Rakuten Securities announces launch of “Rakuten CFD” that allows trading via smartphone app

Rakuten Securities
Rakuten Securities announces launch of “Rakuten CFD” that allows trading via smartphone app
– Advance acceptance of account opening starts from November 20 (Sun) –
Rakuten Securities, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuji Kusunoki; hereinafter referred to as “Rakuten Securities”) has added Rakuten Securities We are pleased to announce that the CFD trading service “Rakuten CFD” that can be traded on the original smartphone stock trading app “iSPEED (R)” will be available in early January 2023 (planned). In addition, prior to the start of the service, we will also inform you that we will start accepting advance applications for opening a “Rakuten CFD” account from Sunday, November 20, 2022.
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Rakuten Securities offers MetaTrader 4 (MT4) as a CFD trading service that allows leveraged stock indices and commodities around the world to be traded at several times the margin, just like FX trading. “Rakuten MT4CFD” as a tool was launched in January 2021 and is being used by many people. In order to make CFD trading available to a wider range of people, we will newly launch “Rakuten CFD”, which can be traded on Rakuten Securities’ original smartphone stock trading app “iSPEED(R)”. By enabling CFD trading with iSPEED(R), which can analyze and trade domestic and US stocks on a single screen, the environment for investing in global stocks more efficiently and easily will expand further. “Rakuten CFD” is scheduled to start service in early January 2023, but prior to this, advance acceptance of “Rakuten CFD” account opening will start from Sunday, November 20, 2022.
The stocks handled by Rakuten CFD include securities CFDs that refer to stock indices around the world as underlying assets (hereinafter referred to as “index CFDs”), commodity CFDs that refer to commodities etc. as underlying assets, and a wide range of other unique assets as underlying assets. We are planning a total of 38 stocks of Variety CFDs to be referenced as. Index CFDs and Commodity CFDs handle 23 issues and 14 issues respectively, the largest number in the industry (*1). Even after the launch of the service, we plan to further expand the range of stocks with the aim of realizing diverse investment opportunities.
The transaction fee is 0 yen (*2), and you can trade with a maximum leverage of 10x for index CFDs, 20x for commodity CFDs, and 5x for variety CFDs. In addition, “Rakuten CFD” adopts “CFD Master Account” to make margin management for each CFD easier. As a result, from the “CFD master account” to each CFD account, the required margin for new openings and the unnecessary margin (*3) after settlement of open interest will be automatically transferred, and it can be judged as margin call. If you have a CFD account with sufficient balance, funds will be automatically transferred from another account with a surplus balance (*4), creating a seamless trading environment that eliminates the need for you to transfer funds yourself.
Rakuten Securities offers a variety of over-the-counter derivative products, not limited to FX, such as various CFDs and the binary option Raku Op. By continuing to provide attractive products and services that meet customer needs in a safer and more secure environment, we aim to further expand our customer base and help customers build their assets as a companion to asset creation.・We will contribute to investment activities.
Rakuten Securities “Rakuten CFD” 5 Features
1. Trading is possible with Rakuten Securities original stock trading app for smartphones “iSPEED (R)”
2. Transaction fee 0 yen for all stocks (*2)
3. 23 index CFDs and 14 commodity CFDs, the largest number in the industry (*1) Four. Efficient trading with maximum leverage of 10x Index CFD, 20x Commodity CFD, and 5x Variety CFD
Five. Trading is possible even on Japanese holidays
Rakuten Securities “Rakuten CFD”, number of index CFDs and commodity CFDs handled by other companies (*1)
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Rakuten Securities “CFD Master Account” image
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*1: Comparison of major online securities companies that provide CFD trading services (au Kabucom Securities, SBI Securities, GMO Click Securities, DMM.com Securities, Rakuten Securities (in alphabetical order)) (November 18, 2022, Rakuten Securities) investigation) *2: There is a difference (spread) between the purchase price and the sale price of each issue in the transaction. Spreads vary by product *3: Funds are transferred to the “CFD master account” once a day, at the end of the transaction, and there are various conditions such as no orders being placed in the same CFD account.
*4: Additional margin is required if margin transfer alone does not satisfy the margin call cancellation amount.

that’s all

[Explanation of Fees and Risks]
When investing in products handled by Rakuten Securities, you may be required to bear prescribed fees and expenses for each product. In addition, there is a risk of loss due to price fluctuations, etc. for each product. Regarding the fees and risks associated with investing in each product, etc., please carefully read the content described on the “Investment Fees and Risks” page on the Rakuten Securities website and the documents delivered prior to the conclusion of a contract. Please fully understand the contents.
Trade name, etc.: Rakuten Securities, Inc.
Financial Instruments Business Operator: Kanto Local Finance Bureau Director (Kinsho) No. 195, Commodity Futures Business Operator Member associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Financial Futures Association, Japan Commodity Futures Association
Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association, Japan Investment Advisers Association

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