Refreshingly sweet “Orange Chicken” is addictive! ? A new menu is now available!

Nash Co., Ltd.
Refreshingly sweet “Orange Chicken” is addictive! ? A new menu is now available! Make it a habit to eat delicious, fun and healthy meals without getting bored. New menus appear every week

We are pleased to announce that “Orange Chicken” will be released on November 8th (Tuesday) for the easy and healthy frozen lunch box “nosh” that does not require shopping, cooking or cleaning up. Based on the philosophy of “Making the whole society healthier”, we provide frozen meals with less than 30g of sugar and less than 2.5g of salt, developed by registered dieticians and dedicated chefs. . Since there is no need to buy, cook, or clean up, it is possible to reduce remote work and daily housework. Three new menus are introduced every week so that users can enjoy their meals without getting bored. orange chicken
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Product features
[Image 2d54946-193-da7eb23472b084ab3c5c-2.png&s3=54946-193-98b87bed8dbdecfad777a7bffcee4878-1200x900.png
Deep-fried chicken thighs topped with a sweet and sour sauce that captures the scent of oranges. Orange slices are placed on the bottom and crispy roasted cashew nuts are sprinkled on top, so please enjoy the different textures.
The side dishes are shirona with tuna and black pepper, radish salad with zha cai, and spicy edamame and okra.

nutritional value
・Calories 391kcal
・Protein 21.3g
・Sugar 21.4g
・Fat 23.6g
・ Salt content: 2.0g
*Nutritional ingredients per serving.
*Nutritional values ​​are subject to change due to our company’s circumstances. What is “nosh club” where the more you buy, the more you get? [Image 3d54946-193-6f7da00946b3d7784dbc-3.png&s3=54946-193-fe2acd842fc4ac777c9bfd8737d28687-1040x730.png
The nosh club is a system that offers discounts based on the total number of purchases made by users. It can be purchased at the lowest price of ¥462 (¥499 including tax) and will be applied permanently* while using nosh. Also, nosh rank is maintained no matter how many times you “skip” or “stop”. * Excluding cases where membership is withdrawn or membership is lost
What is frozen delivery food “nosh”?
[Image 4d54946-193-9a356529d5262adc71fb-4.jpg&s3=54946-193-1f0de5445efefb51996d74577a74bb0b-3000x1600.jpg
With the philosophy of “Making the whole society healthier”, we consistently carry out product planning, manufacturing, and sales in-house. Preparing healthy meals in our busy lives is not an easy task. Under such circumstances, “nosh”, which allows easy nutritional management, aims to become a “national food” that is always available at home. All products developed by our own exclusive chef and registered dietitian meet the nutritional value of 30g or less of sugar and 2.5g or less of salt content, and 3 new items are added every week to ensure that more than 60 products are always satisfied. I am putting in.
Started selling “nosh” in 2018.
In October 2022, the cumulative number of meals sold exceeded 40 million. Going forward, we will continue to solve social problems through “food” and stay close to everyone’s rich lives.
Company Profile
Company name: Nash Co., Ltd. Location: Nakanoshima Mitsui Building 16F, 3-3-3 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Representative: Tomoya Tanaka, Representative Director
Established: June 2016
Business description: Manufacture and sale of nosh
Company URL:
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