Real-time breaking news from Player! Finally, all the teams participating in the national tournament have been decided!

Real-time breaking news from Player! Finally, all the teams
participating in the national tournament have been decided!
Designing a new sports life that can only be done with a smartphone, from live performances to news

The sports startup company ookami will provide real-time news on the 2022 Harutaka Valley prefectural representative finals on the sports entertainment app “Player!”. Player! Let’s support high school volleyball from Player!
iPhone app:
Aichi Prefecture Boys:
Fukushima women:
Tournament prospects
All the teams that will participate in the Harutaka Volleyball Tournament in January will be decided by the national team deciding match on the 23rd! This weekend, 6 prefectures including Aichi and Nagasaki will be holding representative finals! There is no doubt that it will be a hot battle between the teams that have fought through fierce battles in each prefecture to compete for a limited number of spots in the national team finals. The Aichi men’s and Nagasaki women’s teams should be on the lookout for this weekend’s final match. Aichi boys are paying attention to whether Aiko Daimeiden, who participated in the Inter-High, will grab a ticket to Harutaka, or Daido Daido will block it. Fukushima girls are paying attention to whether Koriyama Women’s University, who has achieved good results in the Inter-High, will get a ticket to Harutaka. Who will win the Fukushima Tournament, which is crowded with powerhouses, and decide to participate in Spring High School?
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Tournament schedule
Women [10:15]:
▼Toyama Prefecture
Boys [10:00]:
Women [12:30]:
▼Aichi Prefecture
Boys [12:00]:
Women [15:00]:
▼Ehime Prefecture
Boys [12:00]:
Women [15:00]:
▼Kagawa Prefecture
Boys [13:00]:
Women [10:00]:
▼Nagasaki Prefecture
Boys [14:30]:
Women [13:00]:

You can check the schedule for all regional finals here
What is Player!
“In this world, sports diversity.”
Player! is a platform where anyone can create their favorite sports, support them, and get excited.
Over the past 50 years, the sports industry has developed through the trinity of mass sports, mass media, and mass sponsors.
Sports with few fans can’t stand national broadcasting, there is no mass media coverage, and mass sponsors are not available, and they are becoming more and more minor sports.
It was during the Showa and Heisei eras that a large gap emerged between mass sports and minor sports.
Is it really a minor sport for the hard-working softball players and the mothers who support them?
Player! proposes a lifestyle with “my sports” instead of “mass sports”. Find a city that you like, try living in it, come to like it, and enjoy contributing to the excitement of that city. As for sports, it should be fun if you can find your own favorite sport, fall in love with it, and contribute to the excitement of that sport. Player! will create a world where everyone can create their own favorite sports, support them, and excite them. Sports diversity in this world. → Player! Official website:
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A company called ookami
ookami Co., Ltd. is a start-up company that creates new value in sports through the harmony of “people” and “information technology.” Today, we are in the midst of an information revolution, and individual lifestyles are still undergoing major changes due to advances in technology. There is also a need for a tipping point in traditional sports entertainment. In such a dizzying society, ookami develops and operates the sports entertainment app “Player!” to bring about innovation in sports around the world. All members will do their best to deliver a richer sports life and the excitement of sports to as many people as possible around the world.
Company name: ookami Co., Ltd. / ookami, Inc.
Head office: 1-21-8 Hanegi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Taiyo Ogata
Business description: Development and operation of sports
entertainment app “Player!”, development and operation of sports information infrastructure
April 2014 Established ookami Co., Ltd.
June 2014 Fundraising from Dai Tamesue, Uzabase Inc., and individual investors September 2014 “Player!” Beta version released
March 2015: Raised funds from individual investors such as Tomohito Ebine and Toshiaki Komatsu
April 2015 “Player!” iPhone version officially released
December 2015 App Store Best of 2015 Award
April 2016 Fundraising from STRIVE
August 2016 “Player!” Web version released
September 2016 Received the 2016 Good Design Award
March 2017 Funding from Spiral Capital, Asahi Shimbun, etc.
June 2017 Participated in IVS 2017 Spring Kobe “LaunchPad”
October 2017 Finalist of “Tokyu Accelerate Program 2017” by Tokyu Corporation, New Work Award
June 2018 Fundraising from NTT Docomo Ventures, Mizuho Capital, Asahi Media Lab Ventures, ASICS Ventures, etc.
April 2019 Founding members selected as 30 representatives of Asia at Forbes Asia Under30
October 2019 Received Forbes JAPAN SPORTS BUSINESS AWARD 2019 November 2019 Participated in “GRASSHOPPER DAY 2019 WINTER” held by Dentsu Inc. December 2019 Ruby biz Grand Prix 2019 Special Award
February 2021 Won Sports Agency “INNOVATION LEAGUE Contest”
February 2022 Won the Japan Sports Agency “INNOVATION LEAGUE Contest” for two consecutive years
February 2022 “Player! WHITE” released
Details about this release:


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