RecoChoku The breakthrough feature artist who expects RecoChoku to be active in the future music scene is “S HO-SENSEI !!”, whose songs are a hot topic on TikTok.

The Breakthrough feature artist, who Recochoku expects to be active in the future music scene, is “SHO-SENSEI !!”, whose songs are a hot topic on TikTok.
-Special interviews and playlists released! ~

RecoChoku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Toru Itabashi, hereinafter RecoChoku) is a featured artist from the “October 2022 Breakthrough” artists who are expected to be active in the future music scene. , “Satellite” announces that “SHO-SENSEI !!”, which is a hot topic on TikTok, has been decided.
From November 17, 2022 (Thursday), we will push the power in all directions, including banners and playlists across various RecoChoku services, special interviews, and the release of a profile book written by the person himself.
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[About “Feature Artist”]
“Feature Artist” refers to one group of “Breakthrough” artists that will be spotlighted by the download store “RecoChoku”, the streaming service “d Hits (R) powered by RecoChoku” (hereinafter referred to as “d Hits”), and “TOWER RECORDS MUSIC.” Powered by RecoChoku” (TOWER RECORDS MUSIC)” (hereafter referred to as “TOWER RECORDS MUSIC”) will be decided based on the number of downloads/playbacks of the target songs and the fan votes.
[Interview with SHO-SENSEI!!, who was selected as a “feature artist”, and original playlist released! ]
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“SHO-SENSEI!!” is a new-generation artist who crosses over Japanese rock and hip-hop. After graduating from high school, he went to Canada to study English and music, moved to Tokyo at the age of 20, and started his music career in earnest. Since 2019, he has released a number of songs along with MVs, and has gained support mainly from the Internet among young hip-hop people.
In February 2022, he released his third album “THE BLUES”. “Satellite” recorded in this album gradually gained popularity after the music video was released on YouTube, and the phrase “I wonder if dreams come true” in the chorus on TikTok stabbed young people and recorded a viral hit. Related videos are still increasing.
In August, tickets for the first band set one-man live in his career held at Shibuya WWW sold out immediately. On October 30th (Sun), he will hold his second one-man live at WWW X. The 4th album “THE TELESCOPE” released on October 26th (Wednesday) has also been performed and has been a great success.
■SHO-SENSEI!! “Satellite” Official Music Video
[Video 3:] In the poll conducted by RecoChoku in October, the appeal of SHO-SENSEI!! “I don’t really have a favorite artist, but when I first heard SHO-SENSEI!!’s songs, I wanted to listen to them forever. Their voices and lyrics are all great, and they’re full of emotion. It’s the voice, so the meaning of the lyrics can be conveyed.” (female, 10), “The sound, words, and voice are all wonderful. It draws out a lot of people’s imagination and creativity.Because of SHO-SENSEI!!, all the lyrics you can write will stick in your heart” (female, 20s), “The style that is not bound by genre is cool! The tempo of the song varies. However, they all sound like POP and have a great sense of ROCK! Even at slow tempo, they speak fast and follow the beat, so it’s a great listening experience!” (male, 20s), “Words that don’t lie. Singing with soul. Many hot comments were received, such as ” (female, 50s).
■ SHO-SENSEI!! “Southern” Official Music Video
[Video 4:] RecoChoku’s owned media “Recolog” conducted an interview with SHO-SENSEI!! to commemorate the selection of “Feature Artist”. How would you describe your activities and music in one word? In response to the question, “It’s ‘dual nature’. In real life, I often feel two opposite things, such as the strength of my heart and the weakness behind it. Because we value the aspect of
Regarding his latest album “THE TELESCOPE”, he said, “While the content is very personal to me, I was able to put it into stories and scenes, so even people who are not close to me can easily imagine and sympathize with it. I think there is,” he introduced. He also talks about the origin of the artist name, what he is conscious of when making music, and a message to his fans.
■Click here for the full interview with Recolog “SHO-SENSEI!!”
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In addition, the original playlist “Songs I listened to during the production of ‘THE TELESCOPE'” selected by SHO-SENSEI!! has also been released! “The song I listened to from February to September during production. It must have influenced my ‘THE TELESCOPE'”
(SHO-SENSEI!!), so please enjoy it together with the album. The self-written “Profile Book” is also full of SHO-SENSEI!!’s charms, such as the BEST 3 of My Song, my boom, and an unexpected side of himself.
RecoChoku’s notable project incorporates the way each music fan enjoys music and the amount of heat they have, and together they will transmit artists who are expected to play an active role in the future music scene. Please check out SHO-SENSEI!!
■ Playlist “Songs I listened to during the production of ‘THE TELESCOPE’ by SHO-SENSEI!!”
“.Psychedelic Yesterday (re-arrange ver.)” yonige/”call my name” Chilli Beans./”Kyoko” RADWIMPS/”Backfire” BBHF/”Daranai”
Hitsujibungaku/”Sayonara wa Emotion” Sakanaction/”Highway” Hitsuji Bungaku / “Flowing” mol-74 / “nothing anymore” Age Factory / “Firefly Hunting” Regal Lily / “SOHO” Jaden Smith / “National Road”
SHO-SENSEI!! / “Diamond” SHO-SENSEI!! / “Telescope” “SHO-SENSEI!! / “Hanareva” SHO-SENSEI!!
・d hits playlist       ・ TOWER RECORDS MUSIC playlist [Power push development of “SHO-SENSEI!!”]
・ Recochoku
・d hits
October 26, 2022 (Wednesday) Digital & CD Realease
[Recorded songs]
1.First train 2.National highway 3.Microwave 4.Metropolitan 20.905 5.Diamond 6. Southern 7. Orion 8. Telescope 9. Hanareba 10. Satellite (bonus track) * “d Hits” is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

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