Rakushindo Honpo Co., Ltd. Time to think of that person I want to deliver my heartfelt gratitude with a “h andmade offering Rakugan”. “Offering Rakugan Kit” from Rakushindo Honpo (Fukuoka).

Rakushindo Honpo Co., Ltd.
[Time to think of that person] I want to deliver my heartfelt gratitude with a “handmade offering Rakugan”. “Offering Rakugan Kit” from Rakushindo Honpo (Fukuoka).
While thinking about the deceased and ancestors, we will deliver the good old traditional culture of handmade offerings as a new

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Rakushindo Honpo Co., Ltd. (Fukuchi Town, Fukuoka Prefecture / Representative Director Tadaaki Ooi) will release the “Offering Rakugan Kit” as a “new experience” from Makuake. A limited quantity will be released from November 16, 2022.

Rakushindo Honpo, a Rakugan specialty store
Rakushindo Honpo is a rakugan specialty store from Fukuoka. Instead of edible “rakugan”, we handcraft “offering rakugan” to be used as an offering exclusively for decoration.
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Rakugan is a sweet made by pressing sugar and rice flour into a wooden mold. It is also a traditional Japanese confectionery that is a staple of tea ceremony sweets and offerings. Along with the prosperity of the tea ceremony culture centered on Sen no Rikyu, the food culture of Rakugan spread all over Japan, and now it has become a standard offering.
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This time, the “Offering Rakugan Kit”, which will be pre-released exclusively for Makuake, was born from the initiative of the workshop that was held before Corona. We wanted to offer a new experience of the good old traditional culture of making offerings by hand while thinking about the people and ancestors.
Gift Rakugan Kit
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The offering Rakugan kit can be made in about an hour. And that time of “making handmade offerings” will surely be an extraordinary and special time.
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If you make your own Kugan, you will surely become attached to it, so I hope you can decorate it on your Buddhist altar or altar.
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It’s okay if you don’t have a Buddhist altar at home. Just adding it to the side of the photo will make the space even more warm. Also, I think it would be a wonderful thoughtfulness to give it to your family or relatives in conjunction with Obon or Buddhist memorial services. https://www.makuake.com/project/rakushindou/
Rakushindo Honpo and the climate
Rakushindo Honpo is located in Fukuchi-cho, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture, which is adjacent to the Nagasaki Highway (Sugar Road), and is also a town where the culture of sugar confectionery remains strong.
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In the early Edo period, when Hosokawa Tadaoki (Rikyu Shichitetsu), a disciple of Sen no Rikyu, ruled this area as the feudal lord of Kokura in Buzen, Agano ware was opened at the foot of Mt. However, I still feel the connection between the tea ceremony and Rakugan.

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