Ratoc System Co., Ltd. Automatic temperature control system “Hasarepo”, alarm notification function enables remote monitoring of equipment abnormalities

Ratoc System Co., Ltd.
Automatic temperature control system “Hasarepo”, alarm notification function enables remote monitoring of equipment abnormalities It is also possible to notify the smartphone of the alarm input from the contact output of the device and stop the alarm buzzer of the device.

Ratoc System Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, President: Masakazu Kondo, hereinafter “Ratoc System”) will start providing a new function “alarm notification function” for the temperature management system “Hasarepo” that automatically measures with IoT. We will announce that [Image 1d23921-204-0a9608704f4e9409ece1-0.png&s3=23921-204-9e6d845cc6cff9e677cfaaed5a8157c6-1200x600.png
This system is a service that reduces the burden of temperature management by periodically measuring the temperature of food storage and freezer/refrigeration equipment, recording it in the cloud, and sending an alert notification.
This time, we will provide a function to notify smartphones of alarms output from devices such as control panels. It also has a function to stop the alarm buzzer and lamp from the smartphone. Hasarepo is a solution that can be used for remote monitoring of equipment abnormalities in addition to automatic temperature recording and monitoring.
Introduction page of automatic temperature control system “Hasarepo” https://sol.ratocsystems.com/service/haccp/
Mechanism of the alarm notification function
[Image 2d23921-204-21084cefacfd8a6d9b09-1.png&s3=23921-204-7dcf79c95071d5ed0f83ca1e8cde0a1f-1200x500.png
The basic hardware configuration of Hasarepo consists of a temperature sensor connected via Wi-SUN and a gateway connected to the cloud via LTE-M communication. This time, we have developed an IoT communication unit that converts the contact output and contact input of the device to Wi-SUN. In combination with the Hasarepo app, you can grasp equipment abnormalities by smartphone or email.
This unit is equipped with 5 no-voltage contact input ports and 2 no-voltage contact output ports. When a signal that notifies an abnormality is sent from the contact output of the device, it can be notified to the smartphone via the gateway and the cloud, and can also be sent by e-mail. A single unit can respond to up to 5 types of alarms, and a log of when each alarm was issued is recorded in the cloud.
Devices that can control alarm buzzers, lamps, etc. by contact input can also be stopped from the Hasarepo app.
Advantages of the alarm notification function
[Image 3d23921-204-d70e3ca70e8b1ef21117-2.png&s3=23921-204-e92eb27c4a3d43d7a31f37db308e483c-1200x529.png
Can be added as is to the Hasarepo environment
Add the device alarm notification function by adding on to the temperature monitoring system. Gateways and apps can be used in common, and coexistence with temperature sensors is also possible. Temperature monitoring and device monitoring apps are common, flat-rate license Even if the alarm notification function is installed on multiple devices, the annual operating cost is 15,000 yen (excluding tax) per gateway. This price includes communication costs, cloud usage fees, and application updates.
There is no limit to the number of smartphones and PCs that can be connected, and multiple people can share information.
Small start is possible according to scale, and scalability is high Up to 4 units can be connected per gateway, and up to 12 temperature sensors can be connected using repeaters. No Wi-Fi environment is required for system construction, and there is no limit to the number of gateways that can be added. It is suitable for batch monitoring of temperature and equipment abnormalities at multiple sites, such as warehouses including unmanned facilities.
Scheduled time of availability
March 2023
Features of Hasarepo
Automatic measurement of food storage and refrigerator temperature and water temperature
Periodically (every 5 minutes) wireless transmission and storage in the cloud If the temperature exceeds the set temperature range, an alert will be sent to your smartphone.
Temperature data can be graphed and printed as a form
Temperature sensor (thermistor) measures 2 points, cable length 5m Temperature sensor (Pt100 sensor) measures 1 point, cable length 3m, waterproof design
Simultaneously measure room temperature and humidity with the built-in BOX sensor
Temperature sensor is battery powered (3 AA batteries)
The IoT communication unit is equipped with contact input x5 and contact output x2.
Notification of device alarm output to smartphone
Stop the alarm buzzer and lamp of the equipment with a smartphone Wi-SUN connection between gateway and temperature sensor/unit, up to 500m (line of sight)
Maximum distance between gateway and temperature sensor/unit is 1km (line of sight), and up to 12 units can be connected using a repeater. *When 4 temperature sensors/units are connected to 3 repeaters. Up to 4 units when directly connected to the gateway.
LTE-M connection between gateway and cloud, no Wi-Fi environment required Batch monitoring of multiple sites is possible by adding a gateway Supports temperature and alarm CSV output
Reference price (excluding tax, per unit)
Annual usage fee: 15,000 yen/GW (including cloud usage fee,
communication fee, and application update fee) *per gateway
Gateway: 50,000 yen
IoT communication unit: 100,000 yen
Temperature sensor (thermistor 2-point measurement cable length 5m x 2): 70,000 yen
Temperature sensor (PT100 sensor 1 point measurement cable length 3m): 70,000 yen
Repeater: 40,000 yen
Related URL
Temperature control system Hasarepo (system introduction page) https://sol.ratocsystems.com/service/haccp/
International Fermented and Brewed Food Industry Exhibition, Notice of Exhibit We will exhibit at the “1st International Fermented and Brewed Food Industry Exhibition” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from November 29, 2022 (Tuesday), and will demonstrate temperature control and equipment abnormality management including this system. We propose labor saving.
About Ratoc System
Established: October 13, 1983
Representative Director: Masakazu Kondo
Location: Osaka Metro Minamihorie Building 8F, 1-18-4 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
URL: https://sol.ratocsystems.com/ (site for corporations)
Business description: Founded in 1983. We develop and sell
PC/smartphone-related hardware, firmware, and applications as a one-stop shop. We have strengths in system development through IoT device development and AWS cloud integration, and in addition to our own systems, we also meet demand for embedding in customer systems. Inquiries about this system
Ratoc System Co., Ltd. Tokyo Branch Corporate Solution Group Address: COSMO 8 6F, 18-11 Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0015 Phone: 03-5847-7600
Email: https://sol.ratocsystems.com/contact/
Inquiries for the press
Ratoc System Co., Ltd. Public Relations Otsuka
Address: 8th floor, Osaka Metro Minamihorie Building, 1-18-4 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0015
Phone: 06-7670-5056
Email: https://www.ratocsystems.com/form_press/

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