Rebita Co., Ltd. Completed construction of a residence that proposes a new luxury in Tokyo’s leading mansion “Opus Arisugawa”

Rebita Co., Ltd.
A new luxury residence has been completed in Opus Arisugawa, a mansion that represents Tokyo.
Designed by Keiji Ashizawa to express the newly advocated “Crafted Space” of R100 tokyo

Revita Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President: Junichi Kawashima), which renovates society and life and creates a prosperous future for you and the environment, is NTT Urban Development Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative President: Hiroshi Tsujikami), and architect Keiji Ashizawa planned and completed a dwelling unit (hereinafter referred to as the main dwelling unit) within the representative residence of Tokyo (*1) “Opus Arisugawa”. .
*1: It expresses a dignified condominium that will be loved by residents and the town for a long time, with a spacious site and building, and a design that is not glamorous but will not be swept away by the tide.
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At R100 tokyo, we formulated a new brand vision “Quiddity of Life (= life that expresses essential values)” in the brand renewal
implemented in October this year. In the planning of the main residence, the new brand vision and the concept of “Crafted Space”, which is the basic concept of R100 tokyo’s space design, was created by newly appointed design director Keiji Ashizawa. Planning progressed as a space that will be the flagship model of.
A space that “expresses essential values” means that the space itself must be comfortable and complete, and the resident himself/herself can express and nurture his/her own values ​​in his or her daily life. I take it as a thing. Proposals and designs are arranged as a base, with appropriate margins.
Mr. Ashizawa supervised not only the space composition, material selection, and finishing details, but also the coordination and design of the furniture, as well as the design of the inner windows. The concept of “Crafted Space” expresses a space that has been carefully created to the end. Every detail is filled with the passion of our craftsmen, and everything that can be done is a space that has been completed with care. Even without a special production, the space that has been carefully constructed and put life first is the orthodox, a new luxury value, and brings fundamental comfort to the residents. It is suitable for the essential richness of living, and we thought that it would be a space that we would like to propose to society at a time when the needs of housing are changing.
Features of the project
 In order to create a comfortable space where you can spend your time in the main residence every day, we have taken a configuration that includes an approach to the five senses, such as verifying the optimal spread of space and how to incorporate light. In addition to the diversification of home functions due to changes in work styles and an increase in time spent at home, there has also been a rise in awareness of mental and physical health. Taking into account such changes in lifestyles and the acceleration of efforts to create a decarbonized society, we have reconsidered the richness of life in line with modern times, and have incorporated the following three keywords into our living scenes.
Design a place (scene) where you can refresh yourself at home, create a mechanism, and have a story
Creating a comfortable space that appeals to the five senses for the mind and body
A thermal environment that considers not only the body but also society and the environment
Other features
・Interior materials and furniture
 The interior materials and furniture were designed by Karimoku Furniture under the design of Mr. Ashizawa, expressing a sense of unity throughout the space. Furthermore, as one of the approaches to improve the thermal environment in the renovation, wooden interior windows were produced and installed using Karimoku furniture. The high-quality wooden window sashes designed by Mr. Ashizawa not only have the effect of mitigating the effects of outside noise and outside temperature, but also contribute to enhancing the sense of unity of the entire space.
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Furniture by Karimoku and interior wooden windows
Mr. Ashizawa designed the speaker for the Northern European audio equipment manufacturer “DYNAUDIO” and produced it together with Karimoku furniture on the premise of commercialization. Implemented in this residence.
[Image 3

DYNAUDIO speaker
 In each space, we have incorporated incense tones by “@aroma”, which proposes custom-made scent production.

[Image 4

@aroma diffuser
About Opus Arisugawa
A condominium apartment with a total of 100 units located on a hill near Arisugawa Memorial Park, which can be called an “art piece” with its universally valuable building exterior, approach, entrance, and courtyard. Revita Co., Ltd. and NTT Urban Development Co., Ltd. have acquired several units out of the average occupied area of ​​about 200 square meters, planning and selling renovated houses based on the concept of “foresight that drives Japanese housing culture”. . Top designers, architects, and creators are participating in the project to realize R100 tokyo’s goal of “valuable housing for a prosperous future.”
Property Description
[Image 5

