Recruitment of carpenters and contractors! Open House Architect, which is receiving more orders in Nagoya, starts radio commercial broadcasting

Open House Group Co., Ltd.
Recruitment of carpenters and contractors! Open House Architect, which is receiving more orders in Nagoya, will start broadcasting a radio commercial.

Open House Architect Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yasuhito Hidaka; hereinafter “our company”), a group company of Open House Group Co., Ltd. Open House Architect”) will broadcast a radio commercial recruiting carpenters and
construction contractors on FM AICHI and FM 802 from 11/25 (Friday) in order to respond to the increase in orders. Along with the start of the broadcast, we have released a special site for recruiting carpenters.
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Open House Architect is a housing company that boasts a cumulative total of over 42,000 wooden houses built in Kanto (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba), Tokai (Shizuoka, Aichi), and Kansai (Osaka, Hyogo). [Image 2d24241-264-50e3e6d8e253595649ed-7.png&s3=24241-264-4e3bae3b17c478c61e2cbe735dbd1ded-1424x1081.png
In Nagoya City, the number of buildings constructed by Open House Architect alone is increasing by about 10% every year. In addition, the number of houses delivered by the Group in the Nagoya City area accounts for about 10% of the share of single-family housing starts. In anticipation of further growth in the future, we are strengthening our recruitment of wooden construction partners.
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Benefits of being an Open House Architect partner
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・Increase income with continuous orders
Open House Architect is increasing the number of buildings built every year. We are planning to further increase the number of buildings in the future, and you can expect stable and continuous income. ・Increase income with evaluation system
We have introduced a transparent “carpenter evaluation system” based on the addition of points. With a point system for items including construction period, safety measures, and high-quality construction, it is possible to increase the unit price every six months. There is also an award system for excellent carpenters.
・Generous worker’s compensation insurance
Open House Architect uses full pre-cutting, so there is almost no on-site material cutting work, let alone dangerous wood cutting work. We have added insurance for the three-story building in preparation for safety-first worksites and “just in case” of working in high places. You can work with peace of mind with a more generous guarantee than a general construction company.
・ Easy on-site management with a smartphone
Processes, order management, contacting supervisors, etc., are completed with an in-house developed smartphone app.
Radio commercial overview
Broadcast start / broadcasting station: FM AICHI from Friday, November 25, 2022 “Carpenter Recruitment / Rhythm” (20 seconds)
“Carpenter’s worries” edition (20 seconds)
Broadcast start / broadcasting station: FM 802 from Friday, November 25, 2022 “Did you know Open House Architect?” (20 seconds)
“Recruiting carpenters! Live” edition (20 seconds)
Click here for applications from wooden construction partners
About Open House Group Co., Ltd.
From January 2022, Open House Co., Ltd. and related companies have transitioned to a holding company structure with Open House Group Co., Ltd. as the pure holding company. The group’s business is centered on detached house-related business, condominium business, profit-earning real estate business, and real estate business in the United States, and develops various services related to housing and living. We have expanded to the Osaka and Fukuoka areas, and in recent years, we have also been focusing on activities for regional co-creation and environmental conservation activities. Since our founding in 1997, our detached house business has been our main business. We have
established an integrated system for manufacturing and sales, from land purchase to construction and sales, to provide housing in convenient locations and at affordable prices. With the increase in dual-income households, we have been promoting initiatives that are unique to the Group, such as locations close to work and home, and plans to meet new needs amidst diversifying work styles. The Group will continue to strive to provide housing that will be chosen by even more customers.
Open House Group Co., Ltd. Website URL: About Open House Architect Co., Ltd.
We are a general construction company of the Open House Group, which has extensive business in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Tokai, Kansai, and Kyushu. In addition to wooden houses, we are also engaged in the construction of reinforced concrete housing complexes and buildings, and we have advanced specialized technology and a strong management system. Through thorough cost control and digitization, we provide high-quality architectural designs at affordable prices.
Open House Architect Co., Ltd. Website URL:

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