continuing to make efforts to resume the suspended PUBG MOBILE INDIA service, we are also investing in the Indian game market, which is contributing to the growth of the market.
The Callisto Protocol, which is scheduled to be released on December 2nd, will also introduce a preview of the tension and dynamism that can be felt throughout the game, as well as novel close-range and long-range fighting methods. He stressed the growing expectations of KRAFTON is the manufacturer that provides the largest number of consumer games among Korean game companies, and based on the consumer game development and service capabilities cultivated in the global market, ▲ PvPvE hardcore router shooter genre “Project Black Budget” ▲ Multi-PvPvE shooter genre “Project Roam” ▲ Adventure genre “Subnautica 2”, etc. We are developing new works in various genres for PC and consumer games, revealing that we are continuing to take on
challenges. .
In addition, we plan to embark on mergers and acquisitions and the launch of new studios to expand IP. First, we announced the
acquisition of the Swedish studio “Neon Giant” that developed the action shooter game “The Ascent”. Neon Giant is a studio made up of an excellent development team with experience in producing triple-A titles, and is currently developing games in the open-world FPS genre. In addition, we plan to establish a Canadian studio together with the recently scouted global development talent responsible for ‘Project Windless’ of ‘The Bird that Swallows Tears’ and start full-scale development of games that can provide new experiences.
[Table 2: ]
▲Explanation of the table: Operating (provisional) results for the third quarter of 2022 based on KRAFTON’s consolidated financial statements (unit: 100 million won)
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KRAFTON consists of multiple independent studios with competitive production capabilities in specific genres. Currently, “PUBG STUDIOS”, “BLUEHOLE STUDIO”, “RISINGWINGS”, “STRIKING DISTANCE STUDIOS”, “DREAMOTION”, “UNKNOWN WORLDS” and multiple production teams provide gamers around the world with the best gameplay experience. Therefore, we are focusing on development. We are creating the battle royal genre “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” and “NEW STATE MOBILE”, the MMORPG “TERA”, “ELYON”, and other casual games that can be enjoyed on various platforms such as PC, mobile, and console. In addition to game development, we are discovering businesses in new fields such as deep learning and entertainment, demonstrating our strengths as a technology company.

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