Raised approximately 120 million yen in seed round for luxury fashion sharing platform “HIVE Collective”

HIVE Collective Co., Ltd.
Raised approximately 120 million yen in seed round for luxury fashion sharing platform “HIVE Collective”

HIVE Collective Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Naoki Sato, hereinafter “HIVE”), which develops the luxury fashion sharing platform “HIVE Collective”, is SBI Investment Co., Ltd., Coconala Skill Partners, 90s , Lotte Ventures Japan Co., Ltd., and other individual investors, etc., raised approximately 120 million yen.
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■ Underwriter
・SBI Investment Co., Ltd.
・ Coconala Skill Partners
・Lotte Ventures Japan Co., Ltd.
・Multiple angel investors
* Honorifics omitted, in no particular order
■ About the HIVE service
HIVE is a “sharing platform” where members can lend and borrow luxury brand clothes, bags, shoes, etc.
The lender earns revenue for each loan once the item is deposited. HIVE takes care of product registration, shipping procedures, and communication with borrowers, so you can list your items without any hassle.
The borrower selects the rental period and picks up the item at home. After the period, just return it as it is, no cleaning required. You can use luxury brand fashion at 5-10% of list price without monthly fee.
[Image 2d103391-1-624406c457f25862e4f2-9.png&s3=103391-1-e3bc4e4f7692eb6b64e36a321aaf506f-2788x1500.png
■ Background and purpose of funding
In the fashion industry, consumption trends are overwhelmingly faster than in other industries, and mass disposal of unnecessary clothing due to shortened cycles has become an international environmental issue. On the other hand, as we enter a period of transition from mass consumption to a recycling-oriented society, in recent years, the philosophy of using high-quality products for a long time, contrary to the style of fast fashion, has been attracting attention.
Therefore, HIVE proposes a new consumption style of sharing existing resources. We provide a safe and attractive sharing platform to create options that can be loved for a long time while enjoying a wide range of fashion.
[Image 3d103391-1-ddedc039e76d1c577a61-4.png&s3=103391-1-3b0f7e7e80dffb75923afc8b8903a944-1200x628.png
Since the closed beta version was launched in February 2022, the number of listings and rental transactions has been steadily increasing, and currently about 400 items can be rented. Brands range from high maison such as Hermès and Chanel to up-and-coming designers. Many of the items on display are items that have become less frequently worn due to changes in life stages, but cannot be parted with for reasons such as “I may have another chance to use them” or “I am not satisfied with the second-hand purchase price.” We see latent demand. In the β version, housewives who are raising children, people who are staying overseas, and people who are having trouble with storage after moving will become lenders, and experience the value of our service that “gives asset value to the clothes sleeping in the closet”. It is done.
・Exhibition application page: https://lp.hivecollective.jp/01/ The funds raised this time will be used to prepare for the release of this service, such as expanding development functions so that members can lend and rent more seamlessly, and marketing activities aimed at increasing the number of listings.
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■ Future development
Our vision is to bring new developments to the fashion industry through sharing. In the future, we aim to create a circulation within the platform, such as renting clothes in styles that you would not normally buy, with the profits obtained from renting to HIVE. To that end, we will not only guarantee trust, but also expand the lineup of products that are attractive to fashion lovers and build a seamless UI/UX. [Image 5d103391-1-2b751ea60d9ed2c64af1-5.png&s3=103391-1-621add1887768739c80561d96148748b-2060x1282.png
■ Comments from the underwriter
・ SBI Investment Co., Ltd. Investment Department Deputy Director Hiroyuki Ono Rather than putting up with fashion for the sake of the environment, we empathize with and invest in the business of HIVE Collective, which develops a luxury fashion sharing service, in order to realize the mission of “creating a world where fashion can be enjoyed more through sharing.” I was able to do it. We will do our best to support the challenge of establishing a new secondary distribution market that will lead to building a sustainable world by sharing existing resources.
・ Coconala Skill Partners Co., Ltd. Representative Director Akiyuki Minami Various startups have challenged similar fields in the past in the fashion sharing business, but I think it is a very important business when to start. In that respect, I expect that the shift to a recycling-oriented society will begin in earnest right now, such as the growing awareness of the transition to a recycling-oriented society and the development of a value chain that makes it easy to send and store goods. They are an extremely talented team, and I am looking forward to their future growth, as I believe they will create a new lifestyle.
・ Lotte Ventures Japan Co., Ltd. Representative Director Takashi Sawada HIVE Collective is a service that allows members to easily rent and borrow luxury brand clothes, bags, and shoes.
The luxury market is growing significantly all over the world even under COVID-19, and the amount of financial assets held by wealthy Japanese people is increasing, so we expect it to expand further. Since members can easily borrow and lend brand-name products, lenders can promote the use of brand-name products that are dormant in their homes, reduce the hassle of managing and maintaining brand-name products, and at low cost. At the same time, it satisfies the needs of borrowers who want to use branded products as a trial.
Furthermore, by increasing the liquidity of used luxury brands, we believe that we can reduce waste and contribute to solving social issues such as SDGs and carbon neutrality.
The members of HIVE, led by President Sato, are young, but they have a wealth of business experience and achievements, and we expect them to have great potential.
LVJ will do our utmost to support HIVE and support its business expansion, so that we can contribute to the creation of a wonderful company that satisfies the needs of our customers and solves social problems.
We hope that you will try HIVE’s services at home as well!
・90s representative partner Mr. Hodaka Kunimoto
We wanted to increase investment in companies that operate services that contribute to the SDGs without users realizing it, such as ChargeSPOT operated by INFORICH. Under such circumstances, we have invested in this time because we are operating a perfect service and Mr. Sato is thoroughly pursuing “cool”. Currently, we only carry women’s items, but we plan to use men’s items as well from the moment we start handling them.
■ HIVE Collective CEO Naoki Sato
[Image 6d103391-1-4b3c447cd73a02c5a729-10.jpg&s3=103391-1-d0e97d83c1e328a90add62e2fe586d3c-866x638.jpg
・Born in 1992 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Raised in a family that ran a boutique, he spent his childhood in an environment close to fashion. ・After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Law, Department of Law, joined ITOCHU Corporation as a new graduate in 2015. After being in charge of budgeting in the accounting department for 2 years, engaged in second-hand smartphone resale business in the information and communication department, one of the largest in Japan. In charge of building an operation center and expanding overseas sales channels. In 2019, he moved to London to invest in British start-up companies. ・In London, I experienced a lockdown due to the new coronavirus for about a year, and decided to take on a big challenge in the rest of my life, aiming to start a business. After returning to Japan in 2021, he retired from the company after returning to Japan in 2021 after experiencing his own background, experience at ITOCHU Corporation, and the excitement of the brand fashion secondary distribution market in Europe, which has a strong awareness of sustainability. In the same year, he established HIVE Collective, which develops a luxury brand sharing platform.
Favorite saying: “Connecting the dots”
A note summarizing the founding:
■ Company Profile
Company name: HIVE Collective Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Established: May 20, 2021
Representative: Naoki Sato
Business description: Fashion sharing platform operation business Service site: https://hivecollective.jp/
Corporate site: https://about.hivecollective.jp/
Contact: csupport@hive-japan.com
Details about this release:


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