publication! Peace Boat Round-the-World Cruise

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publication! Peace Boat Round the World Cruise -Mediterranean, Central and South America, South Pacific Course-
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Japan Grace Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), which plans and implements peace boat round-the-world cruises, has announced “Peace Boat Round-the-World Voyage 121,” which will depart in August 2025.
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What is a Peace Boat cruise?
International NGO Peace Boat was established in 1983. Counting from the first voyage that sailed in the same year, we have been on more than 100 cruises so far. More than 200 ports have been visited so far. We continue our voyages across the vast expanses of the globe, including Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, Central and South America, Oceania, and the South Pacific. Another unique feature of Peace Boat Cruises is the wide age range of passengers. From young children to young people in their teens and twenties, to seniors over 90 years old, a wide range of people gather from all over the country to join us on a voyage around the globe. Men and women of all ages with different backgrounds gather together for a journey around the world for about 100 days, which is full of stimulation and excitement. A round-the-world cruise to discover a world of mystery and miracles Summer is the beginning of the trip. Leaving Japan in August, the ship heads west. While visiting various parts of Asia such as Shanghai, Singapore, Cochin, etc., straight to Europe. Before and after transiting the Suez Canal, which connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, we call at Safaga and Port Said. Immerse yourself in the charm of Egypt, where the magnificent ruins of ancient Egyptian civilization await.
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In Europe, there are many popular ports of call such as Santorini, an island with a beautiful contrast of blue and white, Civitavecchia, a port town that leads to the ancient city of Rome, Barcelona, ​​Spain’s leading art city, and Lisbon, which conveys the glory of the Age of Discovery. around.
The ship crosses the Atlantic Ocean to the world city of New York. Continue through the Panama Canal, famous for its stepped structure, to the Pacific Ocean. In the second half of the trip, we will stop at Peru, which has the “city in the sky” Machu Picchu, Easter Island, an “isolated island in the sea” with moai statues, and Tahiti, a paradise in the South Seas. A magnificent cruise to experience the size of the earth welcomes sail.
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Chasing the shimmering aurora in the night sky
Encountering the aurora that colors the night sky is the highlight of a round-the-world cruise. The 5 days of sailing in the “Aurora Belt” that stretches around 60 to 70 degrees north latitude is a great chance to observe the aurora from the sea. The ship will visit Iceland during the Northern Lights season and observe the fantastic veil of lights from the sea for five consecutive nights.
When it comes to aurora tours, the general style is to wait for the aurora to appear at an inland point. However, it is easily affected by the weather, and it is often canceled by a single rain cloud. On the other hand, boats that can follow the sunny weather when the aurora appears are light footwork and are blessed with chances of encounters. In addition, once the aurora appears on the pitch-dark sea where you can see the surroundings in 360 degrees, it is possible to observe it in an ideal environment with no obstructions.
*As the aurora is a natural phenomenon, it may not be possible to observe it due to weather conditions.
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Of course, Iceland is not just about Northern Lights. Iceland is called the “Land of Fire and Ice” because most of the land belongs to the volcanic zone and 12% of the land surface is covered by glaciers. Iceland is full of amazing landscapes created by volcanic activity and crustal movement, and it can be said that it is a symbol of Iceland. Experience the breath of the earth while visiting magnificent natural spots that can only be found here.
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Explore beautiful islands around the world
The islands are colored by irreplaceable nature and world heritage townscapes, and each one is unique and attractive. A round-the-world cruise is also a journey around the unique islands scattered around the world.
In Santorini, where the contrast between blue and white is dazzling, savor Greek cuisine while enjoying the photogenic scenery. On the island of Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, visit the historic city of Valletta, built of honey-coloured marble. Please also pay attention to the spectacular port entrance scene where the ship enters the old town of the world heritage site.
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If you steer to the Pacific Ocean, you will reach the island nation of Tahiti, which is said to be a “Paradise of the South Seas,” Easter Island, an “isolated island” with moai statues, and the islands of Hawaii, which are famous as one of the world’s leading beach resorts. Relaxing in the crystal clear waters, strolling through the beautiful townscapes, experiencing the unique cultures of the islands, and experiencing the irreplaceable nature and cultures nurtured in each region is something that can only be experienced on a round-the-world cruise. It’s the real thrill.
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Fascinated by the distant ancient Rome
Rome, Italy’s capital, is one of the most popular European ports of call on Peace Boat cruises. The port of call is Civitavecchia, the gateway to Rome. Of course, from here we head to Rome, the “Eternal City”.
In the center of Rome, which boasts a history dating back to BC, there are still many historic sites that tell the story of its former glory. The Roman Forum, which was the center of ancient Rome, is a must-see in order to see its footsteps. The senate, courts, and public archives gathered together, and under the imperial government, extravagant and gorgeous buildings were built one after another. Today, except for some buildings, only foundations, walls, and stone pillars remain, but the essence of ancient Rome is condensed there.
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The Colosseum, a huge amphitheater, is also one of the places that symbolize ancient Rome. If you walk through the four floors of spectator seats and the underground facility that housed the wild beasts, you will feel the spectacle of the past.
In addition, many Roman ruins and stories of territories tossed by history are left on the journey around the Mediterranean Sea. If you visit the ruins of Carthage, located near Tunis in Tunisia, North Africa, or the ruins of an ancient Roman city built in Tarragona, Spain, you will be able to get a glimpse of the might of the Roman Empire. Please enjoy the magnificent spectacle that relives the dreams of ancient Rome, which spun a lot of history along with the trends of the times.
