Regional revitalization as a generation Z. Plan a “Niseko Family Workation Tour” that you can enjoy with your family!

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Regional revitalization as a generation Z. Plan a “Niseko Family Workation Tour” that you can enjoy with your family!
Produced by me and me and co., ltd.

“Me and me and Co., Ltd.” (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kento Imataki), which plans and markets for Generation Z, collaborates with the Kutchan Tourism Association (Representative Director: Satoshi Yoshida). , from August 14th to 18th, 2022, the Niseko Family Workation Tour was held.
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Camping for children, workation for adults. Summer “Niseko Family Workation Tour” for parents and children
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Hokkaido’s Niseko area is bustling with large numbers of foreign tourists every year because of the soft quality of the snow known as powder snow, where you can enjoy winter sports.
In fact, Niseko is a place where many people prefer stay-type trips, and the average number of nights is higher than anywhere else in Japan. Boasting great nature and an abundance of accommodation facilities, it is also a perfect workation spot.
This time, I and I focused on Niseko’s potential and implemented the “Niseko Family Workation Tour”. We recruited monitors from residents in Japan and participated in a workation where you can fully enjoy the charm of Niseko.
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This tour is packed with carefully selected plans that can only be tasted in Niseko, from photogenic spots to activities where you can spend a relaxing time with your family. We will introduce some of the contents.
A five-day schedule to fully enjoy Niseko
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The itinerary is 5 days. On the first day, enjoy the stream and kids area at a country resort nestled in the forest. We have prepared dinner at a casual restaurant where you can enjoy local ingredients. From the 2nd to the 4th day, the children went to “EdVenture English Kids Camp”! Communicate with other children while learning English in a fun way through BBQs, camps, team building games, and more. [Image 5d71963-52-8de750052c7841a4342f-3.jpg&s3=71963-52-1b6cc8d4f097950a4c6912b7204c0f21-1999x1336.jpg
In the meantime, adults go to a workation at a shared office with coffee in one hand. The 8 hours until picking up the child were spent as work time and interaction time with other participants.
Of course, have dinner with your child. Niseko Mt. Genghis Khan and the bistro in the log house, and other restaurants unique to Niseko. [Image 6d71963-52-5f3a29c8d3cfcf2cba9e-4.jpg&s3=71963-52-bf604f98a6238e6720ded9f1cd1a0cfe-1999x1334.jpg
In addition, there are plenty of activities to get in touch with Niseko’s nature, such as athletics and rafting, going to the milk workshop at Niseko Takahashi Ranch, and fruit picking at Mt. During the tour, he naturally took pictures and posted on SNS. In addition to experiences unique to Niseko, we also included spots that are perfect for making memories with the family, making it a tour that both children and adults can enjoy.
Voices from participants
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Niseko has a lot of nature and many stylish cafes, so I was able to work comfortably while refreshing myself. It is relatively close to Chitose, Sapporo, and Otaru, so you can plan to go sightseeing before or after your workcation in Niseko. Niseko has a strong image of snowy mountains in winter, but you can enjoy it in summer as well. (Mr. Daigen)
Working in the great outdoors with a view of Mt. Yotei was the best! Even if you are doing the same job in a different environment than usual, you can relax and come up with good ideas and be more efficient. During the workation, the children participated in a summer camp, and they became very strong by experiencing various things apart from their parents. I was able to enjoy spending time with my family. (Tommy)
It was nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors in the abundance of nature, relax while looking at the scenery, and enjoy delicious food. My kids loved the summer camps, activities, and the Mountain Lights at night. I was very excited to be able to experience things that I can’t usually do, such as mountain climbing and rafting. It was my first experience of Mountain Lights, but I was impressed by the beautiful night view on the gondola. (Mr. Kyooon)
“Regional revitalization” by Generation Z
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This tour started with me, myself, and the members actually visiting Niseko and feeling the value of the workcation there.
Most of our members, including outsourcing, are Generation Z, and by realizing a full-remote and full-flex work style, many members live in rural areas from Hokkaido in the north to Ishigaki Island in the south. .
So far, we are focusing on regional revitalization, such as operating SNS in partnership with the government and incorporating the “workation system” that is held once a month to enjoy the charm of the region as part of the welfare program.
We would appreciate it if you could contact us if you are interested in regional revitalization that incorporates the unique perspective of Generation Z.
About me and me and Co., Ltd.
[Image 9d71963-52-f34a18b9806a984d2d48-8.png&s3=71963-52-a7d14575be92859257c1f73a19d56a24-1600x900.png
I and I and Co., Ltd. is a planning and marketing company that represents the Z generation. Many projects unique to Generation Z are blooming, such as edible tea “Sakicha”, men’s nail salon “KANGOL NAIL”, culture and amusement facility “Section L Pop-up”.
Taking advantage of the fact that 90% of the members are Generation Z, we will be in charge of one-stop from PR design incorporating the perspective of real young people living today to brand production and SNS operation. In addition, we are practicing new ways of working that incorporate remote systems, sauna adoption, and workations in rural areas. Aiming to “make all members presidents”, many companies are born from within the company.
■ Company profile
Representative Director: Kento Imataki
Location: 3rd floor, Navi Shibuya V, 5-5 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business: Planning and marketing business for Generation Z, brand business HP:
■ Store overview
Store name: Shisha Cafe & Bar “suuka”
Location: 4-27-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Section L Pop-up 3F Map:
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