What is “R100 tokyo”?
Starting in November 2013, based on a condominium of over 100 square meters located in a residential area that is worth living in for a long time, carefully selected from the perspective of “living in Tokyo in abundance”, you can customize and make to order to make it your own. It is a service that realizes housing. In the 23 wards of Tokyo, the number of condominiums over 100 square meters is decreasing year by year, and only a few percent of newly built condominiums exist. At R100 tokyo, we have carefully selected locations and buildings, and have planned and sold a total of 293 units, mainly low-rise
condominiums of over 100 square meters, which are highly rare. Since 2013, the total number of wealthy households in Japan
(households with net financial assets of 100 million yen or more) has continued to increase year by year. (*2), and the population of the wealthy class is expanding worldwide (*3). In addition, amid the recent slump in consumer spending, high-priced hotels have opened one after another, and sales of products for the wealthy, such as luxury cars and luxury watches, have been strong. There is also a tendency to choose products that consider problems. During the COVID-19 crisis, there was a growing interest in maintaining and improving health, communicating with family members, and housing.
In such a situation, R100 tokyo is working to create added value for a prosperous future, and as a brand that can realize a sustainable society by passing on socially valuable assets to the next generation. , I would like to be a representative of the sense of values ​​that will be selected by the wealthy class in the future.
*2 [Source] Nomura Research Institute Report
( *3 [Source] U.S. research company Wealth-X “Wealth and Investable Assets Model” Sales performance to date (293 units)
-Renovation of a building-
Ichthys Azabu Juban, Woodville Azabu, Lucras Yoyogi Uehara, Lucras Meguro, Lucras Himonya, Lucras Daikanyama, Lucras Mejiro Otomeyama, Lucras Yoyogi Park, Lucras Honkomagome, etc.
-Renovated condominium-
Opus Arisugawa, Arisugawa Park Hills, Arisugawa Homes, Hiroo Garden Hills, Azabu Nagasaka House, Deer Homes Mita, Mita Tsunamachi Park Mansion, Mita Grand Hills, Garden Minami Aoyama, Domus Minami Azabu, Chateau Toyo Minami Aoyama, Tokyu Dwell Prestige Akasaka Hikawacho, Akasaka Shinsaka Park Mansion, Park City Hamadayama, Daikanyama City House, Yoyogi Mori Park Mansion, Homat Cherry Lane, Park House Takanawa, Pair City Renaissance, Palais Royal Nagatacho, Ichibancho 2 Park Mansion, Mayfair Roppongi, Seta First Such
[Image 6d8644-181-8e200603d656029d1dae-1.jpg&s3=8644-181-b39dd1f1ec3c8908f4827ad6b3911cf5-2475x1067.jpg
Membership organization “R100 tokyo the club”
About 5,500 people are currently registered with the membership organization “R100 tokyo the club,” which provides information on the latest property information of R100 tokyo and our own properties for sale in advance and with priority. About 70% of registered users have a budget of 100 million yen or more, and about 30% have a budget of 200 million yen or more. Ward, Bunkyo Ward, Meguro Ward, Setagaya Ward, etc. (as of November 2022)
About Rebita Co., Ltd.
Established as a company that renovates society and life to create a prosperous future for you and the environment. With the management vision of “continuing to create the next real estate common sense”, we are engaged in the planning and planning of condominiums and single-family homes, renovation sales, renovation consulting, investment, shared rental housing, commercial facilities, and public facilities. We are engaged in management, PM/subleasing business, hotel business, and office business.
Currently, we plan and supply 1,670 units in 55 buildings for the renovation business of the whole building, and we are operating 1,201 rooms in 19 buildings in the suburbs of Tokyo for shared rental housing, including the “Share Place” series. In the renovation sales business, we have a track record of planning and supplying 1,097 units of condominium renovation, including “R100 tokyo”, which introduces condominiums with an area of ​​over 100 square meters and with a focus on location and asset value. In addition, projects that expand the concept of living to “work,” “play,” and “learn,” such as “theC,” a shared complex facility in Kanda, Tokyo, and “BUKATSUDO,” a shared space in a town where adult club activities are born. I also do a lot of planning, production and management. In March 2016, we started the hotel business, and we have 9 “THE SHARE HOTELS” nationwide. In addition, from 2021, the office business will be in full swing, and the office “12” series will be developed (as of March 2022). Name: Rebita Co., Ltd.
Established: 2005 (Keio Group since 2012)
Representative Director and President: Junichi Kawashima
Address: MT2 Building, 1-12-23 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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