Recruiting monitor participants! A 3-day, 2-night local workcation program will be held in Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture in December.

Owarai Quest
Recruiting monitor participants! A 3-day, 2-night local workcation program will be held in Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture in December. – Experience 10 regional contents based on the concept of “Re” to refresh your mind and body, looking back on the year in Oarai, where nature is attractive –

Owarai Quest (Oarai Quest) is working to create a related population that increases the number of people involved in town development and regional revitalization in Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture. This time, we will hold a workation program for two nights from December 15th (Thursday) to 17th (Saturday), 2022, where you can telework while looking at the sea and experience and experience local content centered on things, people, and things in Oarai. It will be held in 3 days. For office workers and freelancers who can work remotely and are considering moving to rural areas or living in two locations in the future, and for those who are interested in regional activities such as regional development and town planning. We are looking for a limited number of participants.
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[About the history of the workation program]
Owarai Quest was formed in January 2022 as a practical workshop program aimed at solving local issues in Oarai Town, and all members are engaged in activities that contribute to the creation of related populations in Oarai Town as related populations. . So far, we have launched an outdoor and art play event and an Oarai attraction excavation project, and have planned and managed map making and fieldwork events.
This time, as the first program of the “Create Owarai Project” to create new things, people, and things in Oarai Town, we will hold a workation program that combines the rich natural environment of Oarai Town with local content.
[Regarding the concept of community experience work]
This workation program is based on the concept of “Work & Creation” that incorporates six “Re” (Relax, Review, Reflect, Refresh, Reset, Restart).
However, instead of working remotely, you can relax in a different environment than usual, review your own way of living and working while looking back on the year, and refresh your mind and body through experiencing and interacting with local content. Reset your direction for next year and experience the feeling of creating yourself by restarting. About 90 minutes by train from Tokyo, why not enjoy a workation in Oarai, a town rich in nature with the sea and greenery? [Image 2

Local experience-based work (Work & Creation) that incorporates six “Re” [About the current situation and issues in Oarai Town]
Oarai-machi is one of the prefecture’s leading tourism destinations, with over 2.8 million tourists in the year 3rd year of Reiwa (*From the Ibaraki Prefectural Business Strategy Department, Tourism and Products Division “Reiwa 3rd Year Tourist Dynamic Survey Report”). It’s the ground. On the other hand, issues such as rapidly declining population, declining birthrate and aging population, and declining regional economies have become prominent. We believe that it is necessary to work together with people outside the town to solve local issues.
The Create Owarai Project is a project that has two goals: “to create leaders for community development in Oarai Town” and “to create a town full of smiles”. (Usually, Oarai is “oarai” in English, but “owarai” has two meanings: “Oarai” and “Laugh”.)
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Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, where nature such as the sea, sky, and greenery is attractive
-About Work & Creation-
I will work and create in the following two places.
1. December 15th (Thursday) 10:00-17:00 @ARISE CO-WORKING
At the first co-working space in Oarai town, you can work while looking at the sea with the concept of “Various businesses will start up from Oarai!”
Address: 11-2 Minatochuo, Oarai-cho, Higashiibaraki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture [Image 4

Inside the ARISE CO-WORKING store
[Image 5

You can work while looking at the sea
2.December 16th (Friday) 9:00-18:00 @Primitive hut Natsumi’s house It is an accommodation facility based on the concept of “a space where each person can spend their time freely”, and there is also a work space, a garden space where you can camp and BBQ, and a cafe and bar. Homepage:
Address: 256-82 Onuki-cho, Oarai-cho, Higashiibaraki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture [Image 6

Primitive hut Natsumi’s house has ocean view rooms
[Image 7

You can work in a spacious work space
-Regarding regional content-
We are planning to experience and experience 10 regional contents centered on “things, people, and things”.
1. Aerial yoga experience
2. Beach clean
3. Morning walk
4. Morning reading
5. Exchange with local business operators
6. Stargazing
7. Good night meditation
8. Craft beer
9. Specialties of Oarai
10. Tuk Tuk Ride Experience
[Image 8

-About the program schedule-
This program will be a program that incorporates local content (things, people, things) that leads not only to work but also to creation such as new awareness and discovery. Participants will experience and experience food from Oarai, services provided by local businesses, and activities that make use of the natural environment. [Image 9