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Touch the mystery of the Andean civilization
Located on the South American continent, Peru is another popular destination for round-the-world cruises. Although it is far from Japan and the time difference is large, it is generally difficult to travel, but if you are on a round-the-world cruise, you will not have to worry about long flights or jet lag. it is possible to travel
If you visit this country, you definitely want to visit the ruins of Machu Picchu, which is called the “city in the air” because the existence of the ruins can only be confirmed from the sky. In the ruins, you can see the providence of nature that was taken into life and the outstanding technology of the Inca Empire that made it possible. The fantastic scenery that spreads out after climbing the winding mountain road will be an unforgettable memory for the rest of your life.
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Peru’s world heritage site, Nazca Lines, which is a perfect match for Machu Picchu, is also a must-see spot. As you board a Cessna plane and head over the geoglyphs, art works drawn by ancient people, such as hummingbirds, monkeys, and spiders, will appear one after another. Its enormity and sophistication are astounding. I am also looking forward to visiting Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire, which conveys outstanding stone-making technology to the present day.
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A special time on the ocean
The fun of sailing lies in the sailing days leading up to the port of call. From the moment the ship sets sail, the journey is yours. Once you step inside the ship, you will find yourself in an enchanting world where you can spend your time freely.
There are as many ways to enjoy the ship as there are passengers, such as participating in projects that interest you, immersing yourself in your hobbies, or relaxing by the pool. A wide variety of events are held daily on board, such as educational lectures and performances by sea guests, and events where you can experience the culture of each country. There are plenty of culture schools such as yoga, fitness, and English conversation for daily physical fitness, and there are many programs that allow you to fully enjoy your hobbies and special skills, such as watercolor painting, photography, and ballroom dancing.
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It’s a common story on Peace Boat Cruises that people have made friends from all over the country through gatherings on these ships. The real pleasure of a peace boat cruise is the joy of meeting people and naturally expanding the circle of interaction.
Of course, the experience of listening to the sound of the waves and watching the sun set over the sea and the star-filled sky is a luxurious experience unique to boat trips.
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Travel around the world with the “ultimate means of transportation”! Cruise ships are also called the “ultimate means of transportation” in pursuit of everyday comfort. One of the attractions of a cruise is that you can spend your days around the world relaxing in a clean, safe and comfortable cabin.
His home on the ocean will be the Pacific World, a high-rise passenger liner that was completed in Italy as the largest passenger liner at the time and was active in the Caribbean and Alaskan routes. Public spaces such as the four-story atrium, restaurants, and lounges are characterized by spacious designs that ensure sufficient physical distancing. You can spend a blissful time in various places such as the pool deck with 2 pools and 3 jacuzzis, and the spacious show lounge.
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In addition, there are many types of cabins with windows facing the sea so that you can always feel the sea close to you during your life on board. 410 rooms, or 70% of them, have balconies. We offer high-quality private spaces, from luxury suites to reasonably priced cabins that are functionally organized. We also offer shared room classes for those who want to make friends while traveling around the world, or for those who want to keep travel costs down.
The largest cruise ship in the history of Peace Boat Cruises, equipped with various types of cabins, will enrich your round-the-world trip. [Image 15

-Peace boat round-the-world voyage on the Pacific World August 2025 Voyage121 ・109 days from/to Yokohama August 19, 2025 (Tuesday) to December 5, 2025 (Friday)
・109 days from/to Kobe August 20, 2025 (Wednesday) to December 6, 2025 (Saturday)
Yokohama → Kobe → Shanghai (China) → Singapore → Cochin (India) → Safaga (Egypt) → Suez Canal transit → Port Said (Egypt) → Santorini (Greece) → Piraeus (Greece) → Valletta (Malta) → Tunis (Tunisia) ) → Civitavecchia (Italy) → Marseille (France) → Barcelona (Spain) → Lisbon (Portugal) → Liverpool (United Kingdom) → Reykjavik (Iceland) → New York (United States) → Cristobal (Panama) → Panama Canal transit → Callao (Peru) ) → Easter Island (Chile) → Papeete (Tahiti) → Honolulu [Oahu] (USA) → Nawiliwili [Kauai] (USA) → Yokohama → Kobe
– We are offering a special price to commemorate the announcement for a limited time –
Pair Standard Balcony II (double room/shared room available) Travel fee 3,980,000 yen → 2,180,000 yen (1,800,000 yen discount) Single Economy (Single Room)
Travel fee 4.41 million yen → 2.4 million yen (2.01 million yen discount) Semi-single outside I (double room)
Travel fee 3,080,000 yen → 1,920,000 yen (1,160,000 yen discount) Friendly Outside II (4-person shared room)
Travel fee 2,250,000 yen → 1,350,000 yen (900,000 yen discount) *The above price is the price when the full amount of the tour fee is paid by 2:00 pm on Wednesday, December 28, 2022.
*All prices are for one adult travel.
*Other cabin classes are also available. Please feel free to contact us Cruise ship used: Pacific World / Gross tonnage: 77,441 tons / Length: 261.3 meters / Operating company: Sea Hawk Corporation Limited, Inc. ●Minimum number of participants: 600 ●Overnight on board ●Meals: 107 breakfasts, 107 lunches, 107 dinners ●A Japanese tour guide will accompany you ●Doctors and nurses will be on board. Please apply after confirming the travel conditions that will be handed to you. Inquiries about this matter
Peace Boat Center Tokyo
[Travel planning and implementation]
Japan Grace Co., Ltd.
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