Qoo10 Mega Discount Mega discount price for K-POP idol “TOMORROW X TOGETHER” modeled Korean cosmetics limited set, official KPOP idol penlight, photo book, magazine, health food, etc.!

[Qoo10 Mega Discount] Mega discount price for K-POP idol “TOMORROW X TOGETHER” modeled Korean cosmetics limited set, official KPOP idol penlight, photo book, magazine, health food, etc.!
TOMORROW X TOGETHER limited set with trading card, KPOP official penlight, DICON D’FESTA photo book, magazine featuring KPOP idols, mega discount price of swelling care food specializing in swelling of the face and legs

DONGRAMY PROJECT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture), which operates “BUSAN DEPART” on the online store “Qoo10”, will start selling K-POP goods at the Qoo10 Mega Discount held from November 16th (Wednesday). We will sell discounted products that are attracting attention from home and abroad.
Limited quantity of 500 [TOMORROW X TOGETHER trading card + 1 acrylic key ring included] FOREUL JAPAN LIMITED SPECIAL CUSHION SET
(Foundation No. 2 + Sebum Cut Powder)
[Image 1d107950-1-b76998e83ea4043bcbe8-0.jpg&s3=107950-1-64018697982cd9337b9941699c4bb69a-800x800.jpg
Product purchase page: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/1004659240
A Japan-only set containing TOMORROW X TOGETHER trading cards from the Korean cosmetic brand “FOREUL”, where the popular K-POP idol “TOMORROW X TOGETHER” serves as an ambassador.
FOREUL’s popular set combination of “Veil Cover Fit Cushion (No. 2)” and “Air Mari Sebum Cut Powder”.
“Veil Cover Fit Cushion” is a multi-functional cushion foundation that improves wrinkles, tone-up, and protects against UV rays with a drop-shaped puff containing peony extract that does not use purified water and a patented bean-derived puff.
“Air Mari Sebum Cut Powder” is an ultra-lightweight airy powder that uses natural mineral materials to care for sebum and pores. Available. A TOMORROW X TOGETHER trading set is included, and now you can choose one TOMORROW X TOGETHER school look key ring.
[Image 2d107950-1-f54b22a68c1a5eb41a87-1.jpg&s3=107950-1-2bc9cf3f0c16d580f774738d4f248e9a-3900x2701.jpg
Product purchase page: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/769685940
Various penlights of K-POP idols can also be purchased at “Mega Discount” at a great price.
Live concerts of NCT, SEVENTEEN, KEP1ER, TREASURE, SHINee, Red Velvet, SUPER JUNIOR, TWICE, MONSTA X, aespa, BLACK PINK, VERIVERY, JUNG YONG HWA, TVXQ!, SuperM, and AB6IX, which are popular in Korea and Japan. However, you can purchase the official penlight that can be used at this “Mega Discount” opportunity.
DICON D’FESTA Photobook MEMBER Selection Stray Kids, BTS, TWICE, NU’EST [Image 3d107950-1-0fa30334e7aa70a01ac2-5.jpg&s3=107950-1-9a45be9d95b75f665a6068b1728aac27-3900x2938.jpg

Product purchase page: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/995192101
The global K-POP festival “D’FESTA” was held in Korea to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Korean entertainment news media Dispatch. The images and photographs created by the world-famous group of artists together with top-notch creators received a great response. In addition to photo books, there are also deco books, deco stickers, and photo cards.
This time, we bring you a photobook of Stray Kids, BTS, TWICE, and NU’EST. Korean popular magazine VOGUE, @star1, GQ, 1stlook, dazed back number sale featuring Stray Kids, BTS, ENHYPEN, etc.
[Image 4d107950-1-9774f9efd1c6726b11b3-2.jpg&s3=107950-1-a877a5cf4c721fa10534f1817a402f31-1018x768.jpg
Product purchase page: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/936821281
Back issues of Korean idols published in VOGUE, @star1, GQ, 1stlook, and dazed, popular magazines sold in Korea, are received and sold. Back issues of popular magazines that can only be purchased in Korea, featuring groups and individuals such as Stray Kids, BTS, and ENHYPEN, can be purchased at a great price with this “Mega Discount”. Seikatsu Yakusoku Kinkanmaru 4g X 20 bags Korean food Chinese medicine Swelling care

[Image 5d107950-1-a17c92b538f86562826e-6.jpg&s3=107950-1-1ffe292e9f0903a40df197c42f6b3876-750x563.jpg
Product purchase page: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/889786870
This is a lifestyle change pill for health care supplements
recommended by “Seungkwan”, a member of the popular K-POP group SEVENTEEN, and “Bora” of the former K-POP women’s group “SISTAR”, which took the world by storm in Korea.
It is a food that approaches the swelling of the face and legs. Three natural ingredients, beets, moringa, and pumpkin, are rich in potassium, which is necessary to relieve swelling.
Take at night and in the morning to treat facial swelling and facial lines caused by unhealthy or irregular eating habits.
*Please be sure to read the “Notes” in the product information. Qoo10 “Mega Discount” will be held from November 16th (Wednesday) to November 27th (Sunday).
Qoo10 BUSAN DEPART offers “Mega Discount” for products other than the above, so please take a look at the various products and purchase them at a great price.
Qoo 10 BUSAN DEPART “Mega Discount” page:
https://www.qoo10.jp/gmkt.inc/Special/Special.aspx?sid=262464&banner_no=0 Qoo 10 BUSAN DEPART page: https://www.qoo10.jp/shop/busan-depart BUSAN DEPART Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/busandepart2020/ Details about this release:


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