Refasta Platinum price surpasses 5,000 yen level for the first time in 7 years

Platinum price surpasses 5,000 yen for first time in 7 years Platinum price rises to 5,076 yen/1g today, the highest price in 7 years
11/11 (Friday) The domestic published price of 1g of platinum rose to 5,076 yen, the highest price since the corona shock. We are also flooded with over-the-counter purchase requests and inquiries at Rifasta, a purchase store in Ikebukuro.
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Due to the rise of palladium as a catalyst, the platinum price has fallen to the 2,000 yen level in 2020, but the market price has soared.
In the background, there are concerns about a stable supply due to the ongoing rolling blackouts in South Africa, a major platinum producer. And there is a growing view that it is related to the strict lockdown that is part of China’s zero-corona policy, and the increase in actual demand for platinum, which is a material for the manufacturing industry that has been suspended due to it to resume production all at once. there is

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In addition, due to the above factors, the NY futures, which has become an international standard, temporarily recorded a five-month high of $1,015.8 per troy ounce on the 8th.
Furthermore, the depreciation of the yen, which has hovered around 140-150 yen to the dollar, and the rise in the gold price are also tailwinds.
Refasta, which has its head office in Ikebukuro, also entered November, and the number of purchase requests and applications doubled.
Due to the impact of the yen exchange rate, which rose sharply on November 11, there is an increasing demand for cashing at the current high price range.
Platinum is attracting attention as a catalyst for automobiles (especially diesel vehicles) and hydrogen energy, but it is also very popular as jewelry in combination with diamonds.
Gold, which is also popular as a precious metal, is 8,705 yen/1g, and palladium, which is also used as a discount for platinum, increased by 220 yen from the previous day to 9,322 yen/1g.
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