Recruit Staffing Announcement of the launch of “Good Root”, a new indefinite employment service for sales and sales staff

Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd.
Announcement of the launch of “Good Root”, a new indefinite employment service for sales and sales staff

Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Shinya Yamamoto; hereinafter referred to as “Recruit Staffing”) has launched a new indefinite employment service, “Good Root”, for sales and sales staff. ) will be available from January 2023.
Through this service, Recruit Staffing will provide job seekers with stable employment opportunities and promote career development support, as well as contribute to securing stable human resources for sales and sales positions, which continue to have a shortage of human resources.
■ Background of service development
Currently, as the working population continues to decline, there is a chronic labor shortage in sales positions. According to the “General Employment Placement Status” surveyed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the most recent figure for the active job
openings-to-applicants ratio for sales positions, including part-time jobs, is at a high level of 1.9**, and the active job
openings-to-applicants ratio is 124% compared to the previous year. increasing and on the rise. This is due to the fact that companies are actively recruiting in line with the recent increase in consumers’ willingness to buy, but the number of effective job seekers is on the decline, and the labor shortage is becoming more serious. It’s becoming a situation.
Under these circumstances, Recruit Staffing will provide a stable employment environment for those who want to build a career in communication-based work, provide the training support necessary for career development, and develop services that lead to job creation. I aimed.
* Quoted from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “General Employment Placement Status (August 2022) Reference Statistical Table” About the indefinite employment service “Good Root”
This service is aimed at those who want to build a career through sales and sales work. In order to support career development such as skills and experience through practical work and training, we invite you to join Recruit Staffing as an indefinite employee. , outsourcing projects and services to work at the dispatched company.
Service name: Good Root
Origin of the logo: The Root is regarded as the foundation of a career, and by acquiring experience and skills that make use of communication through this service, there will be an opportunity to nurture the roots of various careers in the future and a foundation for career formation. I want you to build up [Good roots for “working”. 】 I put a wish.
Start of provision: Early January 2023 (planned)
■ About bases
The service will be launched in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Kansai area, and Tokai area, and will be rolled out nationwide.
-Contact information-
Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd. Sales Staffing Department
Location: Recruit GINZA8 Building, 8-4-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8001 E-mail:
If you want to work at Good Root, you can check the details from the Good Root official website
■ About Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd.
Recruit Staffing is the core company in the Recruit Group’s domestic staffing business, providing services such as temporary staffing, temporary staffing, and business process outsourcing. With the vision of “a society with as many ways of working as there are uniquenesses”, we aim to be a company that can create new ways of working by taking on the challenge of evolving work styles as a “Workstyle Maker”. For more information on Recruit Staffing, please visit
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