Regular customer fixation app “toypo” and Yoshix Holdings’ “rural strategy” tag! Sushi izakaya “Yataizushi” ha s been introduced at 21 stores in Chubu and Kyushu

Toypo Co., Ltd.
Regular customer fixation app “toypo” and Yoshix Holdings’ “rural strategy” tag! Sushi izakaya “Yataizushi” has been introduced at 21 stores in Chubu and Kyushu
– Visualizing customer information to activate communication and contribute to becoming the number one store in the region –

Yosix Holdings Co., Ltd. (Higashi-ku, Nagoya, CEO (President: Masanari Yoshioka) was introduced to the sushi izakaya “Yadaizushi”. From November 25, operation will start at 11 stores in Aichi Prefecture and 10 stores in the Kyushu area.
The regular customer retention app platform “toypo”
( provided by Toypo is said to be a higher hurdle than attracting new customers in the food and beverage industry. It is a service that supports the low-cost and easy execution of measures such as encouraging
Yoshix Holdings has set up a “rural strategy” that aims to be the number one store in the region by opening stores mainly in locations near train stations in living areas rather than in prime areas such as downtown areas, aiming for stores between individual stores and chain stores. I felt that collecting and visualizing customer data and careful communication were necessary in order to attract new customers as well as make existing customers repeaters and fans, but it is difficult to achieve with the use of existing systems and services. was the challenge.
Therefore, from February this year, we have been operating “toypo” at 6 izakaya “Nipachi” stores, and have implemented sales promotions to existing customers, focusing on membership cards and subscriptions. As a result, compared to existing SNS services that had been introduced in the past, despite the time and effort required to download the app, the user registration rate was almost the same, and the content usage rate was high. In addition, we have determined that it is easy to evaluate and improve measures, and that effective sales promotion and customer communication can be done to become the “best store in the region”, and we have decided to expand the number of stores that have introduced it.
■Overview of introduced stores
Authentic Craftsman Nigiri Sushi Izakaya “Yataizushi” is a sushi izakaya where authentic craftsmen carefully make sushi one by one. You can enjoy nigiri sushi starting at 59 JPY (65 JPY with tax) per piece, and there are also plenty of izakaya dishes. There are counter seats and sunken kotatsu seats, and it is used by a wide range of customers from one person to families and groups.
Introduction store
Chubu area: 11 stores including Kinni Fushimi-cho and Hatta Ekimae-cho Kyushu area: 10 stores including Kokura Uomachi and Suizenji How to Use
If you read the QR code at the store and register as a member or register as a new member, you will receive a free drink coupon. After registering, by reading the QR code and earning points every time you visit the store, you will be able to raise your membership rank, such as silver or gold, and receive benefits at all times. Stage benefits are Silver: 1 tuna free every time, Gold: 1 medium fatty tuna free every time.
■ Comments from the person in charge
-Yosix Holdings Co., Ltd. Director Tomio Date-
Toypo is attractive because it has a wealth of functions that allow it to connect with customers and accumulate customer information. Also, since it is easy to evaluate measures, we would like to repeat improvements based on the results. In the future, in order to further embody our “rural strategy”, we will develop measures that will make customers want to visit continuously and regularly to increase the number of fans.
In the future, while confirming the effect and utilization method at each store where it is introduced, we will proceed with verification and consideration for introduction at “Nipachi” and “Yataizushi” nationwide.
Yoshix Holdings strives to communicate with customers who come to the store and have fun and cheerful dining, in order to put into practice the basic philosophy of each store in the food and beverage business, “A store that leaves you feeling refreshed.” By doing so, we aim to create stores that can take root for a long time in each region where we operate stores.
Toypo will support store managers so that they can concentrate on their original role by using it in restaurants and other stores that are sluggish due to the corona crisis, high prices, and soaring raw materials.
■ Overview of Yoshix Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masanari Yoshioka, President and Representative Director Location: Yoshix Building, 1-9-30 Tokugawa, Higashi Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Established: April 1, 1985
Capital: 335,989,000 yen
Business description: We are developing about 340 stores in 30 prefectures nationwide in 7 business formats, including authentic craftsmanship nigiri sushi izakaya “Yataizushi” and low-priced izakaya “Nipachi” where all items are 280 yen (308 yen including tax).
■ Toypo Co., Ltd. Overview
Representative: Takuya Muraoka, Representative Director
Location: Fukuoka Growth Next 3F, 2-6-11 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City Established: April 19, 2019
Capital: 200 million yen (including capital reserve)
Business description: Development and operation of “toypo”, a platform for regular customer retention apps for stores

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