Qoo10 Mega Discount has started! Introducing 9 Korean cosmetics you should buy! Gangnam Doll will be exhibited at Mega Discount held from November 16th to November 27th!

Gangnam Doll Co., Ltd.
Qoo10 Mega Discount has started! Introducing 9 Korean cosmetics you should buy! Gangnam Doll will be exhibited at Mega Discount held from November 16th to November 27th!
Qoo10’s “Mega Wari” is Qoo10’s big sale event held four times a year.
“Mega Discount” that Qoo10 users always look forward to.
This is an event where you can purchase products at the best value when shopping at Qoo10!
Scheduled from November 16, 2022!
What is Mega Wari?
Qoo10’s “Mega Wari” is Qoo10’s big sale event held four times a year. During the “Mega Discount” period, 9 20% off coupons that can be used for shopping for the target product will be distributed.
It’s a very profitable event.
Qoo10 not only has a wide range of popular Korean cosmetics and fashion brands, It is famous as a shopping site where various products such as household goods and home appliances are sold.
“Mega Discount”, where you can buy cheaper than usual, keep an eye on the products you want before the event.
It is attracting so much attention that there are many users who challenge it. ■ Date
November 16-27, 2022
■What time is the last day of Qoo10 Mega Discount?
This Qoo10 mega discount will be from November 16, 2022 to November 28, 1:59 am. It seems that it will be okay even after November 27th! !
The mega discount coupon can be used at 1:59 am on November 28th. Please enjoy shopping to your heart’s content.
Click here for mega discount
What is the best way to shop with Qoo10 Mega Discount?
[Image 1

Even those who have shopped several times with Qoo10 Mega Discount There are still many ways to save money!
■Can I get a Qoo10 mega discount coupon?
There are two ways to get a “Mega Discount” coupon.
1. Download from Qoo10’s “Mega Discount” homepage
2. Download from the coupon page
* If you are logged in, you can obtain it with one click.
The distributed 20% off coupon can be used from the total amount of 100 yen or more.
A discount of up to 10,000 yen is applied per coupon, and the coupon has a first, second, and third expiration date.
Applicable products differ depending on the store, so please check the details when downloading.
Only one product can be used per coupon.
If there are many types of products you want,
We recommend that you purchase the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods separately. ■ Is Qoo10 Mega Discount applicable to all products?
Not all products are eligible for the “Mega Discount” coupon! Only eligible products are eligible for coupons.
[Image 2

When searching for products, narrow down only to products eligible for “Mega Discount”,
You can also search, so let’s take advantage of it!
At the Gangnam Doll shop, not only mega discount coupons,
Shop coupons will be issued, and you can purchase even cheaper! https://www.qoo10.jp/shop/meonbygangnamdoll
For deals other than coupons and when shopping with Qoo10 Mega Discount Also check the site that explains the points to note ↓
[Qoo10 Mega Discount] Next November 2022! A thorough explanation of what 8 Korean cosmetics geeks bought and recommended Korean skin care! https://meon-premier.gangnamdoll.jp/blogs/staff/qoo10-megawari Qoo10 9 Recommended Korean Cosmetics and Beauty Goods to Buy with Mega Discount Mega Discount Recommended Product No. 1: El Face Korea’s Latest Facial Device [Image 3

It is a facial device “ELFACE” born from a beauty device manufacturer in South Korea, a beauty powerhouse.
It feels like you are experiencing a Korean cosmetic dermatology treatment It is a product that allows you to experience a higher-grade self-care at home. Swelling care that stimulates the lymph and stimulates the muscles deep in the skin
It is a 2WAY specification that allows lift care.
It’s smartphone-sized and lightweight, and no special gel is required. It is easy to use even over makeup.
Over the mask pack you usually use,
It is even more effective if you use the gel and beauty essence together. ♢Recommended for people like this◇
1. Those who are concerned about facial swelling
2. Those who suffer from nasolabial folds
■ Price: Regular price 45,000 yen (tax included)
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/863602768
■ Mega Discount Recommended Item No. 2: ANACIS Acreon Sebo X Tractor [Image 4

ANACIS is also available at Korean drugstore Olive Young
It is a popular medical cosmetic brand handled.
Acreon Sebo Extractor is a sebum care,
It is a product that can be used to remove blackheads from the surface without burden.
Melt only the necessary parts of keratin and keratin plugs,
Care is possible while reducing friction by pushing lightly. If you use a scriber to care, you can take care of it more beautifully! If you are concerned about pores and sebum, we recommend using this product for intensive care.
◇Recommended for people like this◇
1. Those who are worried about blackhead and whitehead care
2.Those who cannot remove square plugs well
3. Those who are worried about stimulating the skin by forcibly removing the keratin plug
■Price Regular price: 3,800 yen (tax included)
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/890845715
Mega Discount Recommended Product No. 3: ANACIS Foaming Cream [Image 5

It is sold by the same brand as the foaming cream introduced in No.2. ANACIS is also available at Korean drugstore Olive Young
It is a popular medical cosmetic brand handled.
Among them, the product that boasts overwhelming popularity is the foaming cream.
It improves the wrinkles around the eyes and neck, making it look like a fluffy marshmallow.
It’s a versatile cream that changes your skin type!
The usual usage is to use it around the eyes as an eye cream. It can also be applied to the neck, chin, and entire face to help manage facial lines.
♢Recommended for
1. Those who want to have a clean face line
2. Those who want to improve dry fine wrinkles around the eyes 3. Those who want neck care
■ Price: Regular price 3,500 yen (tax included)
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/891683254
■ Mega Discount Recommended Product No. 4: BQCELL Dermask Skin Peeling [Image 6

