Publication commemorative seminar held! Branding for SMEs and BtoB companies. “Introduction to branding that you can understand as you pick it up” is now on sale

Publication commemorative seminar held! Branding for SMEs and BtoB companies. “Introduction to branding that you can understand as you pick it up” is now on sale

Daishinsha Communication Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Toshiki Isshiki, hereinafter “Daishinsha Communication Design”) has published “Introduction to branding that you can understand” at bookstores nationwide and Internet bookstores. It will be released on October 19, 2022 (Wednesday), and a publication commemorative webinar will be held on November 24, 2022 (Thursday). Book Studio Arde Shin-Osaka Store Business book No. 1 (October 17-23), and has been well received in various places.
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■ Easy-to-understand explanation of branding that is difficult to grasp from the basics with illustrations!
The know-how of our company, which has supported the improvement of corporate brand value through more than 500 projects every year, is summarized in one book. From the basics of “Why is branding
important?”, we introduce how a specialized company actually proceeds while explaining with illustrations.
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■A worksheet where you can experience the steps of branding! We have prepared a worksheet so that you can not only acquire knowledge about branding but also simulate the steps of actual branding. For those who are trying to work on branding for the first time, the content that leads to the first step of practice is posted by filling in the worksheet according to the situation of the company. [Image 3

■ Book overview
Book title: An easy-to-understand introduction to branding
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Kanki Publishing
Release Date ‏ : ‎ Oct 19, 2022
Book : ‎ 256 pages
ISBN ‏ : 978-4761276294
Special page
Amazon ■ Contents of this document
PART 1 Why is branding necessary?
PART 2 What is a brand?
PART 3 Benefits brought by branding
PART 4 ​​What does branding mean?
PART 5 How to start branding?
PART 6 [Phase 1] Determine the purpose of the branding project PART 7 [Phase 2] Understand the current situation – 1. Know your company and competitors
PART 8 [Phase 2] Understand the current situation – 2. Know the customer PART 9 [Phase 3] Define the brand core
PART10 [Phase 4] Inner branding
PART11 [Phase 4] Outer branding
PART12 [Phase 5] Verification and improvement
■ Author profile
Daishinsha Communication Design Co., Ltd. Daiki Kaneko
Taishinsha Communication Design Co., Ltd. Chief Branding Director Joined Taishinsha Co., Ltd. in 2009. After gaining experience in creative development for advertising and publicity as a copywriter, he moved to his current position in charge of planning and consulting specializing in branding.
Toshinori Isshiki
Daishinsha Communication Design Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO Creative Director
In 2001, he joined Taishinsha Co., Ltd. Assumed current position in 2020 after working as a copywriter and marketing planner. We provide comprehensive support for branding and marketing strategies for BtoB companies such as housing equipment, production equipment, and medical equipment manufacturers.
We will hold a publication commemorative seminar
In commemoration of the release of the book, we will explain how to proceed and design practical branding from the basic knowledge of branding along the contents of the book. In addition, we will also introduce real branding points from the site’s perspective, with actual examples.
Register for this webinar here
Part 1 The basics of branding you should know
・How to proceed with branding and points for promotion
・Why is corporate purpose attracting attention?
・Q&A frequently asked in branding practice
Part 2 Introduction of branding examples
-Seminar target audience-
Currently, for those in charge of policies such as the following, It’s a branding seminar full of useful information.
・Corporate branding,
・Business branding
・Product/service branding
[About Daishinsha Communication Design]
We are working on solving various management issues of our customers in the fields of marketing and communication design.
We provide branding support, content marketing starting from catalogs, websites, and exhibitions, corporate branding, product branding, and digital marketing support such as MA operation support.
Trade name: Daishinsha Communication Design Co., Ltd.
Representative: CEO Toshiyoshi Isshiki, Representative Director Location: Daiwa Jingumae Building 1F/2F, 2-4-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Established: November 2014
Business description: General SP planning, design and marketing/branding support Capital: 10 million yen
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