RECCOO Co., Ltd. The best comedy circle in Japan is decided! NOROSHI2023 will be held

RECCOO Co., Ltd.
The number one comedy circle in Japan is decided! NOROSHI2023 will be held A popular university comedy circle! So far, Lalande, Reiwa Roman, Laparfait, etc. have been produced.

The application “Circle Up” for university circles operated by RECCOO Co., Ltd. is aimed at university circles sponsored by the student group “Daigakugeikai” of the Kanto Comedy Circle Federation and cooperating with Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yoshimoto). We co-sponsored the group comedy event “NOROSHI2023”. [Image 1d33607-49-cf8488e6f4a7ffa00981-0.png&s3=33607-49-a365321d10cb97961aeb643d3274f146-1936x578.png
NOROSHI is a competition that started in 2015. So far, Lalande (2018 competition winner, Sophia University comedy circle SCS), Reiwa Roman (Keio University Comedy Dojo O-keis), La Parfait (2017 competition winner, Waseda University comedy circle) We have produced many comedians such as Kobo LUDO). In recent years, it has been attracting attention, such as the feature of “University Comedy Circle Comedians” on “Ame Talk”. NOROSHI2023 will be held from Monday, January 30th. NOROSHI official website:
Circle Up:
State of last year’s tournament
First half (OP ~ each team story)
Second half (guest story-result announcement/ED)
NOROSHI is a competition that decides the funniest university comedy club in Japan. This is a “team comedy event” in which student comedians representing the circle form teams and form teams in three categories: “manzai, comedy, and pin”. Every year, it is so popular that the spots are filled within a few hours after the entry starts, and it is positioned as the culmination of comedy circle activities. ■ Produces promising young talents one after another
In addition, La Parfait (2017 tournament winner, graduated from Waseda University Comedy Studio LUDO), who suddenly became popular due to the impersonation of Hiroshi Abe, Angola Village Mayor of Nyanko Star, who won the King of Conte 2017 runner-up (2017 tournament finalist, Waseda University Comedy Studio LUDO), Zen Monkey’s Shotaro Ogino (2019 Tournament Jury Award, Waseda University Comedy Studio LUDO), who won the Watanabe Comedy No. 1 Decisive Battle 2020 in the first year of his career, NOROSHI I’m from
It will be interesting to see if a future star following the senior comedian will be born in this competition.
■The stage of the final is LUMINE the Yoshimoto. MC is “Jaru Jaru” King of Conte 2020 Champion Jal Jal will serve as MC for the final to be held at LUMINE the Yoshimoto on Thursday, March 16th. Also pay attention to the interaction between the popular comedian and the student comedian.
[Image 2d33607-49-ee5fdb01d4904858e9eb-1.jpg&s3=33607-49-150d7b8f539031497411c2698cc11d67-400x400.jpg
MC is jerking
■ Tournament schedule
Venue: Suginami Ward Honan Kaikan
(4-42-5 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo)
January 30 (Mon), February 2 (Thu), February 3 (Fri), February 6 (Mon), February 8 (Wed), February 10 (Fri), February 13th (Mon), February 14th (Tue)
-Repeal Battle-
Venue: Suginami Ward Honan Kaikan
(same as above)
Wednesday, February 22nd
Venue: Suginami Ward Nishiogi Community Center/Labor Welfare Hall (4-3-2 Momoi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo)
March 1 (Wednesday), March 2 (Thursday)
Venue: Lumine the Yoshimoto
(7F, 3-38-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Thursday, March 16th
MC: Jal Jal
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