It is a product that allows special care that allows you to easily perform herb peeling at home.
You can expect a salon-level effect, like a Korean
It is a set that allows you to have peeled egg skin.
Originally, the turnover of 28 days was shortened to 3 days, It has the effect of improving the circulation of the skin.
In addition, it is also effective for acne scars, blemishes, rough skin and black bed care!
For whitening rather than exfoliating the skin
It is recommended that you can feel the immediate effect that you can expect. It is also recommended when you can have about 4 days as a downtime period. ◇Recommended for people like this◇
1. Those who easily lose makeup due to keratin
2. Those who want to have moist skin
3. Those who want to have bright and smooth skin anyway
■ Price: Regular price 9,800 yen (tax included)
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/891660044
■ Mega Discount Recommended Product No. 5: BQCELL Double Cure Blemish Balm [Image 7

Highly praised by female staff!
BQCELL BB Cream Double Cure Blemish Balm.
Contains 51% deer ingredients,
A skin-friendly product that can be used even on reddish skin after laser treatment!
Suitable for all skin tones, you can enjoy applying makeup while taking care of your skin.
Because it is a mega discount where you can feel a sense of value for the higher priced items
It will be a product that I would like you to pick up.
♢Recommended for people like this◇
1. Those who want to protect their skin and apply makeup at the same time 2. Those looking for a BB cream that blends easily into the skin 3.Those who want to tighten their skin
4. Those who want to express moist skin
■ Price: Regular price 9,600 yen (tax included)
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/891655720
Mega Discount Recommended Product No. 6: DermaJ Sunscreen Sunscreen (SPF50+/PA++++) Sun Cream
[Image 8

Derma-J’s sunscreen does not put a burden on the skin,
Fresh and refreshing to use!
Is there anyone who tends to feel sticky and unpleasant when using sun cream? DermaJ’s [sunscreen sunscreen (SPF50+/PA++++) sun cream]
Contains porous powder
Because it is a non-sticky, moist and smooth product,
This product is recommended for those who don’t like the stickiness of sun creams!
♢Recommended for people like this◇
1. People with sensitive skin
2. Those with dry skin
3. Those who tend to wear makeup easily
4. Those who have a lot of outdoor activities or who sweat easily ■ Price: Regular price 2,700 yen (tax included)
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/890845710
Mega Discount Recommended Product No.7: BQCELL Reviving Deli Care 3 Month Program 12 Tablets Delicate Zone Care
[Image 9

It is a product that helps you care for various troubles in your sensitive zone that you cannot talk to anyone about!
19 types of Chinese herbs extracted from natural ingredients and extracts derived from nature, so you can use it with confidence. Since it is wrapped one by one, it is convenient to carry and hygienic, so you don’t have to worry about going out.
[Simple usage]
(1) Dissolve 1 tablet in 50cc of water.
(2) Please use it to gently massage the delicate zone.
When using for the first time, it is recommended to use it every day for 2-3 days.
It is more effective when used while adjusting the frequency of use according to individual differences.
BQCELL’s “Riverging Deli Care” not only looks good,
Let’s become a healthy beauty even in the delicate zone.
■ Price: Regular price 14,800 yen (tax included)
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/890845701
Mega Discount Recommended Product No.8: ANACIS Perfect V Line Set Face Line Neck Care
[Image 10

The perfect product for your home beauty treatment!
You can expect a surprising effect of plastic surgery in 4 steps. Since it is a Korean doctor’s cosmetic, there are no ingredients that irritate the skin.
It contains only ingredients that are gentle enough for babies to use. Verified active ingredients for love effects.
♢Recommended for people like this♢
1. The sagging of my face in the photo
2. Recently, my face has become rounder
3. Contours have become blurred
4. I don’t want to use my age as an excuse
■ Price: Regular price 9,800 yen (tax included)
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/923997616
■ Mega Discount Recommended Item No.9: DDR.UNM YOU&ME Bebetox Ampoule Set 4-Week Program Dr. Youand
[Image 11

A pore care ampoule that rejuvenates the inside of the skin! Is there anyone who is worried that it may irritate their skin? Don’t worry.
[Bebetox ampoule set]
It is a product that has been tested for EWG safety grade stimulation using only safe raw materials of EWG standards!
EWG is an American environmental research group that classifies ingredients in cosmetics according to their hazard potential. Therefore, it can be safely used even on sensitive skin.
♢Recommended for people like this♢
1. Want to manage your skin but don’t have time to go to a dermatologist 2. It’s hard to look in the mirror because of the ever-growing pores ■ Price: Regular price 17,800 yen (tax included)
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/951213368
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https://meon-premier.gangnamdoll.jp/blogs/staff/qoo10megawari-coupon Capture Qoo10’s mega discount and enjoy shopping with great value Meon carries carefully selected Korean doctor’s cosmetics that specialize in various skin problems.
So that you can improve your skin problems even a little for a new life Why don’t you try doctor’s cosmetics on this occasion?
About “Gangnam Doll”
“Me on. by Gangnamdoll”, a Korean skincare online shopping site operated by Gangnamdoll,
Beauty in Korean: A word that comes from miyong, turn on the beauty switch to be beautiful,
Many people have the meaning of “I want you to shine beautifully”. Focusing on aesthetic medicine in South Korea, a beauty superpower, we will deliver a higher-grade self-care experience that makes you feel like you are receiving the latest Korean cosmetic dermatology treatment at home in Japan.
■ Meon, a mail-order site specializing in Korean skin care.
■ Gangnam Doll Official Website https://gangnamdoll.jp/
■ Gangnam Doll Official Instagram https://instagram.com/gangnam_doll/ ■ A mail order site where you can buy Korean cosmetics cheaply Meon Premier https://meon-premier.gangnamdoll.jp/
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