Ranaluta Co., Ltd. Best of Miss has established a theater company on SNS.The first work is a video that pays homage to a popular spy anime and is released on YouTube by Rapuri Co., Ltd.

Ranaluta Co., Ltd.
Best of Miss establishes a theater company on SNS The first work is a video that pays homage to a popular spy anime and is released on YouTube by Rapuri Co., Ltd.

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Recruitment of Lapri Co., Ltd.–https://raplit.co.jp
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Best of Miss founded a theater company on SNS
Best of Miss Kanagawa 2021 finalist Marina Takeuchi serves as the chairperson. The first event will be hosted by Best of Miss Kanagawa 2019 finalist Mitsuyo Sato, who will appear as a tribute to the popular spy anime in the commercial of “Lapuri Co., Ltd.”
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MO08148eF8]

Comment from Marina Takeuchi
During the shooting, I really enjoyed the transition between the friendly atmosphere and the serious atmosphere of the actual performance.
Mitsuyo, who played the other role, gave me the stimulation of the play, Rapuri’s President Amano taught us about the reality of everyday work scenes and grooming!
The photographer, Mr. Matsuken, is taking these exciting images. I hope everyone who watched it will be able to feel the charm of Rapuri. Please enjoy watching ������
Marina Takeuchi Profile
Graduated from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music Musical Course. ・March 2017 Ikusaburo Yamazaki cover album “1936~your songsII~” MV appearance ・September 2017 Opera “Iwami Ginzan” chorus appearance (New National Theatre, Tokyo)
・December 2017 Kunihiko Murai 50th anniversary concert “LA meets TOKYO in JAPAN” chorus appearance (Orchard Hall)
・October 2018 Takeo Yoshida Memorial “TAP DANCE FESTIVAL 2018” Appearance (Hakuhinkan Theater)
・March/April 2019 Appearance in the musical “Futari Okuni” (Meijiza) ・November 2019 “Christmas Illumination Lighting Ceremony ~Special Lightning Ceremony~” solo singer appearance (Reoma World, Kagawa Prefecture)
・March 2021: “Soldier’s Story” sponsored by the Kunitachi Culture and Sports Promotion Foundation (Kunitachi Citizen’s Arts Hall)
・ March 2021 Miss contest “Best of Miss Kanagawa 2021” top prize ・From July 2021 to present BS Fuji “DJ OSSHY -Disco TV-” Dancer Appearance ・June 2022 “Wednesday Night Live in Lazona” solo singer appearance (Lazona Kawasaki Rufa Square)
・November 2022 Appearance in the musical “Pula Lukes ~Honto no Hikari~” (Sagami Women’s University Green Hall)
・December 2022 Appearance on the stage “Shinchoka” (KAAT Kanagawa Kanagawa Arts Theater)
・February 2023 Appearance as Akindo/Unbore in the musical “The Little Prince” (Theater Alpha Tokyo)
[Image 1d69555-1107-5f8632689ef413af2de4-2.png&s3=69555-1107-d1a68326ad39e8bbda2b668a69ba64f6-844x1046.png
Marina Takeuchi
[Image 2d69555-1107-c715528b49a8fd87ba9f-1.png&s3=69555-1107-e6e0a195d9b2db36654e524504512360-716x888.png
Marina Takeuchi

Mitsuyo Sato Profile
[Image 3d69555-1107-b54bb22e6c31eb4eb215-0.png&s3=69555-1107-d79ac1b7c93e282f2a5ed2874333f59a-1238x824.png
Mitsuyo Sato
[Image 4d69555-1107-ea6886e2409fc2ed7d58-3.png&s3=69555-1107-0d9c08b2348372fd760de0e20f0afea2-986x1180.png
Mitsuyo Sato
Kokura, classical ballet from childhood
Studied under Reiko.
       In 2007, along with the other members, she started a female theater company, Mugen Theater Company.
In addition to performing on stage as an actor, he is also active as a choreographer.
He has also appeared in many external performances.
                        In 2019, she won the Miss Universe Kanagawa Second Grand Prix at the Best of Miss Kanagawa Tournament.
Since then, she has expanded her career as a model.
October 2016 Gekioh Kanagawa V Best Actor Award
May 2019 Appeared in “Nozokimi Cafe”, a work selected by the Judging Committee of the Japan Media Arts Festival
October 2019 Tokyo Indo vol.17 Appearance in “Signal of the Blue Rose” April 2020 SCRAP Co., Ltd. “Escape from the blocked werewolf village” as Doriko October 2021 theater045syndicate “Yokohama Yataro ~Nostalgia~” etc. Details about this release:



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