Regal Corporation Co., Ltd. Released REGAL x J. PRESS collaboration shoes only at 51 legal shoes stores

Legal Corporation Co., Ltd.
REGAL × J. PRESS collaboration shoes will be released only at 51 REGAL SHOES stores

REGAL, a shoe brand developed by REGAL Corporation (Headquarters: Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, President: Naoto Yasuda), is celebrating its 120th anniversary with J.PRESS, a representative traditional brand in the United States. We will release collaboration shoes.
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REGAL CORPORATION’s predecessor, J.PRESS’s original shoes, which were produced in Japan since the late 1980s, were picked up from the archive and modified for the present day. Released at.
The REGAL SHOES limited model “Moderate Line” is based on the design of the time, such as adopting a tasteful cork sole, but has been modified with special specifications to commemorate this
collaboration. “Moderate Line” will be released on November 23rd at 51 REGAL SHOES stores nationwide.
[Image 2d23397-130-627031f671500bffd20a-1.jpg&s3=23397-130-d64a7444041178924f0cbf2cd197f3bf-1312x928.jpg
[Image 3d23397-130-f816ba222d8719ef081a-2.jpg&s3=23397-130-86b3fe301ddf6e398f4ddf27cb313e64-1312x928.jpg
[Image 4d23397-130-bde44dc5d54de400329b-3.jpg&s3=23397-130-cfeac0b67fc10dbdf593621bfbf775cf-1312x928.jpg

On the other hand, J.PRESS, which will celebrate its 120th anniversary in 2022, will develop a J.PRESS limited model “High Grade Line”. A limited edition of 230 pairs of “high-grade line” finished with special specifications, including the upper, sole, sole, and box, will be sold at J.PRESS shops nationwide.
Both are available in two designs: straight tip (black) and plain toe (black, dark brown). The wooden mold used at the time was used to create a voluminous classic atmosphere.
[Image 5d23397-130-461dfe1c34fb25f9baf6-6.jpg&s3=23397-130-babab784b4d21c116b718e9b2a39383c-1312x928.jpg
Item Number: 80CL JP (straight tip)
Color: Black
Price: ¥37,400 (tax included)
*Limited to 50 REGAL SHOES stores

[Image 6d23397-130-9b31d594f2a787ba35a1-5.jpg&s3=23397-130-cf62054226425c715908097fe5718c92-1312x928.jpg
[Image 7d23397-130-d431652e9d3c98380f5a-4.jpg&s3=23397-130-7db1450b2e0e369679857bae6548c265-1312x928.jpg
Item Number: 81CL JP (plain toe)
Color: black, dark brown
Price: ¥37,400 (tax included)
*Limited to 50 REGAL SHOES stores
Click here for details on the REGAL x J.PRESS REGAL SHOES limited model
Founded in 1880 by L.C. Bliss & Company in Massachusetts, USA. After that, in 1961, Japan Shoe Co., Ltd. made a technical partnership and landed in Japan.
In 1990, Nihon Shoe Co., Ltd. acquired the trademark right for “REGAL” and changed the company name to “REGAL CORPORATION”. Keeping the passion and commitment to making shoes
Analyzing global fashion and trends and incorporating the sensitivity of the times, we propose designs, shapes, materials and colors in a timely manner.
Beyond age and style, it colors the life scene of everyone from business to casual. A brand for those who walk in a global society with pride.
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Founded in New Haven in the eastern United States in 1902. The 120th anniversary of our tireless creative journey in traditional style. “Clothing that expresses the wearer’s personality” J.PRESS founding family member Irvine Press inherited the creed of making clothes that protect and enhance the personality of the wearer, and are loved all over the world.
J.PRESS perceives fashion and lifestyles not as “things that change” but as “things that complete”.
We will propose a high-quality and dignified lifestyle while adding sensibility according to the times.
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