Raymond Ogaya Nursery School will become a certified child care center from April 2023

Social Welfare Corporation Lemonkai
Raymond Ogaya Nursery School will become a certified child care center from April 2023
Aiming to further expand local child-rearing support in Otsu City
Social Welfare Corporation Lemonkai (Corporate Headquarters: Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture, Chairman: Kotaro Maeda), which operates childcare facilities such as Raymond Nursery School and provides welfare services for people with disabilities, will open a new facility in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture from April 1, 2023. We plan to change the facility type of “Raymond Ogaya Nursery School” located in , and operate it as a nursery school-type certified child center “Raymond Ogaya Children’s Center (tentative name)”.
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“Certified Children’s Center” is a facility that combines the functions of a kindergarten and a nursery school, and there are four types.
“Raymond Ogaya Children’s Center (provisional name)” will open from 2023 for children aged 0 to 5 who need childcare (No. In addition, we will accept children aged 3 to 5 (No. 1 certification) regardless of the parents’ employment status. Due to the change, it is no longer necessary to change schools due to changes in the employment situation of guardians currently in the school. The number of employees will be increased from the current 60 to 66.
Reason for moving to Kodomoen
・ Parents can use the service regardless of their employment status, etc. ・No need to change kindergarten due to changes in working conditions ・Support for isolated child-rearing such as full-time housewives Regardless of the change in name or type, the kindergarten will continue to support the connection to elementary school education with consistent infant education based on the childcare philosophy of the social welfare corporation Lemonkai as before. Currently, we are accepting admission consultations and kindergarten tours for those who wish to enter, and we have been distributing application forms at our affiliated kindergartens in Otsu City since November.
[Application form distribution]
From November, distributed at Raymond Ogaya Nursery School, Raymond Nursery School and Raymond Children’s Center in Otsu City (10:00 to 17:00, excluding Sundays and holidays)
[Application period]
December 1 (Thursday) 10:00 to December 12 (Monday) 17:00 (excluding Sundays and holidays)
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■ Raymond Ogaya Kindergarten (tentative name)
Scheduled for April 1, 2023
Address: 4-10-50 Ogaya, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
Website: https://www.lemonkai.or.jp/school/nursary/leimond-okaya-hoikuen/ ■ Social Welfare Corporation Lemonkai
In addition to childcare facilities such as Raymond Nursery School, we operate preschools, child development support projects, and
after-school children’s clubs at 79 facilities nationwide. With the slogan “Beyond the question”, we aim to create an environment where both children and adults can learn proactively, interactively, and deeply. In addition, we will focus on welfare projects for people with disabilities, such as employment transition support projects. It has a corporate headquarters in Wakayama Prefecture, and headquarters in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nara, and conducts welfare projects in 11
Corporate name: Social Welfare Corporation Lemonkai
Representative: Kotaro Maeda, Chairman
Corporate headquarters: 240 Kowada, Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture Established: February 2007
Number of employees: 1376 (as of April 1, 2022)
Business description: Operation of childcare facilities (certified childcare center, licensed nursery school, designated management of public nursery school, licensed small-scale childcare business, company-led childcare business), preschool operation, after-school children’s club business, child development support business, employment transition support business, work continuation support business (type A), communal living support business
Official website: https://www.lemonkai.or.jp/

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