Recruitment of monitoring companies Influencer Force beta version released!

on the bakery Co., Ltd.
[Recruitment of monitoring companies] Influencer Force beta version released! Complete with this one from influencer data management to interaction
On the bakery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Yuya Ido), on November 7, 2022, released the closed beta version of “Influencer Force”, which unifies interactions with influencers.
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On the bakery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuya Ido) released the beta version of “Influencer Force” on November 7, 2022, which unifies interactions with influencers.
Influencer Force is a cloud service that allows you to centrally manage contacts, information, and projects with influencers. 1. Too many ways to contact influencers…
2. I manage it with Excel or a spreadsheet, but I don’t know which is the latest information…
3. Inability to manage policy information…
It is a service that solves corporate problems.
Service features
▼ Centralized management of information and contact routes
It is possible to centrally manage the number of followers and follower attributes of influencers.
In addition, it is possible to directly contact linked influencers and chat on the system.
▼Batch registration of existing data is possible
It is possible to collectively register information compiled in Excel, spreadsheets, etc. in CSV format.
▼ Recruitment of influencers is possible
It is also possible to directly recruit influencers who have registered with our influencer app.
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influencer force screen
Looking for monitors
For companies that have online meetings, we offer influencer force at a special monitor price.
▼Contact information
Nana Sato
Service site
▼ Service introduction site
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About Influencer Force for Influencers
Influencer Force for influencers is also open to the public. Please take a look below.
▼ Service introduction site
About on the bakery Co., Ltd.
[Image 4d97870-31-e947a95c0f178650a82b-3.png&s3=97870-31-8655fc158340f8a4dd6dbd3d2667d805-199x198.png
We have developed “COCO PARK” in order to contribute to the
development of the entire SNS and influencer promotion industry by utilizing our representative’s own promotional sales experience using YouTubers and the achievements of co-sponsored projects with companies in the video SNS industry. did.
The origin of COCO PARK is “Coexistence and Co-prosperity”.
We will realize a platform that realizes the coexistence and co-prosperity of companies and creators around the world.
-About us-
Company name: on the bakery Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hiroya Ido, Representative Director
Location: Hibiya FORT TOWER 10F, 1-1-1 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Development and operation of the platform “COCO PARK” URL:
-Inquiries about this matter-
on the bakery Co., Ltd.
Customer support: Nana Sato
Details about this release:

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