“Recruiting Cloud”, a job advertisement management tool, started collaboration with the recruitment management system “RPM”. Realize centralized management from job application to job seeker management!

HRForce Co., Ltd.
“Recruiting Cloud”, a job advertisement management tool, started collaboration with the recruitment management system “RPM”. Realize centralized management from job application to job seeker management!
HR Force Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yasuko Murata, hereinafter referred to as HR Force) has launched Zek Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Nakajima) in the recruitment advertising management tool “Recruiting Cloud”. We are pleased to announce that we have started collaborating with the recruitment management system “RPM” provided by Jun (hereafter referred to as Zek).
With this collaboration, applicant information obtained from job advertisements via Recruiting Cloud can be automatically stored in “RPM”, realizing consistent support from attracting job seekers to hiring.
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Recruiting Cloud: https://www.hr-force.co.jp/recruiting-cloud RPM: https://zeku.co.jp/product/rpm.html
■Overview: What can be done through collaboration between “RPM” and “Recruiting Cloud”
Through this collaboration, applicant information acquired by Recruiting Cloud, which connects to more than 150 collaborative media, can be automatically stored in RPM, enabling consistent support from attracting job seekers to hiring. became. On RPM, it is possible to manage the progress of applicants while using the automatic interview reservation function.
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■ Background
With the diversification of recruitment tools and the increasing number of companies introducing ATS (recruitment management system), we have received requests for ATS cooperation with Recruiting Cloud. Our mission is to “solve recruitment issues for small and medium-sized enterprises”. We provide support for all recruitment operations through collaboration between Recruiting Cloud, which has strengths in recruiting applicants, and RPM, which has strengths in managing applicants. HR Force will continue to deepen cooperation with ATS providers and aim to solve a wide range of customer recruitment issues.
[Interview with companies using the system]
Asou Humany Center Co., Ltd.
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・Industry: Temporary staffing business, recruitment business ・Location: Fukuoka Asahi Kaikan 14th floor, 2-8-41 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
・ Sales: 13.1 billion yen (as of March 2020)
–Please tell us why you introduced RPM and Recruiting Cloud. In order to attract job seekers in the temporary staffing industry, it is effective to have a wide range of customer acquisition channels and use various recruitment media together.
However, the disadvantage of using recruiting media together is that there is a different management screen for each media, so there is a problem that the operation is easy to load. Therefore, we introduced the recruitment management system “RPM” and were able to reduce the load by consolidating applicants by medium into “RPM”. In addition, we introduced “Recruiting Cloud” as part of more efficient job
distribution to many recruitment media, resulting in improved performance.
–What challenges did you face before linking RPM with Recruiting Cloud? Recruitment management of applicants was centrally managed by “RPM”, so it took man-hours to manually register application information in “RPM” every time there was an application in “Recruiting Cloud”. By linking with “Recruiting Cloud”, applicant information can be automatically imported into “RPM”, and these problems have been resolved.
With “RPM”, you can easily narrow down by status, so you can check whether there are any omissions [WYU1] [y2] efficiently.
–What are the benefits of being able to import applicant information collected by Recruiting Cloud into RPM?
The point is that even though you are using multiple systems, you can use only one management screen for the recruitment management system. I find it useful because I can manage data efficiently and without stress.
–What kind of results did you see from the collaboration?
If there are hundreds of applications per month, it would take a lot of man-hours [t3] [y4] to the extent that one person in charge would be tied up for nearly 10 days if they were to be manually imported into the recruitment management system. It is great that the load has been reduced.
Automatic cooperation [Wu5] [y6] improves response efficiency to applications and improves the frequency of immediate contact. As a result, it became easier to connect to the interview.
–Are there any future initiatives that could be realized through this collaboration?
We have established a system for acquiring applications and
efficiently managing applicants, so we plan to follow up on selection and interviews more carefully in the future, aiming for more cost-effective recruitment.
[Comment from Zek Co., Ltd.]
We hope that by linking “Recruiting Cloud”, which supports the attracting of many companies, with our recruitment management system “RPM”, we will be able to provide job seekers and companies with a faster recruitment experience. . We will continue to strive to improve the recruiting experience for job seekers and employers. (Zekuu Co., Ltd. President Jun Nakajima)
[Comment from HR Force Co., Ltd.]
We are pleased to have been able to collaborate with Zekuu Co., Ltd. on this occasion. By linking with “RPM”, we expect that the
recruitment experience of customers who use the service will be even smoother and more convenient. We would like to continue to provide solutions aimed at fundamentally solving the recruitment issues that companies face.
(HR Force Co., Ltd. CEO Yasuko Murata)
■ What is Recruiting Cloud?
Recruiting Cloud is a job advertisement operation tool for hiring “cheaper, more, and easier”. The cumulative number of transaction accounts has exceeded 7,000, mainly for small and medium-sized companies nationwide, and through partnerships with over 150 affiliated media [Wu7], automatic optimized distribution is performed to the unique recruitment network, and the number of applications and recruitment Contribute to significant improvement in unit price. “I can’t get the application as expected”
“Recently, hiring has decreased.”
“I don’t know the best way to recruit”
We aim to provide support that is close to solving the problems of such HR personnel.
▼Click here for more information about Recruiting Cloud
Service document DL: https://www.hr-force.co.jp/recruiting-cloud -Zekuu Co., Ltd.-
Representative: Representative Director Jun Nakajima
Business: Recruitment-related system solution business, web recruiting service business, recruitment marketing solution
Location: SOC Takanawa Building 7F, 3-19-26 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo URL: https://zeku.co.jp/product/rpm.html
-HR Force Co., Ltd.-
Representative: Representative Director Yasuko Murata
Business: Direct recruiting business
Location: 9th floor, PMO Hamamatsucho, 2-5-5 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo URL: https://www.hr-force.co.jp/

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