Qoo10 Mega Discount Sales Ranking Announcing Top 3 Korean Cosmetic Brands of Gangnam Doll Selling at Mega Discount in November 2022!

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[Qoo10 Mega Discount Sales Ranking] Announcing Top 3 Korean Cosmetic Brands of Gangnam Doll Selling at Mega Discount in November 2022! The first mega discount ends today. The top 3 selling products at the moment are open to the public.

“Mega Discount” that Qoo10 users always look forward to.
This is an event where you can purchase products at the best value when shopping at Qoo10!
What is Mega Wari?
[Image 1

oo10’s “Mega Wari” is Qoo10’s big sale event held four times a year. During the “Mega Discount” period, 9 20% off coupons that can be used for shopping for the target product will be distributed.
It’s a very profitable event.
Qoo10 not only has a wide range of popular Korean cosmetics and fashion brands, It is famous as a shopping site where various products such as household goods and home appliances are sold.
“Mega Discount”, where you can buy cheaper than usual, keep an eye on the products you want before the event.
It is attracting so much attention that there are many users who challenge it. ■ Date
November 16-27, 2022
■What time is the last day of Qoo10 Mega Discount?
This Qoo10 mega discount will be from November 16, 2022 to November 28, 1:59 am. It seems that it will be okay even after November 27th! !
The mega discount coupon can be used at 1:59 am on November 28th. Please enjoy shopping to your heart’s content.
Click here for mega discount
[Qoo10 mega discount sales ranking] Top 3 Korean cosmetics selling explosively in the first round
[Qoo10 mega discount sales ranking] No. 1
BQCELL derma skin peeling
[Image 2

Dermask skin peeling of BQCELL, which is the best selling product in this mega discount.
This is more than just a peel.
A special care product that allows easy herb peeling at home. You can expect a salon-grade effect, and you can visibly feel the change in your skin.
It has the effect of shortening the turnover of 28 days to 3 days and improving the circulation of the skin.
In addition, it is effective for acne scars, spots, rough skin and black bed care!
It is recommended that you can expect whitening by stripping the skin of the skin, and you can feel the immediate effect.
It is also recommended when you can have about 4 days as a downtime period. ◇Recommended for people like this◇
1. Those who easily lose makeup due to keratin
2. Those who want to have moist skin
3. Those who want to have bright and smooth skin anyway
■ Price: regular price 9,800 yen (tax included) mega discount price + additional coupons can be applied
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/891660044
[Qoo10 mega discount sales ranking] 2nd place
ANACIS V Foaming Cream
[Image 3

ANACIS V Foaming Cream is the top two seller in this mega-wari. This product is number one in sales.
This product is loved by people of all ages, and it can be said that it is a flagship product of Gangnam Doll.
The ANACIS brand is a popular medical cosmetic brand that is also handled by the large Korean drug store Olive Young.
A versatile cream that improves wrinkles and nasolabial folds around the eyes and neck, and transforms the skin into a fluffy
marshmallow-like texture!
It is usually used as an eye cream around the eyes, but it can also be applied to the neck, chin, and entire face to help manage the face line.
♢Recommended for
1. Those who want to have a clean face line
2. Those who want to improve dry fine wrinkles around the eyes 3. Those who want neck care
■Price: Regular price 3,500 yen (tax included) → Mega discount price + additional coupons can be applied
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/891683254
[Qoo10 mega discount sales ranking] 3rd place
[Image 4

ELFACE is currently the third best-selling Qoo 10 mega discount. ELFACE is a facial device that was born from a beauty appliance manufacturer in South Korea, a beauty powerhouse.
It is a 2-way specification that allows swelling care that stimulates the lymph and lift care that stimulates the muscles deep in the skin to give the skin luster and firmness.
It is the size of a smartphone, is lightweight, does not require any special gel, and is easy to use even over makeup.
It is even more effective when used on top of the mask pack you normally use, or when used together with gel or serum.
♢Recommended for people like this◇
1. Those who are concerned about facial swelling
2. Those who suffer from nasolabial folds
3. Those who want to easily care for their face line
■ Price: regular price 45,000 yen (tax included) → mega discount price + additional coupons can be applied
Qoo10: https://www.qoo10.jp/g/863602768
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https://meon-premier.gangnamdoll.jp/blogs/staff/qoo10megawari-coupon Use Qoo10’s Mega Discount to buy popular products at a great price! Meon carries carefully selected Korean doctor’s cosmetics that specialize in various skin problems.
So that you can improve your skin problems even a little for a new life Why don’t you try doctor’s cosmetics on this occasion?
About “Gangnam Doll”
“Me on. by Gangnamdoll”, a Korean skincare online shopping site operated by Gangnamdoll,
Beauty in Korean: A word that comes from miyong, turn on the beauty switch to be beautiful,
Many people have the meaning of “I want you to shine beautifully”. Focusing on aesthetic medicine in South Korea, a beauty superpower, we will deliver a higher-grade self-care experience that makes you feel like you are receiving the latest Korean cosmetic dermatology treatment at home in Japan.
■ Meon, a mail-order site specializing in Korean skin care.
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