Public Interest Foundation Star Dancers Ballet Company This year’s Christmas Eve will be decided by the ballet of “Dragon Quest”!

Star Dancers Ballet Company
This year’s Christmas Eve will be decided by the ballet of “Dragon Quest”! A popular work based on Dragon Quest will be held in Matsumoto for the first time

A performance of the popular ballet “Dragon Quest” based on the nationally popular game “Dragon Quest” will be held at Matsumoto Performing Arts Center on December 24th.
The Star Dancers Ballet Company will perform the ballet “Dragon Quest” on December 24th at the Matsumoto Performing Arts Center.
Since its birth in 1995, the ballet “Dragon Quest” is a popular work that has been repeatedly performed both in Japan and overseas. It has fascinated a wide range of audiences, not just ballet fans. The original story that unfolds with the melody composed by Koichi Sugiyama is a moving finale. Along with the powerful stage equipment and gorgeous costumes, we will present you with a live orchestral performance. In addition, dancers from Nagano Prefecture, Saya Kaneko and Maho Azuma will appear in this performance.
In 2019, this work attracted a lot of attention when it first appeared at the world’s largest Japanese culture festival “Japan Expo” held in Paris. Please look forward to the moving stage created by the miraculous fusion of ballet and games.
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3 points to appreciate the ballet “Dragon Quest”
1. Live performance of Koichi Sugiyama’s melody!
You can enjoy all 41 songs, including the sounds of series “I” to “VI” plus ballet original songs, with a magnificent live orchestra performance!
2. Powerful stage setting, gorgeous costumes
In 2017, the stage equipment and costumes were remade. It was designed by world-famous Dick Byrd. The costumes are all made in London, and the production team includes the staff who worked on the special costumes for the movie “Star Wars”!
3. Fantastic adventure story
The story is a ballet original. The realistic battle scene and the moving ending are a must-see for Dragon Quest fans as well as those who have never played the game!
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Star Dancers Ballet Performance Ballet “Dragon Quest” in 2 Acts Date and time: December 24, 2022 (Sat) 14:00 start (13:15 open) Venue: Matsumoto Performing Arts Center Main Hall (3-10-1 Fukashi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture)
■ Performance page ■ Performance PV
Music: Koichi Sugiyama
Direction/Choreography: Minoru Suzuki
Scenography and costumes: Dick Byrd
Script: Renta Kawachi (by Yuji Horii)
Conductor: Yoshikazu Tanaka
Orchestra: Teatro Giglio Showa Orchestra
SS seat 10,000 yen (child 7,000 yen) / S seat 9,000 yen (child 6,000 yen) / A seat 6,000 yen (child 4,000 yen) / B seat 3,000 yen (child 2,000 yen) / C seat 1,000 yen / Student ticket 2,500 yen ( Seat selection is not possible, ballet web tickets only)
*Children from 4 years old to junior high school students
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Photos: Kiyonori Hasegawa
(C)ARMOR PROJECT/BIRD STUDIO/SQUARE ENIX All Right Reserved. Art caravan project by the administrative body of the Agency for Cultural Affairs (reconstruction support project for cultural and artistic activities from the corona disaster)
Organizer: Japan Ballet Federation, Star Dancers Ballet Foundation [Inquiries regarding this matter]
Star Dancers Ballet Company
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