(public interest incorporated foundation) Yokohama CVB Limited to 10 pairs! “Afternoon tea and song recital to be enjoyed in a special charter at the Yamate Western-style building-Traditional French dinner and accommodation at Hotel New Grand-1 nig

(Public interest incorporated foundation) Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau Limited to 10 pairs! “Afternoon tea and song recital to be enjoyed in a special charter at the Yamate Western-style building-Traditional French dinner and accommodation at Hotel New Grand-1 night and 2 days” on sale today
Utilizing historic buildings for tourism

The Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau (YCVB), a public interest incorporated foundation, has announced that as part of its efforts with JTB Yokohama Branch Co., Ltd., from 12:00 on November 21, 2022 (Monday), “Afternoon to enjoy with a special charter of the Yamate Western-style building. Tea and song recital-Traditional French dinner and accommodation at Hotel New Grand-1 night and 2 days” will be on sale.
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YCVB is working on the development of high value-added content that makes use of local resources in Yokohama City. In this plan, “Berrick Hall”, which is the largest historical building certified by Yokohama City among the existing pre-war foreign residences for foreigners in Yamate and is also architecturally valuable, will be rented out on closed days to spend an elegant time. receive.
In the hall, afternoon tea produced by Ai Mizuki, a former Takara Jenne and sugar craft artist, is provided under the explanation of the person himself. In addition, mezzo-soprano singer Yuka Maruo and pianist Mari Fujii will perform a recital, and you can enjoy the powerful singing voice of professional opera singers right in front of you.
We stayed at Hotel New Grand, which was built around the same time as Berrick Hall. You can spend a leisurely time soaking in the afterglow of an elegant feeling.
The use of historical buildings also has the purpose of passing on their value to future generations, and we will continue to actively work on them from the perspective of SDGs in the tourism field.

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Plan point
◆Rent out Yokohama City Certified Historic Building “Berick Hall”! “Berrick Hall” was designed by American architect J.H. Morgan in 1930 as the residence of a British trader. It is the largest building among the existing pre-war residences for foreigners in Yamate. Based on the Spanish style, the exterior has a variety of decorations such as the triple arch at the entrance, small windows called quatrefoils, and a chimney with a tiled roof, making it an architecturally valuable building. In this plan, you can specially rent Berwick Hall on closed days and enjoy a special experience in a calm space without general customers.
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◆Afternoon tea produced by former Takarazuka Revue Mizuki Ai! Former Takara Jenne and sugar craft artist Ai Mizuki produces Salon “Folium Floris Takarazuka Salon de Bashamichi” The cuteness of the design, as well as the use of special ingredients such as rare sugar, are delicious and gentle on the body. Offers afternoon tea. In an atmosphere that is completely different from that of a hotel or cafe, you can taste sweets based on the concept of Yokohama’s roses while listening to Ms. Ai Mizuki’s explanation.
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◆Appreciate the singing voice of a powerful professional opera singer in front of you!
-Yuka Maruo (Mezzo-soprano)-
Graduated from the vocal music department of Showa University of Music. Since her debut as head nun of the Agency for Cultural Affairs human resources development project opera “Nun Angelica”, she has appeared in various operas and musicals.
-Mari Fujii (Piano)-
Graduated from Tokyo College of Music Piano Performer Course. He is also active as a co-star, performing chamber music with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
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◆ After the experience, stay at the historic Hotel New Grand while immersing yourself in the afterglow of an elegant feeling!
Hotel New Grand opened in 1927. The main building was designed by Jin Watanabe, who designed Ginza Wako when it opened, and has been used by many celebrities, including General MacArthur, Charlie Chaplin, and Babe Ruth. It has been certified as a modern industrial heritage site by the province. Based on the concept of European taste, it continues to be popular as a landmark in front of Yamashita Park in Yokohama. [Image 5

Future sales plan
◆Enjoy the marriage of luxury tea and the Westin Hotel Yokohama special dinner! “Yokohama tea party coordinated by The Westin Yokohama”
At the Westin Hotel Yokohama’s private dining “Chef’s Table”, which opened in June 2022, a special tea banquet menu devised by the executive chef and a high-class tea “Royal Blue Tea” provided to the leaders of each country at the Ise-Shima Summit with the facilitator. It is a plan that you can enjoy.
You can enjoy course meals such as Japanese and French cuisine, along with royal blue tea courses served in wine glasses. There are people who can’t drink alcohol and those who don’t, but the dining table where you can enjoy royal blue tea by pouring it into a wine glass is a new food culture that anyone can enjoy regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, age, taste, etc. can experience
[Date] 2 days and 1 night from Monday, January 16, 2023 / Monday, January 23, 2023
[Sales start date] Scheduled for December 1, 2022 (Thursday) [Image 6

*Contents are subject to change.
Find Your YOKOHAMA campaign (discount sale of plans)
YCVB will issue accommodation coupons and discounts on day tours with the aim of supporting city tourism businesses that have been hit hard by the impact of the new coronavirus and restoring the local economy. Campaign” will be held from April 15, 2022 (Friday). The plans introduced in this release are also eligible for discounts. Please check the campaign special site for details on how to use it. [Special site] https://www.welcome.city.yokohama.jp/findyouryokohama2022/ [Image 7d48026-90-b6926ce26b1467dc00cc-6.jpg&s3=48026-90-0843e54337454f9a365cbc19a2ea27db-1280x854.jpg

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