R09 Co., Ltd. Started onboarding measures by “providing employee-recommended sweets”

R Nine Co., Ltd.
Start of onboarding measures by providing “employee-recommended sweets” ~Stimulate communication with sweets~

Earl Nine Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Ryo Nagai), which supports the growth of companies from recruitment to establishment, will change weekly as an onboarding measure from November 2022. ” has started to be placed in the office. We aim to further revitalize communication between employees with sweets as a trigger.
■ Introduction background
As the company expands, the number of mid-career employees is increasing. Partly because we are actively introducing telework, we have continued to consider whether there is anything that will provide an opportunity for new employees and existing employees, or existing employees to communicate with each other.
In the midst of this, one employee carried her favorite ramune drink around and recommended it to the employee sitting next to her, creating a lively conversation. Until then, the office was always stocked with chewing gum, but I thought that instead of just providing snacks, by putting up “employee-recommended snacks” on a weekly basis, it would become a conversation starter. I was. We aim to provide an opportunity to learn about people by sharing episodes and recommended points related to the sweets.
With sweets as a tool that makes everyone smile, we will revitalize the communication that is the foundation of our business and create connections between people.
■ Specific examples of the system
[Image 1

[Image 2

We take surveys of new recruits and ask them to list two or three types of snacks they love and recommend, along with their reasons. The person in charge of general affairs purchases the snacks on a weekly basis and announces to the entire company via a chat tool at the time the sweets are placed in the office, saying, “This week’s sweets are Mr. A’s recommended sweets. The reason for the recommendation is…” . -Recommended sweets and episode examples for new hires in November- ・Snacks from a major manufacturer
These fish-shaped snacks are so cute! You can eat endlessly because you won’t be full. There are also collaborations with characters, so it’s too cute to eat.
When I was little, I was told to be half with my older sister who is 4 years older than me. Once I took everything out of the bag, I played with arranging stars, squid, fish, and shattered things. After that, I chose what to eat one by one, but my sister always took the star and forced me to eat the shattered food… I felt frustrated. It is no exaggeration to say that the spirit of valuing equality when sharing with others was nurtured here!
-Employee Impressions-
Whether it’s nostalgic sweets or sweets you’ve never seen before, eating a variety of sweets during short breaks helps me concentrate more on my work. It is also an opportunity to communicate with people in departments that I rarely interact with. I’m looking forward to the next sweets.
■ R Nine Co., Ltd. Company Profile
~ A world where people can work [lively] through human intervention ~ Our human resources professionals (approximately 900 people), who have a wealth of experience in various fields such as human resources, recruitment, and education, intervene to solve various issues that companies face, such as recruitment, human resource development, and employee retention. We will support you to make it better. Since our establishment in 2009, we have a track record of dealing with about 550 companies by providing services that meet the needs of companies. (As of November 2022)
*About R Nine services
Company name: R9 Co., Ltd. (R09) https://r09.jp/
Representative: Ryo Nagai
Established: July 10, 2009
Location: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 5F, 1-17 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business: Recruitment consulting, recruitment outsourcing, external interview agency, education and training
Operated by International Career Consulting Association
T E L: 03-6205-4499
Fax: 03-6800-2033
Email: r09-press@r09.jp
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