■ Date and time
December 15th (Thursday) – December 17th (Saturday), 2022
[About meeting and dissolution]
Meeting: December 15th (Thursday) 9:40 @Umimachi Terrace
Dismissal: December 17th (Sat) around 12:30 @ Umimachi Terrace *If you come by train (Kashima Rinkai Railway Oarai Kashima Line), please come from Mito Station at 9:18 and arrive at Oarai Station at 9:32.
*Rent a bicycle at “Umimachi Terrace” next to Oarai Station (Address: 301 Sakuramichi, Oarai-cho, Higashiibaraki-gun, Ibaraki) and move to ARISE CO-WORKING.
*For those who come from far away such as outside the prefecture, there is no problem with the meeting time on the first day as long as it is possible. (After arriving at Oarai Station, please rent a bicycle at Umimachi Terrace and come to ARISE CO-WORKING.)
■ Capacity
6 people
*If there are many applicants, a lottery will be held.
[Regarding participation conditions]
・Must be able to participate in the above schedule (3 days and 2 nights) ・ Resident outside of Oarai Town
・Understand the concept of this program and be able to participate as a monitor (Please cooperate with the survey after the program ends.) ・Provide proof that you have been vaccinated 3 times or more of the new coronavirus vaccine, or present a negative proof such as a PCR test.
【I recommend this hotel】
・ Office workers, freelancers, and company managers who can work remotely (students can participate if they have some kind of work.) ・Those who are considering moving to a rural area or living in two locations in the future, or who are interested in regional activities such as regional development and community development.
・ Those who want to look back on the current year and their current situation and reset or restart for next year
■ Participation fee
16,000 yen to 26,000 yen
* The above cost range is because it varies depending on whether or not you use the “Iba Tabi Anshin Wari”.
* Participation fee will be paid directly on site.
[What is included in the participation fee]
・Work space usage fee (for 2 days)
・Bicycle rental fee (for 3 days)
・ Experience fee for local content in the program (for 3 days) ・Accommodation fee (for 2 nights)
*The accommodation will be “Primitive hut Natsumi’s house”. (We will contact you regarding accommodation arrangements after you apply.) [Things not included in the participation fee]
・Round-trip transportation expenses from home to the site
・Food and drink during your stay
・Souvenirs during your stay
・Activity experience fee outside of this program
■ How to apply
Please apply using the form below.
*Participants will be contacted by the secretariat by December 8 (Thursday). ■ What to bring
・Work supplies such as personal computers and power supplies ・Clothes (Please prepare for 2 nights and 3 days. Also, it will be cold in the morning and evening, so please bring warm clothes such as down.)
・Mask (for 3 days)
・Cold protection (Morning walk, beach cleaning, starry sky
observation, tuk-tuk ride experience will be outside, so please prepare.)
・Athletic clothes (Please prepare clothes and pants that can be worn during the aerial yoga experience.)
・1 book (Please bring a book you have been reading.)
・Certificate that you have been vaccinated 3 times or more of the new coronavirus vaccine, or a negative certificate such as a PCR test (needed to use “Iba Tabi Anshin Wari”.)
・Cash (Some restaurants do not accept credit or electronic money.) ・In addition, bath towels (for those who go to hot springs such as “Shiosai no Yu” * Rental available for a fee), folding umbrellas, etc. ■ Precautions
・Every morning, we will check your body temperature before
participating in the program. If you are not feeling well, please refrain from participating in the program. (Separately, we will inform you about infection control before participating.)
・If you wish to cancel, please contact us 5 days before your participation (12/10). Please note that if you contact us after that, you will not be able to cancel and you will have to pay the
participation fee.
・If the weather is bad, such as rain, the outdoor experience will be canceled. ・Photos of participants participating in the program will be used for publicity purposes. If you are not allowed to take photos, please contact the secretariat.
・Move around town by renting an electric bicycle at Umimachi Terrace. ・If you come by car, please make your own arrangements for parking. ・ARISE CO-WORKING and Primitive hut Natsumi’s house do not have private rooms. ・Because there are no convenience stores or supermarkets near the accommodation, we recommend that you buy them in bulk before going to the accommodation.
*We plan to distribute a bookmark that summarizes information about the town (restaurants, recommended spots, etc.) before participating. ■ Sponsorship/cooperation
Organizer: Owarai Quest
Cooperation: Oarai Town Office Town Development Promotion Section Oarai Tourism Hospitality Promotion Council, ARISE CO-WORKING, primitive hut Natsumi no Ie, Oarai Umikaze Yoga Studio, TODAI STREET FOOD AND COFFEE
-About Owarai Quest-
1. Activities to plan and operate events with the theme of regional revitalization and solving local problems in Oarai Town
2. Activities to plan and operate regional programs with the theme of creating related populations in Oarai Town
3. Activities to disseminate information about the region, such as the appeal of Oarai Town and the voices of local businesses
-Contact information-
For inquiries about this program (contents of the program, coverage of the program, etc.), please contact the following.

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