QVC Japan receives “PRIDE Index 2022” silver certification for the first time

QVC Japan Co., Ltd.
QVC Japan receives “PRIDE Index 2022” silver certification for the first time -Further activation of diversity and inclusion promotion activities in the workplace-

QVC Japan Co., Ltd. (Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, CEO Gregory Bertoni, hereinafter “QVC”), a multi-platform mail-order company centered on TV shopping, is formulated by the voluntary organization “work with Pride”. We were awarded the “Silver” in the “PRIDE Index 2022”, an evaluation index for initiatives for sexual minorities such as LGBTQ+ in the workplace. This certification, which is the first for QVC, is a major milestone in further activating the Diversity & Inclusion (“DE&I”) activities that QVC is working toward 2025. [Imaged18268-247-d0052330f60962dfd401-0.png&s3=18268-247-a80ee7a3c6e59240f31e05a552dd7008-655x655.png
QVC launched the “Corporate Responsibility (hereinafter “CR”)” team in 2020, and as part of its social contribution activities and business strategies, the three Ps of PLANET (earth), PEOPLE (people), and PRODUCT (product) We have formulated an action plan in the area of ​​, and are continuing our activities. Above all, the area of ​​PEOPLE includes DE&I, and this June (Pride Month) is the theme of “Proud to be me”, wishing for a world where everyone can live comfortably, LGBTQ+ LGBTQ+ enlightenment activities were carried out with the aim of expanding the circle of “Ally,” which is the meaning of people who actively understand and support LGBTQ+. We will continue to aim to create a comfortable working environment for everyone.
In addition, in order to promote measures related to DE&I, QVC is striving to “accept diversity fairly” with the major goal of “proactively supporting more diverse human resources to empower and energize them”. increase. These are measures that support the United Nations SDGs goals “5. Achieve gender equality”, “10. Reduce inequalities between people and countries”, and “16. Peace, justice and strong institutions”. Through cooperation not only within QVC but also with the local community, we will promote the creation of an environment where everyone can feel that there is a place where they can be equally accepted, and at the same time, make more customers aware of our efforts at DE&I. We will continue to promote various activities to ensure that
About QVC Japan
QVC Japan Co., Ltd. is a multi-platform mail order company that uses videos to deliver fun shopping. In order to “deliver the joy of discovery through the power of relationships,” we provide a shopping experience that is as convenient as online shopping and as fun as window shopping, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For customers who love shopping, we will introduce a wide range of product lineups, including apparel, beauty products, home appliances, and jewelry, along with behind-the-scenes stories and backstories about product development.
QVC can be viewed on the QVC official website ( in addition to BS/CS broadcasting. In addition, various SNS (Instagram, Twitter, LINE, Facebook, YouTube) broadcast and transmit other information.

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